Paedophile’s stash discovered by young girl

Child porn: Richard Carcary
Child porn: Richard Carcary© PPA
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A paedophile whose haul of child pornography was discovered by chance by a young girl has walked free from court.

Richard Carcary was caught when the youngster was attracted by a picture of his pet dog which was being displayed as the screensaver on his computer.

The child was in Carcary’s home and pressed a button on the computer in a bid to find more pictures of the pet dog.

But she was horrified when the computer showed hundreds of vile images of children being subjected to sexual abuse.

Carcary, pictured, who had downloaded images of children being violently abused, was placed on probation for three years at Perth Sheriff Court.

He was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for three years and his computer was forfeited.

The court was told that Carcary’s vile hoard would not have been discovered if he had not used an innocent picture of the dog as a screensaver.

The young girl was visiting Carcary’s home when she saw the dog’s image on the computer a short time after the pet had died.

She wanted to see more images of the late pet and pressed a button on the computer – only to be confronted by Carcary’s sickening hoard of child porn images.

Carcary, 40, of Glenshee Crescent, Perth, admitted having more than 500 child porn pictures downloaded on his computer between November 2007 and November 2008.

Fiscal depute Alan Kempton said: “It came to light following the accidental discovery of the images on the accused’s computer. The accused admitted downloading the images.

“She didn’t mention anything about the discovery at that time. After discussion with other members of her family it was reported to the police in November 2008.”

Mr Kempton told the court there were 528 images in total, including eight at the second highest level and ten at the highest level, featuring sadistic sex abuse.

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