Man caught in bed with underage girl ‘pulled up the blanket and tried to hide’ when police walked in

Sonny Hanford was jailed for 16 months after cops found him with a 15-year-old girl who he had previously been warned to stay away from

PA / Gwent Police
Jailed: Sonny Hanford was sent to prison at Cardiff Crown Court

A man who was found in bed with an underage teenage girl and tried to hide under covers when police arrived was jailed and told not to contact her again until she’s 16
Police had already warned Sonny Hanford, 26, that he could be prosecuted after the 15-year-old’s mother contacted them, Cardiff Crown Court was told.
But on April 28, when the mum reported her daughter missing, they went to his home in Newport, just before 10am, reports Wales Online.
“They found Mr Hanford and the girl in bed in one of the bedrooms,” said prosecutor Joanne James.
“He was wearing only boxer shorts and she was in her underwear.”
The court heard they had tried to hide by pulling a blanket up over their faces when the police walked in.

Gwent Police Sonny Hanford
Caught in the act: Sonny Hanford was found in bed with a 15-year-old girl

Hanford was arrested for child abduction but later said he had done nothing to force the girl and claimed she had turned up at his home saying she had been thrown out by her mother.
Ms James told the court: “The mother was concerned for her daughter’s welfare from the beginning of the year when she became hard to manage.
“Her concerns grew when her daughter began to associate with the defendant and she returned home with bruises she would not explain.”
On April 7 the police served an abduction notice on Mr Hanford and warned him that if he contacted the girl or let her into his home again he would be liable for prosecution.
They discovered her in his bed three weeks later, the court heard.
Defence counsel Stephen Thomas said someone else had let her into the house and there had been no coercion.

PA Cardiff Crown Court
Jailed: Hanford was sentenced to 16 months in prison at Cardiff Crown Court

“He also wants to to be known that he was never violent towards her in any way,” the barrister told Judge David Wynn Morgan.
“The prosecution say her mother saw bruises but he is anxious for me to say that he was in no way responsible for any bruising.”
Judge Morgan jailed Hanford for 16 months and told him: “There was an abduction notice in place and it was breached.
“When this young girl came to your house you should have realised you were at risk and should have contacted others to take care of her.
“Instead you committed a very serious offence.”
A restraining order imposed by the judge prohibits Hanford from contacting the girl between now and her 16th birthday.

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