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List of BBC newsreaders and reporters

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BBC News employs many presenters and correspondents who appear across TV, radio and contribute to BBC Online. BBC News provides TV journalism to BBC One bulletins and the rolling news channels BBC World News and the BBC News Channel in the UK. In addition BBC News runs rolling news network BBC Radio 5 Live and the international BBC World Service. They also contribute to strands across BBC Radio 4 and bulletins on all radio networks. The BBC has over 200 correspondents based both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

TV news presenters

National presenters

Presenter Programme(s) Regular hours
Bill Turnbull BBC Breakfast 0600–0915 Monday–Wednesday
TBA BBC Breakfast
Charlie Stayt BBC Breakfast 0600–0915 Thursday–Friday, 0600–1000 Saturday
Louise Minchin BBC Breakfast
Naga Munchetty BBC Breakfast Various times Sunday
Sophie Raworth BBC News at One 1300–1330 Monday–Thursday
Kate Silverton BBC News at One
BBC Weekend News
1300–1330 Friday
Various times Saturday-Sunday (alternate)
George Alagiah BBC News at Six 1800–1830 Monday–Thursday
Fiona Bruce BBC News at Six
BBC News at Ten
1800–1830 Friday
2200–2230 Friday
Huw Edwards BBC News at Ten 2200–2230 Monday–Thursday
Ellie Crisell BBC News 8pm summary Monday–Thursday
Riz Lateef BBC News 8pm summary Friday
Jeremy Paxman Newsnight 2230–2320 Monday–Wednesday
Kirsty Wark Newsnight 2230–2320 Thursday–Friday (alternate)
Emily Maitlis Newsnight
Laura Kuenssberg Newsnight
Maxine Mawhinney[C] BBC Weekend News Various times Saturday-Sunday
Mishal Husain BBC Weekend News Various times Sunday (alternate)

BBC News Channel presenters

Presenter Programme(s) Regular hours
Simon McCoy BBC News 0830–1100 Monday–Friday
Sophie Long BBC News 0830–1100 Monday, 1100–1400 Friday
Various[A] BBC News 0830–1100 Tuesday–Friday
Ben Brown BBC News 1100–1400 Monday–Thursday
Joanna Gosling BBC News 1100–1400 Monday–Thursday
Chris Eakin BBC News 1100–1400 Friday, 1600–2000 Saturday & Sunday
Matthew Amroliwala BBC News 1400–1700 Monday–Friday
Emily Maitlis[B] BBC News 1400–1700 Monday
Jane Hill BBC News 1400–1700 Tuesday–Friday
Huw Edwards BBC News at Five 1700–1800 Monday–Thursday
Gavin Esler BBC News at Five 1700–1800 Friday
Annita McVeigh BBC News 1830–2100 Monday–Thursday
Julian Worricker BBC News 1830–2100 Friday
Clive Myrie BBC News at Nine, BBC News, The Papers 2100–2200 & 2230–0100 Monday–Thursday
Martine Croxall BBC News at Nine, BBC News, The Papers 2100–2200 & 2230–0100 Friday, 2000—0030 Saturday & Sunday
Maxine Mawhinney[C] BBC News 1000–1600 Saturday, 1300–1600 Sunday
Nicholas Owen BBC News 0900–1300 Sunday
  • A ^ No fixed presenter since the departure of Carrie Gracie in January 2014.
  • B ^ Currently on secondment as Newsnight‘s acting Political Editor. Carole Walker is covering during this period.
  • C ^ On leave from BBC News due to health problems. Members of the relief presenting team covering until her return.


On weekdays the BBC News Channel simulcasts BBC World News from 0100–0600. At the weekend the simulcast is from 01:00 – 06:00, All Week Hardtalk can usually be seen from 12:30 – 1:00, sometimes other programmes such as the Politics Show are shown. Part of this programming is usually shown on BBC One overnight during its ‘closedown’ hours. The 11:30 UK edition of BBC World News is shown on BBC Two Mon-Fri but not on Wednesdays when Parliament is sitting. On weekdays,a version of World News Today at 19:00 British Time. The first half hour of this programme can be seen in the UK on BBC Four.

