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Sex Offender Can’t Be Banned From Public Pool

A sex offender has been the subject of a meeting with a Portsmouth City Attorney.
It comes after the man has been using a local indoor pool.

The pool is used by school swimming teams.

However, the legal director of New Hampshire said it would be “unconstitutional” to ban him from using the pool just because he’s a sex offender.
She said, “That would be the case if regular members of the public are able to access these public facilities but a sex offender is precluded from accessing these facilities. The sex offender would be being treated unequally.”

She went on to say, “sex offenders are an incredibly unpopular group,” that doesn’t mean a city can “ban a person outright from public places.”
“Certainly if there was a credible allegation that the individual has committed an offense,” the city might be able to take action, “but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.”

Police said if he has not committed a crime, there’s not much they can do.
They went on to add that no one had complained.

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