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Esther Baker @Esther9982·Oh well. There is some good news in these troubled times after all!!!!! Shame it’s taken this long for us to find out. Wondered where that pervert had gone!!


Convicted paedophile taunts angry parents by shouting ‘Bring your children to me’ at 100-strong mob surrounding his house 

By Euan McLelland For MailOnline 17:48 14 Aug 2015, updated 19:51 14 Aug 2015



  • Nigel Oldfield targeted after neighbours discovered his paedophile past
  • Angry gang of locals vandalised his house before ransacking the inside
  • 54-year-old was assaulted in raid before being rescued by police officers
  • Convicted sex offender dubbed a ‘paedophile agony aunt’ after trying to justify actions and demand sex with children be made legal

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