Child rapist PCSO Peter Bunyan never had Criminal Records Bureau check, police confirmed

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Posted: October 06, 2016



Bunyan first started working as a PCSO in Camborne and Redruth around 2003

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Devon and Cornwall Police have
confirmed that the force never ran a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check
on former PCSO Peter Bunyan, who has been jailed for raping young
children. A former PCSO colleague who revealed the fact has also
claimed that a host of allegations made against him were swept under the rug.
Former Redruth and Camborne PCSO Bunyan was jailed for 24 years at Truro Crown Court on Monday for raping two girls aged between four and five following a week-long trial.
The sentence marked Bunyan’s second jail term, having previously spent time behind bars for having sex with vulnerable women while on duty and using the police database as a dating tool between 2007 and 2011.
hearing news of the latest sentence, a former colleague of Bunyan’s has
lifted the lid on his behaviour, describing him as “vulgar” and saying
that female members of staff dreaded working alongside him.

ex-PCSO, who asked not to be named, said: “Several of his colleagues
made allegations of sexual harassment against him and we were all aware
he was going to women’s houses whilst on duty as he was quite open about
“Many complaints were made but they were never taken
seriously. He was always disappearing and wouldn’t be contactable on the
radio. He once told us that he had been having sex with a woman with a
learning disability, these were proper vulnerable women.
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made four complaints against him. He is a really grim man and would
stand behind me whilst I was at a desk and rub his crotch onto my

had had a vasectomy and would just get his genitals out and show
everyone the bruising. He was a vulgar man and would constantly be
making sexual references, no-one ever wanted to work with him,
especially on a late shift.”
The woman also described how Bunyan
would regularly take items from shops and not pay for them, such as when
he helped himself to flowers from a town centre florist to give to his
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“He would actively spend time searching the database to get the details of domestic abuse victims,” the former colleague added.

a CRB check had been carried out it would have flagged up issues with
him and I think the complaints were ignored for so long as Devon and
Cornwall Police didn’t want its errors highlighted.”
CRB checks were first introduced in the UK in March 2003.
A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman has confirmed that no CRB check was carried out, in line with practices at the time.
The force was also asked about the former colleague’s allegations of complaints about Bunyan being ignored.
said it a statement: “The recruitment of Peter Bunyan into the role of
PCSO in 2003 was conducted according to the processes in place at the
time. There were no breaches in these processes. Bunyan completed a
police staff application booklet requiring full details of the applicant
and partner, previous addresses, educational history, relevant
qualifications and employment history, along with the details of two
referees not related to the applicant.
“As a successful applicant
Bunyan was subject to a police national computer (PNC) check and local
crime intelligence system (CIS) check. No adverse matters arose from
these checks, nor from the references offered, and Bunyan was offered
the post.
“It should be noted that at this time the Association of
Chief Police Officers (ACPO, now NPCC) national vetting policy was yet
to be written and there were no force vetting units in place. That
situation has now changed. The implementation of the ACPO National
Vetting Policy, the formation of force vetting units and the educated
use of the Police National Database (PND) now provide robust measures to
ensure that the possibility of unsuitable persons joining any police
force are minimized.”
The force said that Bunyan was dismissed in
2013. This came after he was jailed for the misconduct in a public
office when he used police information to target vulnerable women.
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