Still in Perth (2)

Good news has come through at last this week that Robert’s solicitor has at last visited him and has put in an application for bail which hopefully will be heard either next week or the week after. It’s Robert’s 68th birthday on 27th March so it would be great if he could be out by then and back home celebrating with his family.
27th of March is also the day that Tim Rustige goes back to Aberdeen Sheriff Court for sentencing.
Robert was even more cheerful than usual when he rang today – he’d had 25 letters all in one day including letters from Hungary, Ireland and Switzerland! He is very touched by the lovely things people put in their letters and he’s going to keep them all – very many thanks to everyone he says till he can get round to answering you all.
He was particularly caught by a letter from Rusty (Tim Rustige) informing him that Sheriff Derek Pyle who presided at Rusty’s trial is not a member of the Scottish freemasonic Speculative Society although the Duke of Edinburgh is. So I told him that Prince Charles is head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, another startling fact of which he was not aware.
The prison is emptying of inmates from the Aberdeen area who are being moved to the new facility at Peterhead but Robert thinks he’ll be kept at Perth till he is released. He’s written to his MP David Mowat requesting relocation to England on the grounds that Levy & McRae solicitors who appear to represent all the great and the bad in Scotland represent the Scottish Prison Officer’s Association which is one waft too many and too personally close of the noxious and incestuous fumes emanating from on high in Scotland. The head of the firm Peter Watson dubbed by Robert variously ‘the uncrowned king of Scotland’ or ‘Scotland’s Rasputin’ was a hostile witness at his trial at Stonehaven among 61 such other witnesses of which 36 were called, not including Watson.
Not that Mowat is likely to lift a finger to help Robert having not even bothered to reply to the previous 2 letters he has sent him. Robert’s prescription for dealing with a dozy MP is to write to the Party Chairman for his or her constituency and complain – in this case the Conservative Party in which case the complaint will be heard by 9 other party bosses as well as the Chairman. Warrington South being a marginal seat Mowat had better look to his laurels.
My ‘Scottish Reporter’ also visited during the week – she and Robert get on famously and make each other laugh so this week she loved hearing Robert’s account of his meeting with the lady psychologist at half past midnight on 14th February. In order to assess his mental capacity she asked him to count backwards in intervals of 7 from 100 which he did in very rapid succession till he had passed 0 and was well into the minuses at which point it dawned on her he could go on indefinitely unless checked so she said “thank you Mr Green, you can stop now!”  TB continued

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  1. Yes Belinda, you were present in the courtroom during Dame Angelo Dundee Cake’s testimony – or rather perjury under oath session – when Sheriff Pyle made the reference to the Masonic Speculative Society – and his ‘not’ being a member – albeit he never made mention of not being a Freemason.
    As to Peter Watson – the Rasputin of the Glens sobriquet fits the reptile perfectly.

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