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No 10 ‘Cover-Up’ Over Child Porn Arrest

From the Sunday Times.

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  1. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    This is not going to be much of a surprise to anyone but it is good to see the wheels turning even if very, very slowly.
    That paedophiles worm their way into positions of trust and power is nothing new either, unfortunately nor is the attempt at cover up.
    This govt the Tory/LibDem alliance needs to be careful at the moment the questions about politicians are almost entirely about historical sex abuse cases it seems to me that if the cover ups continue the focus of concern could shift. I mean why try to cover up something that however upsetting probably happens in every institution and industry.

  2. David cameron should resign imediatley,he has allready been put on the spot some year’s ago regarding,paedophile ring’s within westminister?,yet
    again a political cover up,at the highest office in the land,this country need’s to kick this lot out,?
    what other dirty secret’s are they covering up? here is a prime minister who represent’s our country on the world stage,yet him and his cronny’s are covering up paedophilia,that has been comitted by member’s of his SEEDY CABINET?

  3. steve

    AND its still happening

    • It’s been happening for decades. Enough is enough isn’t it!

      • steve

        Totally agree with you,i was in the so called CARE SYSTEM and that was a joke have to say,care only existed for those in charge not for me and my friends that were there,and until some one higher up has the balls to stand up and name those known to have committed these crimes,im afraid I cant see anything changing,its like those who have been abused have no one to stand up for them,and that’s a fact as I no this due to myself speaking out,what happened??? nothing we were told to shut up and stop telling lies by those in charge,THIS HAS TO STOP BUT INTILL ONE MP HAS THE MORALS TO DO SOMETHING IT AGAIN WILL BE COVERED UP,OUR SYSTEM IS CORRUPT RIGHT AT THE TOP

      • I think the Jimmy Savile revelations have actually opened a bag of worms, as more & more people are talking out each day and won’t keep quiet until all the ‘cover ups’ are out in the open. I have spoken to so many CSA survivors and people that really care about children and they feel the same way. If I ‘pop my clogs’ before this has happened, I intend shouting, ‘Give CSA survivors justice’ from my grave!

  4. chess

    Who tippeocoff Rcok? What else is Cameron hiding? Who’s he covering for?

  5. chess

    That should have read ‘who tipped off Rock?’

    • Andy Barnett

      You mean a year and one month …
      I know we have doubts over No.10′s openness on this one and whether justice will be served. But the very fact that the story hit the papers says much about how things are changing.

  6. gw

    It would help if they were even the slightest bit transparent. Here’s what I’m inclined to think. As ever its total speculation:
    IT system, be it automatic software, a tech support guy, whatever finds the material… head honchos are informed. Rock is called up….
    “Patrick, we’ve found this on your computer. What do you have to say for yourself?”
    “err… well, research…I’m writing a book… I mean drafting policy..err”
    “We’ve notified the police. I suggest you resign.”
    Or something to that affect. Its true that they gave him forewarning, although I’m not sure if it would have been much help to Rock given the forensic data retrieval software the NCA have.

  7. This is the first story I’ve seen since the initial reporting on Rock’s arrest (barring a couple of non-stories about his cousin saying he was under stress and a refusal to comment by Cameron in a lobby briefing) – which is in itself surprising.
    As far as I can tell, there’s no information out there as to charges or his status or whereabouts, let alone the order of business at the time of the arrest, whereas stories with details on any of these three would be highly publishable, I’d have thought. Puzzling.
    I doubt it’s the FOI request mentioned in the ST article, but I did notice:
    which it seems should by law have received a response by last week, but hasn’t.

  8. Gary

    Another example of a Straw man in today’s Brittan…

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