Op Yewtree: 73 Year Old Man Arrested

The 73 year old man was arrested in North London.

A 73-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences as part of a police operation prompted by the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal.

Scotland Yard said the man was arrested in north London.
Operation Yewtree is the criminal investigation into sexual abuse claims against Savile and others.
TV presenter and DJ Savile died in 2011. A police report later described him as a “predatory sex offender” who abused more than 200 people.

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10 responses to “Op Yewtree: 73 Year Old Man Arrested

  1. Bill Wagstick

    I wonder if the Yewtree plod will get his summer holiday this year?

  2. Don’t tell him Pike

    Congratulations – you guessed right Bill.

  3. dpack

    umm ,does Green Light know about it?

  4. and there would have been a damsight more?

  5. gw

    easy does it guys…
    Mirror says he is a BBC man – “not understood to be a household name”

  6. dpack

    the problem when partial information is released that it is difficult to avoid hypothesis being wrong.i was surprised by my hypothesis and if it is proved incorrect by further information i am pleased to be wrong about this matter.
    being wrong sometimes is part of establishing truth and identifying red herrings is important.
    it might be better in such circumstances for the police to say “a man” rather than “a man aged …”

    • gw

      Thing is if your hypothesis is on age only then that opens up a lot of possibilities. “Arrested in north London” is important too.
      I don’t think its either of the two names being bandied about it – but then again, who am I?

  7. I have information about the abuse I suffered at the hands of Savile over the duration of a 7 week period including the murder of a child. Savile and the man who strangled the boy made me stab the boy in the chest several times after the boy was dead. This I believe they made me do so that I would be part of the murder and would not tell anyone. Did police ask Jimmy Tarbuck and his wife where they spent their honeymoon and if they were at a party shortly after their honeymoon before returning back to England I want to know the name of the police officer Savile paid off. I know his first name and age and even the day the police officer caught Savile and me in a car. I want an apology from police because I was beaten up by them in Liverpool in 1982 after they arrested me for accusing Savile face to face. I even tried to tell the police about the murder of the boy. These police officers should be arrested, all six of them. Yewtree stinks.

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