BBC World News presenters

Presenter Programme(s) Regular hours
Mike Embley BBC World News, BBC News 0200–0500 Tuesday–Friday
Adnan Nawaz BBC World News, BBC News 0200–0500 Monday, 0200–0600 Saturday, 0100-0600 Sunday
Naga Munchetty BBC World News, BBC News 0500–0800 Monday–Thursday (alternate)
TBA BBC World News BBC News 0500–0800 Friday, 0600–1200 Saturday-Sunday
Nik Gowing BBC World News 0800–1100, 1130-1200 Monday–Thursday (alternate), Friday (alternate)
Geeta Guru-Murthy BBC World News 0800–1100, 1130-1200 Monday–Thursday (alternate), Friday (alternate)
George Alagiah GMT 1200–1300 Monday–Thursday
Stephen Sackur GMT 1200–1300 Most Friday’s
Lucy Hockings Impact 1300–1500 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Jon Sopel Global 1500–1700 Monday–Thursday
Various BBC World News 1700–1900 Tuesday–Thursday
Tim Willcox BBC World News 1600–1900 Friday
Ros Atkins Outside Source, World Have Your Say 1800–1900 Monday-Friday, 1500-1600 Friday
Sophie Ikneye Focus on Africa 1830–1900 Monday–Friday (alternate)
Zeinab Badawi World News Today 1900–2100 Monday, Thursday, 1900–2000 Friday
Philippa Thomas World News Today 1900–2100 Tuesday, Wednesday 2200-2245 Friday
Tanya Beckett Business Edition 2100–2200 Monday–Thursday
Jamie Robertson Business Edition, BBC World News 2000–2200 Friday
Katty Kay BBC World News America 2200–2300 Monday–Friday
Babita Sharma Newsday 2300–0200 Monday–Thursday
Rico Hizon Newsday 2300–0200 Monday–Thursday
Kasia Madera Newsday, BBC News 2300–0200 Friday–Saturday
Sharanjit Leyl Newsday 2300–0200 Friday
David Eades BBC World News 1200–1900 Saturday–Sunday
Karin Giannone BBC World News 1900–0100 Saturday
Peter Dobbie BBC World News 1900–2300 Sunday

Relief presenters

Presenter Programme(s) Channel(s)
Fiona Armstrong BBC News BBC News Channel
Alice Baxter BBC World News, BBC News BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Christian Fraser BBC News BBC News Channel
Gavin Grey BBC News, BBC World News, Newsday BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Yalda Hakim BBC World News, BBC News BBC News Channel, BBC World News,
Mishal Husain BBC World News , BBC Weekend News, BBC News BBC One, BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Roger Johnson BBC Breakfast BBC One
Rebecca Jones BBC News BBC News Channel
Jon Kay BBC Breakfast BBC One
Sian Lloyd BBC Breakfast BBC One
Deborah Mackenzie BBC News BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Barbara Meredith BBC World News BBC World News
Rajesh Mirchandani BBC News, BBC World News BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Sally Nugent BBC Breakfast BBC One
Ian Pannell BBC News BBC News Channel
Adam Parsons BBC News, BBC World News, Newsday BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Chris Rogers BBC News, BBC World News, Newsday BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Rachel Schofield BBC News BBC News Channel
Sonali Shah BBC World News BBC World News
Dani Sinha BBC World News BBC World News
Carole Walker BBC News BBC News Channel
Sian Williams BBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten BBC One, BBC News Channel

Radio news presenters

BBC Radio 4

Presenter Programme(s) Regular hours
John Humphrys Today 0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
James Naughtie Today 0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
Sarah Montague Today 0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
Evan Davis Today 0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
Justin Webb Today 0600–0900 Monday–Friday, 0700–0900 Saturday (on rota)
Mishal Husain Today 0600-0900 Monday–Friday, 0700-0900 Saturday (on rota)
Martha Kearney The World at One 1300–1345 Monday–Thursday
Shaun Ley The World at One, The World This Weekend 1300–1345 Friday, 1300–1330 Sunday
Eddie Mair PM 1700–1800 Monday–Friday
Ritula Shah The World Tonight 2200–2245 Monday–Tuesday
Philippa Thomas World News Today(BBC World News) “World Tonight 1900–2100 Tuesday, Wednesday/2200-2245 Friday
Carolyn Quinn Saturday PM, The Westminster Hour 1700–1730 Saturday, 2200–2300 Sunday
Paddy O’Connell Broadcasting House 0900–1000 Sunday

