You may like to read this… This will show you why they stole my daughter

You know who I am and what I do, or rather; why I do it. But do you know me; as “who I am” ?

For what I am about to write I write to you all in utter truth and open consistence of the impact upon this planet.

I used to “consult” for NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Who holds a simple motto ; “You pick a fight with one of us you pick a fight with all of us”. Also known as strength in numbers.

What did I do, while I was “consulting” for NATO? Well its all about security! When I arrived there in 2006 I looked at the current security and to be honest it was pretty “CRAP”. [how can the security of 28 countries be entrusted in two one and hand his dog]!

I asked to be given some time to “examine” the mess, which I did. I then invited a man “Jean Vanderwal” into a private room to discuss my findings, [as the security consultant hired by NATO]. I told him out-right that what I discovered was not only “insecure”, it was “Dangerous” to the sanctity of NATO. I offered him a solution, though it would take a long time to put into place. I explained to him that “all information from all sources needed to be collected into one central place; then that data could be examined line by line to generate the pattern of events; in doing so, it would show up who was doing what, where, when and why”. I explained it to him as the simple principle of a PRISM….. Yes PRISM.

You may have heard “stories” in the news of a person called Edward Snowden discussing the U.S. NSA tool known as PRISM. I want to know how a NATO “secure” project under the copyright of Nigel Cooper, [The consultant to NATO] was leaked into the U.S. ?

PRISM is not just a data collection tool, it is much more, it can read every 10101001 steam and re-assemble it! It can read every line of every email ever sent, search for individual words or phrase’s; it can copy and replicate any part of the data stream and feed any part of that stream to any alternate specialist team for further analysis! PRISM is so advanced that it now takes a whole building of specialized staff just to managed the data, and to change any part of the system could have far reaching devastating effects on the internet. So.. to stop this from happening, as the “consultant to NATO, I built a “pre-flight” simulator. Basically it was the world of the internet in a box! But this box was 2.5 meters tall, 1 meter deep and 80 cm wide; it has an industrial name of “a full height 42u rack” Contained within this rack was every conceivable concept that worked on the internet as we know it, as this was isolated from the world, it was possible “test” things that you wanted to try on the real world and see if they would work or break the internet. It had a name “S.A.V.E.” The Staging And Verification Environment.

This device was so advanced that it could replicate the world in a rack! If a persons internet sessions were “pumped” into a similar rack they would not know reality from the falsity of the rack! It would be a world that seemed as real to them as drinking a cup of tea!

Therefore, with a simulator to create anything in the world, and PRISM to monitor anything in the world NATO was armed with the two most technologically advanced architecture’s since the discovery of the ATOM BOMB! Yes I Nigel Cooper invented this.

Now, if that did not shock you, how did it get into the hands of the NSA in the US, (I do believe that is theft). There is more you need to know about me… The principle of PRISM is to compare one set of data to another, I discovered this a very long time ago, for those in the UK that very annoying advert for “”, but more over I was working as an independent security consultant to many UK firms. When I also created a tool known as “click-and-protect”. This tool was a self-automated robot that would search the internet like a thief for all known holes and security breaches, it would then test them and build its own secure FIX to the problem. So every time you sit in front of your PC or Mac and that pop-up appear “click here to fix”, that was also stolen from me by the Microsoft Corporation and I want to know how the hell it got into their hands! Also whilst I was working with a team of “other so called security men”, I came up with a new toy… I said “you know you really don’t need a laptop or a PC or a phone; what you need is something about the size of an A4 page or A5 page; where the screen is touch sensitive; embedded is WiFi, A keyboard and little application that do just one thing, you don’t need to have 50 programs running at the same time, so you would have “app” for this and an “app” for that; oh and here is a drawing of how it all fits together” I designed and wrote the specification for the Ipad, the Galaxy Note Ect. in 2001 !!!!

In 1991 Whilst in the navy I worked on a communications product the “listened” to a serial transmission.. that is a stream of 10101010’s to you…. But this stream was so slow… Though the machine was capable of “listening and working with” much faster streams of 10101010’s. So a design a “switch” that could listen to may 10101001’s steams at the same time, in fact it could list to 128 steams and it is know as the Universal Serial Bus. USB!!! How the hell did that get into the US when it was designed in the Royal Navy.

But back to who I am …. Copyright !!! Wealth !!! Knowledge !!! Now I know why my daughter was stolen. Some bastard out there does not want to tell the world that they are thieves, that they stole every bit of modern technology form a man who though he was working for mankind, that attacked him at his core and kidnapped his daughter in an attempt to force him into the UK so they could lock him away for every and steal the wealth openly granted to his daughter.

It’s pointless me making these statements if I could NEVER back them up. I have the drawings, the date stamps, and evidence Who wants to see how the US companies, how the US, how the UK government pilfer and steal from the very man who once held HIS country above all else!

What I have written is truthful “so help me god”

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