Ima reported the following to Aberdeen child protection services about my daughter getting abused and they basically did f*ck all except said false allegations no evidence as well as write dodgy court reports apon me which were put into court against me of falsified lies on me against me personally with that it situated in stopping me personally from having access to my child daughter.. The social work group was Mastrict social work team, Yvonne Paterson and Alex Hamilton the different solicitors that Ima had seen about it were little or no assistance whatsoever what therefore actually happened…
The actual Sherrif’s made the documents against me legal to make these documents appear legit by ticking the boxes and so on and making me look like a criminal Ima could not possibly take this any further. My former partner allowed me personally to to have access to my daughter against the sheriff’s backs thinking that ima was not seeing my daughter and so ima knew that my ex would stop me seeing daughter once again, and so ima recorded my daughter with my telephone asking my daughter several simple questions.
“Who is touching a you? Where is he touching you? And what did your mummy do about this?… And took this video to my doctor, the head General practitioner GP David Fowler. He contacted the child protection services to try and obtain my daughter help. Two police officers came around to my home the very next day. One of them would be a DC DAVID KING. He assured me that he would help my daughter. He took my phone from me to obtain the movie, as well as took a statement from me personally. The very next day, he phoned me personally stating, “You taught your own daughter to say these things ~ You coached your daughter!”
Then told me there was a child protection meeting that ima had to attend, illegally against me. At this child protection meeting DC David King said, “We will be taking two children from the both of you (ie me as well as my ex-partner). The actual minutes for this meeting were falsified and Ima put complaints into the child protection services as well as to the chief constable.
A DI Ritchie Guild came around to interview me. I had two witnesses my mother as well as my mothers friend Caroline. This police officer DI Ritchie Guild stated he took a statement off of me which was lies as Ima never signed anything due to DC David King. That was an complete and utter lie and basically my complaint was annulled…off of the record Ima had been given a phone call from DC David King threatening me personally, DC David King said I would be “done over” (injured in some way) I could not get any solicitor to take this situation to court. I had been requested by a Sheriff QC Edward Bowen if I wanted to take the case on in regards to my daughter and for me personally. Sheriff Bowen said basically if I did so I may obtain access to my daughter sooner. Ima said “Yes of course what did I have to lose.” So Ima took the case on myself.
I had an independent impartial eye witness to the abuse whom was annulled in the court by sheriff QC Bowen said that he was not a reliable witness, also the sheriff said that I had emotionally abused my daughter regarding the enquiries from the services on the short video Ima made of my daughter. Sheriff Bowen additionally stated that my personal allegations had been emotional abuse to my daughter and detrimental to my daughters well being… Next thing Ima knew was that Ima was summoned back to court, which was by my ex’s solicitor as well as Sheriff Buchanan (that was the same sheriff that allegedly abused/raped Hollie Greig).
I was asked if i wanted to fight the interdict, Sheriff Buchanan knew that I did not have a solicitor at the time, I said it was unlawful to Sheriff Buchanan.Buchanan stated to me “I will give you 14 days to find an additional solicitor to fight the interdict.”
I obtained a solicitor that recommended me to “just sign this” and get on with your life or it will cost a fortune to fight the motion in court and I would lose as he said you know what they are like if you proceed with this any further they will remove your daughter from her mothers care. I stupidly did sign it.I was completely devastated concerning the prior court situation where I had my fathers rights removed as well as was informed of which that i will not ever get contact to my daughter ever again by QC Bowen… This really is just a short summary of the corruption involved in my daughters case and the verily truth of myself and daughters story…”
Mr Scotland (Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy)

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