BBC Radio 5 Live

Presenter Programme(s) Regular hours
Nicky Campbell 5 Live Breakfast 0600–1000 Monday–Friday
Rachel Burden 5 Live Breakfast 0600–1000 Monday–Friday
Tony Livesey Weekend Breakfast 0600–0900 Saturday, 0600–0830 Sunday
Victoria Derbyshire Victoria Derbyshire 1000–1200 Monday–Friday
Garry Richardson Sportsweek 0830–0930 Sunday
Shelagh Fogarty Shelagh Fogarty 1200–1400 Monday–Friday
Richard Bacon Richard Bacon 1400–1600 Monday–Thursday
Peter Allen 5 Live Drive 1600–1900 Monday–Friday
Louise Minchin 5 Live Drive 1600–1900 Monday–Tuesday
Anna Foster 5 Live Drive 1600–1900 Wednesday–Friday
Phil Williams Phil Williams 2230–0100 Monday–Wednesday
Stephen Nolan Stephen Nolan
Question Time Extra Time
2200–0100 Friday–Sunday
2200-0100 Thursday
Rhod Sharp Up All Night 0100–0500 Monday–Wednesday
Dotun Adebayo Up All Night 0100–0500 Thursday–Sunday
Adrian Goldberg 5 live Investigates[1] 2100–2200 Sunday

BBC World Service presenters

Presenter Programme(s) Regular hours
Pascale Harter From Our Own Correspondent 1150–1200 Monday–Friday
Nuala McGovern Newsday 0300–0600 Monday–Wednesday
Alan Kasujja Newsday 0300–0600 Monday–Wednesday
Bola Mosuro Newsday 0300–0600 Thursday–Friday
Julian Keane Newsday 0300–0600 Thursday–Friday
Lawrence Pollard Newsday 0600–0830 Monday–Friday
Lerato Mbele Newsday 0600–0830 Monday–Friday
Dan Damon World Update 1000–1100 Monday–Friday
Ros Atkins Outside Soruce 1100 & 1800 Monday–Friday
Ben James World: Have Your Say
Jill McGivering World: Have Your Say
Owen Bennett-Jones Newshour
James Coomarasamy Newshour
Lyse Doucet Newshour
Razia Iqbal Newshour
Julian Marshall Newshour
Andrew Peach Newshour and Newsday


Foreign correspondents

World Affairs


Chief International Correspondent & Contributing Editor


Middle East



U.S. & Canada









Latin America


Asia Pacific Editor:

South Asia Editor:

South Asia Correspondent

China Editor



  • Nick Bryant – Sydney
  • Phil Mercer – Sydney
  • Duncan Kennedy – Sydney (World Affairs)
  • Greg Ward – New Zealand

Specialist correspondents




Deputy Editor:

Chief Correspondents:


National Editors:




contributing editor

  • Branwen Jeffreys


  • Jane Hughes
  • Jane Dreaper
  • Dominic Hughes

Home Affairs



  • Rob Broomby – British AffairsBBC World Service
  • Chris Buckler – UK Affairs
  • Dominic Casciani
  • June Kelly
  • Matt Prodger
  • Tom Symonds
  • Danny Shaw


  • Ben Ando

Social Affairs

  • Alison Holt

Legal Affairs



Contributing Editor


  • Gillian Hargreaves
  • Sean Coughlan

Religious Affairs

  • Robert Piggot

Diplomatic and Royal





Business and Economics


Chief Correspondents:

  • Linda Yueh – business & contributing Editor – Singapore / London
  • TBC- Economics & contributing Editor


  • Jonty Bloom
  • Andrew Walker – Econmics
  • Simon Gomperts – Personal Finance
  • Joe Lynam
  • John Moylan
  • Rob Pittam
  • Emma Simpson





Rural Affairs

  • Jeremy Cooke


  • Richard Westcott




  • Nick Higham
  • Emma Jones
  • Tim Masters
  • Lizo MzimbaEntertainment
  • David Sillito
  • Alex Stanger
  • Jobe Bruzas



Chief Correspondent:


  • James Pearce
  • Gordon Farquhar
  • James Munro
  • Joe Wilson
  • Andy Swiss
  • Matt Slater
  • Olly Foster
  • Tim Franks

National/Regional correspondents

Northern England

  • Chris Buckler
  • Danny Savage
  • Fiona Trott
  • Nick Ravenscroft
  • Judith Moritz
  • Ed Thomas

Eastern England


West of England & South West of England

  • Jon Kay
  • Andrew Plant
  • Alex Bushill


  • Lorna Gordon
  • James Cook
  • Colin Blaine
  • James Shaw
  • Raymond Buchanan – Holyrood

Northern Ireland


  • Hywel Griffith

Contributing Editors

Mainly for BBC News: The Editors

News correspondents

  • Alison Moss
  • Daniel Boettcher
  • Jon Brain
  • Sophie Hutchinson
  • Sangita Myska
  • Nicola Pearson
  • Philippa Young
  • Philippa Thomas
  • Barney Choudhury
  • Ian Palmer
  • Terry Stiastny
  • Lisa Hampele
  • Navdip Dhariwal
  • Colin Campbell
  • Keith Doyle
  • Andy Moore
  • Sabet Choudhury
  • Emma North
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Lisa McAllister
  • Jane Frances-Kelly
  • Anna Adams – interactive reporter
  • Emma-Jane Kirby

