Sturgeon get bad news
Nicola Stugeon has a meltdown when her plan to put the former FM in jail goes spectacularly bad ..she SNPs it


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00:00 – 00:03SO Nicola big Alex s trial has just finished
00:04 – 00:05Peters plan to stop Alex
00:05 – 00:07has failed, the cunt walked..
00:08 – 00:12He is walking out the court now and will expose you and your beard
00:12 – 00:15and he has decided to release the Rev Campbell
00:17 – 00:19Campbell ffs
00:19 – 00:21thats the nuclear option he wont do that
00:24 – 00:26 PAAAARP wet fart…emmm
00:27 – 00:28Rev Stu is already blogging
00:31 – 00:33along with the belly dancer Murray
00:34 – 00:36that you and Murrell are to blame
00:53 – 00:58Murrell Swinney Evans stay here the rest of you pricks fuck off
01:13 – 01:15Ya bunch of stupid cunts
01:15 – 01:17It will be easy set up the old drunk twat you said
01:18 – 01:23lets keep this stum till we need it you said
01:25 – 01:28and now THIS for fucks sake
01:29 – 01:31even that cunt Goodley could have done better
01:31 – 01:34two slap heads and a mental bitch
01:37 – 01:40I cannie even blame Westminster for this fuck up
01:40 – 01:42of course we can our followers are sheep
01:42 – 01:46CAN WE FUCK even sheep know when then they are being fucked
01:46 – 01:48they are total clowns surely they will still believe
01:48 – 01:52Believe fuck all! The Rev Stu is ONE of us!
01:53 – 01:54THE GIG IS UP YA PRICKS
01:56 – 01:57the gravy train just hit the buffers
01:57 – 02:00and you useless fucks are going to have to get real JOBS
02:00 – 02:03we will be as employable as Mcgarry ffs
02:04 – 02:08every day I am on the BBC flicking snotters
02:08 – 02:13talking shite just to keep the sheep believing
02:14 – 02:16I even have to listen tae that fucking dentist
02:17 – 02:21and fucking Freedman on the COVID feart report
02:27 – 02:29then you pricks cant fucking frame one
02:30 – 02:34old fat drunk former FM!
02:34 – 02:36Have I got to dae everyfucking thing
02:41 – 02:42I even pretend
02:43 – 02:47 I read all those books to look pure dead clever
02:48 – 02:53Jesus christ Peter I thought you were smart
02:54 – 02:56but you are like humpty fucking dumpty
02:56 – 02:59your no even any good as a beard
03:00 – 03:02and fucking Swinny ..cunts like Pike
03:04 – 03:07Its a twat off of dads army
03:14 – 03:16well you have royally fucked me
03:19 – 03:23no EU commision for me
03:25 – 03:26Nae appearance on Lorraine
03:31 – 03:33Im going to have to pretend
03:40 – 03:46I am gay and living wie some French Bird
03:46 – 03:49In Bridge of Allan
03:53 – 03:56Unbelievable!

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