Bail granted but back in Perth…

(NOTE AMENDMENTS Saturday 17th May)
In a sudden twist in the last few moments of what looked at last as if it was going to be 4th time lucky for Robert to get bail today (Friday 16 May) – the sheet with the conditions had already been handed to PN 125799 and Mr Sweeney his solicitor had pledged to make sure his client would adhere to them – the Procurator Fiscal scuppered all of that by lodging an instantaneous Appeal, to be heard this coming Wednesday in Edinburgh!*
With the result that Robert was led out of the courtroom the way he’d been brought in half an hour earlier, hand-cuffed between 2 female police officers and as Un-Free as he’s been for the last nearly 92 days.
Exactly how this was engineered to happen was lost on me but it did seem to fit in with what a supporter had picked up of an exchange prior to the commencement of the proceedings, between Mr Sweeney and the Procurator Fiscal (who incidentally was not Andrew Shanks) with the solicitor saying to the Fiscal ”you’ll get your remand,” meaning the full maximum term for remand of 140 days, as was obviously the original plan. But then in the actual hearing the Sheriff seemed to respond more favourably to Mr Sweeney, especially when the new element of Robert’s ill-health was introduced. He also snapped lightly at the Fiscal for continuing to insist this was a very serious matter hence an Appeal would be necessary when it was his office that had seen fit to demote it from ‘solemn’ to ‘summary’ in the first place.
Afterwards, Mr Sweeney kindly took a few moments in the corridor outside to help clarify matters for the benefit of us well-heeled or well-suited supporters of which I was not one but had nonetheless travelled up from London to attend these proceedings so was grateful for his exposition as to.what had just gone on in Court 6 at Aberdeen Sheriff Court and what might be about to follow. It was clear that he has a lot of personal sympathy for his client and is exasperated with the whole  situation – today’s hearing having been technically only the Plea hearing which I hadn’t understood – limping a bit re. Scottish legalities –  the case proper is to be heard in 2 week’s time, on Friday 30th May. Of course by rights Robert should have a full-blown barrister representing him against the Crown but SLAB will only fund Junior Counsel so once again what chance does he stand…on their turf! and here Mr Sweeney resorted to football metaphorics to describe the unfolding scenario (if any people are more passionate about football than we English it is our not so distant cousins the Scots!).
At the same time since the charges as said have been demoted from ‘solemn’ to ‘ ‘summary’, as those originally bringing them, some 15 or 16 people from the Ferryhill district of Aberdeen know very well a jury would see straight through them and out the other side, the level of sentence has dropped down to a mere 6 months of which Robert has already served the required custodial half. It will require a degree of inventiveness never yet before seen even in Scotland, land of inventors! and Aberdeen, its ‘Wild East’ (Pyong Yang, anybody?!) to devise anything approaching a plausible rationale for keeping this ageing and ailing Englishman who has harmed no one in his entire life behind bars any longer this summer, despite the best efforts of a group of seriously ‘alarmed & distressed’ people who (as their rep. at the Court this morning, waspish Maggie O’Neill aka Rachel Keeley of Cheltenham ‘GCHQ Rachel’ as I call her certainly reinforced) CARE NOTHING FOR CHILDREN ESPECIALLY DISABLED CHILDREN or they would be calling loudly like us to have Hollie’s main abuser, her own father notorious paedophile Denis Charles Mackie hauled in from wherever he is for questioning. And with such an inquisition preferably to be conducted by other than Grampian police – how about Strathclyde police, my money’s still on them at this point in time but any force still adhering to its code of office in Scotland will do.
For the moment it’s vital next year’s Nobel Peace Laureate is released and goes home to recover his health with immediate effect.
Every day that a true gentleman such as Robert Green continues to be locked up unfairly in Scotland shames Scotland. 30th May 2014 is the absolute cut-off date for the continuance of this fiasco.
*Wednesday’s Appeal hearing will be held at the Court of Sessions with Robert’s solicitor attending but Robert himself will not be produced – the first he may hear of the result may be from the officers at Perth prison informing him he may now leave the prison. Or not so informing him, as the case may be. As the kind supporter who was on stand-by yesterday to drive him home to Warrington put it “we must now be on stand-by to get a call from Robert any time this coming week to say he’s outside the prison and is ready to go home!”

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  1. Sorry Gillian, didn’t make it quite clear but have now added a PS to the article that the Crown Office’s appeal against Robert’s bail will be heard without he himself being present sometime on Wednesday but that could mean Tuesday or Thursday, ie. an as yet unspecified time, so people needn’t waste time trying to attend that. Whereas the Friday 30th May proceedings, what constitutes Robert’s actual ‘trial’ will be back at the Sheriff Court in Aberdeen so once again difficult for southerners but support will be much appreciated on that occasion if anyone can possibly make it up there. However, expect nuisance from you-know-who – I should have mentioned in the above report that that unpleasant woman GCHQ Rachel aka Maggie or Mags who announced loudly she was staying with Sylvia Major actually managed to get 2 supporters banned from the courtroom yesterday by deliberately provoking them in the corridor outside. In much the same vein as Major coolly announced to Mal back in February “I know your daughter” (a certain Sheriff having denied him all contact with his daughter following her being raped at the age of 2 by his partner’s new boyfriend) yesterday Mags picked on another of the guys and called him a paedophile to his face, presumably to get him to lose his temper. Although he kept his cool a noisy scene resulted for which the guys not Mags were then blamed. The last we saw of him was him striding off to the police station to report her for harassment, haven’t yet heard how he got on…
  2. Scotland’s reputation in the World as a result of the injustice and naked vindictiveness of this case is free-falling into the fiery pits of hell?

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