Girl age 13 ‘could fill a prison on her own’ after being sexted by hundreds of paedophiles

The youngster was contacted by around 200 men through Facebook and exchanged graphic pictures leading to a major police investigation

Jailed: Ricky Goward-White was locked up for four years

A 13-year-old girl at the centre of a major paedophile probe “could fill a prison on her own”, a horrified judge has said.
Judge Antony Goldstaub’s comments came as he jailed one of around 200 men who the girl had been “sexting”.
He said the victim was “a girl, who by the sound of it, could fill a prison on her own.”
He jailed a 25-year-old husband and father for four years for getting the girl to send him indecent photos of herself, the Daily Record reports.
The judge told Ricky Goward-White: “I appreciate she was a child who appeared to engage in communications with many other men as well as yourself, but you played your part in her corruption.”

The mother of the girl raised the alarm with police
Concerns: The mother of the girl raised the alarm with police

Chelmsford Crown Court heard Goward-White, who pleaded guilty to two offences of inciting the girl to engage in sexual activity between 20 June and 27 July 2012 and to one offence of possessing indecent images of her, was not connected to any of the other cases.
They were uncovered after the Scottish girl’s mum called police about her daughter contacting strangers over the internet – usually on Facebook.
The tip-off led to police setting up a special operation. There were more than 50 arrests across the UK.
Goward-White had 31 indecent images on his phone – 27 of them of the girl.
He went to his car to take pictures of himself in secret to exchange with her. He pretended he was younger.
There were more than 100 messages between them. The court heard that he had urged her to take photos, saying “If you love me you will do this”.
Goward-White was put on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.
The same investigation police to Dunfermline  pervert James Trigwell, 28.
He was jailed for five years and four months for trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl and sending sexual communications to 21 girls aged 13 to 15.

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