Programme correspondents


Daily Politics

PM / The World at One

  • Andrew Bomford
  • Michael Buchanan
  • Becky Milligan
  • Hugh Sykes
The World Tonight

  • Charlotte Ashton
  • Paul Moss


  • Laura Kuenssberg – Chief Correspondent
  • Chris Cook – Policy Editor
  • Allegra Stratton – Political Editor (on maternity leave)
  • Emily Maitlis – Acting Political Editor (maternity Cover)
  • Peter Marshall – Foreign Editor
  • Mark Urban – Diplomatic Editor
  • David Grossman – Culture and Technology Editor
  • Katie Razzall – Special Correspondent

Segment presenters

BBC News employs a number of business and sports presenters to anchor sections of news programmes.


Presenter Regular shifts
John Bennett Sport Today, BBC News Channel
Rob Bonnet Today
Mike Bushell BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel[6]
Reshmin Chowdhury BBC World News
Jenny Culshaw BBC News Channel[6]
Frances Donovan BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Katherine Downes BBC News Channel[6]
Olly Foster BBC News Channel,[6] BBC Weekend News
Russell Fuller BBC World Service, BBC News Channel, 5 Live
Katie Gornall BBC News Channel[6]
Karthi Gnanasegaram BBC News Channel, BBC World News[6]
Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes BBC News Channel, BBC Weekend News, Saturday Sportsday
Amelia Harris-Lindsay BBC News Channel, BBC World News[6]
Mandy Henry BBC News Channel
Damian Johnson BBC News Channel[6]
Phil Jones BBC World News[6]
Jonathan Legard Today, 5 Live, BBC News Channel
Andrew Lindsay BBC News Channel, BBC World News[6]
Sally Nugent BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel[6]
Ore Oduba BBC News Channel
Will Perry 5 Live, BBC News Channel
Claire Rourke BBC News Channel
Garry Richardson Today
George Riley 5 Live, BBC News Channel
Tulsen Tollett BBC World News
Azi Farni BBC News Channel, BBC World News


As of March 2013, business bulletins are no longer shown on BBC News Channel regularly. Ben Thompson or Adam Parsons remains the only dedicated presenters who occasionally appears during major business stories.

Presenter Regular shifts Regular hours
Alice Baxter BBC World News, BBC News Channel 0500–0930 Friday
Tanya Beckett BBC World News,[7] Business Edition 1800–2200 Monday–Thursday
Sally Bundock BBC World News[8] 0500–0930 Monday–Thursday
Mickey Clarke Wake Up to Money, 5 Live Breakfast[9]
Sara Coburn BBC World News
Declan Curry Your Money, BBC News Show Me the Money, Radio 5 Live[10][11][12] 1000-1100 Saturday
Lesley Curwen Business Daily, Today
Sally Eden BBC World News
Juliette Foster BBC World News 1400–2300 Monday–Friday
Philip Hampsheir BBC World News
Penny Haslam BBC Breakfast
Aaron Heslehurst BBC Breakfast, BBC World News[13] 0900–1700 Monday–Friday
Rico Hizon Asia Business Report, World Business Report[14][15] 2300–0600 Monday–Thursday
Simon Jack Today[16] 0500–1000 Monday–Friday
Dominic Laurie BBC Breakfast, Wake Up to Money, Radio 5 Live[17][18]
Theo Leggett World Business Report
Paul Lewis BBC Breakfast, Money Box[19][20]
Sharanjit Leyl Asia Business Report, World Business Report[21] 2300–0600 Friday
Lerato Mbele Africa Business Report[22]
Steph McGovern BBC Breakfast[23] 0600–0915 Monday–Friday
Maryam Moshiri BBC News Channel, BBC World News
Jeremy Naylor Wake Up to Money[18]
Adam Parsons BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel
Radio 5 Live[24]
Rebecca Pike Radio 2[25]
Jamie Robertson BBC World News[26] Business Edition 1600–2200 Friday
Justin Rowlatt Business Daily[27]
Manuela Saragosa World Business Report
Ben Thompson BBC Breakfast, BBC Business BBC News Channel, BBC World News 0830-1800 Monday-Friday
Andrew Verity Newsnight, Wake Up to Money, 5 Live Breakfast[9][28]


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