Sister Murher ( maybe false spelling ) nazareth House(Nazi House) said to my face she would have me run over and killed ( i was 8 or 9 and some football stickers had gone missing from the childrens home near devils point where we local kids use to play with the childrens home kids, its a few minutes walk from frm 3 commando where phil the greek and jimmy saville were most welcome most of the children from the home would tell you straight that people would come in and take them away for the night are now dead in strange circumstances or been lifed off at her majesties pleasure. C H who was royal navy with prince charles is now in bristol court for historic offences. Think charlie and the gang have thrown him under the bus. This evil from people in positions of power will stop, we will make sure of that. 1 kings 11.6 1 kings 11.7



  • Many thanks for the info.

    Can you tell us more – eg which Nazareth House and which military base?

    – Aangirfan.

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