Nobel nominee Robert Green …since Salmond was accused

rgSubject: A Very Interesting Month

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the kind and loyal supporters who have stayed with me over the years since the Hollie Greig story first broke. Even now, the Scottish Government is terrified of the good people of Scotland learning the true facts surrounding this extraordinary case, along with the astonishing lengths the highly politicised authorities, including the justice system,  have gone to in order to try to close it down.

Nevertheless, since the initial broadcast in early August of Sonia Poulton`s excellent film, Paedophiles in Parliament, in which I was one of the  contributors, I have received more interest from politicians and media than in the entire ten years since I was first asked to help Hollie and her brave mother, Anne.

Indeed, it was the Scottish regime`s decision to first throw me into prison in 2010 that subsequently led to me twice speaking in the Houses of Parliament and to my obtaining crucial expert evidence about the sexual behaviour of Sir Edward Heath, information that I was able to pass on to Operation Conifer, led by the gallant and highly principled Chief Constable Mike Veale, a true credit to the British Police.

Two weeks ago, of course, came the news of Alex Salmond being under investigation for alleged sexual assaults on two women, which led to my receiving to many more kind messages from friends and supporters. Surprisingly, given the circumstances and the matter that the complaints remain  allegations to be investigated by the police, the mainstream media is still to report the true facts about Mr Salmond and his ministers of actually being found by the Information Commissioner on 26th May 2011 to have breached sections 10.1 and 21.1 of the Freedom of Information Scotland Act in their attempt to cover up Hollie`s alleged sexual abuse case.

What or who can editors still be afraid of?

However, progress is being made despite the continuous obstructions and let us all hope that this wonderful country and its thoroughly decent people may be soon governed again by those of the calibre they deserve, irrespective of party allegiance.

Thank you again to all of you who have bravely stood by Hollie, Anne and me.

Robert Green
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