SNP’s Xmas Brexit joke: Draft Nicola Sturgeon into trade talks, the word is ‘draft’, I thought the words were ‘daft Nicola Sturgeon’, SNP Westminster leader tries to make case to let Sturgeon appear as a ‘statesman’, at the weekend she was opening a ‘café’, is there a shortage of third rate non entities in Brexit?

Dear All

It is getting near Xmas, a time of goodwill to all men, women, children and furry little creatures, but it seems the SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford wants to spoil it all by saying Theresa May needs to ‘draft’ in ‘super grass’ Nicola Sturgeon. In politics, it is important to maintain confidences, that way people who won’t normally give each other the time of day can work together for the greater good.

It is so funny that the SNP yet again are asking for something which they can’t get, in the Brexit talks, Nicola Sturgeon in the room while key decisions are being taken, Sturgeon has no remit to get in, and as to goodwill with the UK Government; that died out years ago as her feral mob acted up at Westminster.

Why on earth would Theresa May bring the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales into the next phase of negotiations with the EU when they are unwilling to support the UK Government unless they get what they out of it. As we all know, and this isn’t registering with some people, the decision to leave the EU has been made, out means out!

What out doesn’t means is committing to staying in the single market and customs union.

As to the Irish question, I don’t see the need for a hard border or that Northern Ireland gets a different deal than any other part of the UK. Ideally it would be better if Eire left the EU but staying is their choice, leaving is ours. At present, don’t get too upset about what you are reading, the most important part of the talks is still to come, the trade deal.

Until a deal is made, there is no deal!

And then once that happens, everyone can get their 10 cents worth in as to does this represent value and what have you.

David Davis judging by the press isn’t having a good time hit the nail on the head when he said what I think above,  the ‘divorce’ agreement struck last week, including a financial settlement with the EU of over £35 billion, would only apply if trade talks are successful.

Apparently, as the Brexit secretary he is seeking a “Canada plus plus plus” deal that adds access to services to the CETA agreement signed off by Ottawa and Brussels last year.

CETA will benefit European companies by getting rid of 99% of the duties (taxes) they have to pay at Canadian customs.  The same will apply to Canadian businesses exporting to the EU.

This will be seen as the way to go, what ‘Canada plus plus plus’ as a deal actually means is open to guessing, and for that time will tell because at some point someone is going to have to flesh that out.

In my opinion, the Irish question is a red herring, EU regulations on both sides of the Irish border isn’t the UK Government’s problem, that is the problem of business, and I am sure they will meet EU regulations because that is the price of doing business. It seems that the SNP are dead keen to get Labour Party support for their wrecking action by trying to get membership of the single market. Keir Stramer has made a right fool of himself over Brexit and therefore can’t be taken seriously, hopefully the rest of the Labour Party aren’t that stupid.

So far UK ministers are refusing calls from the Scottish and Welsh Governments to be directly involved Brexit negotiations; personally I wouldn’t allow them to be part of the team. Their attitude is not professionally and as such they have no case to make for inclusion. I just laugh when I read that Blackford said devolved administrations had to have a greater role in the second phase of negotiations. He then used the Irish question as his lynchpin to make what must be a feeble case.

Blackford said:

“I would remind the Prime Minister that we’re talking about four nation states within the United Kingdom. We can see the difficulty she has gotten into over Ireland. What the Prime Minister should do is pull the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales into these negotiations. She’s also got to understand that the people in Scotland and in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU and we’re asking for her to respect the wishes of the Scottish people and the Scottish Government, who have made it clear that we should be staying in the single market and customs union.”

This is the same old tired argument that the nations of the UK voted as an individual nation when in fact this was a UK wide vote. There is no mandate in Scotland for staying in the EU because in 2014, the people of Scotland voted to stay part of the United Kingdom.

The SNP are keen to promote Nicola Sturgeon as a ‘statesman’ on the world stage, in fact my position from before is the same as it is now, if Nicola Sturgeon wants to be on the world stage, then someone get her a brush and shovel. This inept and ludicrous individual is a clear embarrassment to Scotland, at the weekend she was opening a ‘café’ in Glasgow.

Think about it, opening a café….. ffs!

Finally, as with all silly requests by the SNP, this one seems destine for the bin, maybe Nicola Sturgeon should go back to her slum ghetto of Govanhill and address the issue of Romanian thieves, organised begging gangs, child sexual abuse.

It’s called getting your house in order!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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