An Astonishing Hour of Radio – Two Police Officers Reveal They Were Told To Shut Down Paedo Sex Ring Inquiries in the 1980s

20 Nov 2014 at 21:45

I’ve presented some pretty astonishing hours in my four years on LBC but very few would top our 5 O’Clock hour tonight. We started off with an interview (by Tom Swarbrick) with Vishambar Mehrotra, the father of 11 year old Vishal, who was allegedly murdered as part of a paedophile ring back in 1981. We then talked to Jackie Malton, the inspiration behind Dame Helen Mirren’s character in the ITV series Prime Suspect, who headed the investigation into the murder. Following her I interview Mark Watts from Exaro News, who have led the investigation into the Westminster Paedophile ring and what went on at Elm House in Barnes.
But it was then that our collective mouths were left gaping open when we has two calls from ex-policemen, who proceeded to tell us that they were part of investigations into child sex abuse in the 1970s and 1980s and both were inexplicably shut down.
You can listen to the whole hour HERE (well, it’s 37 minutes minus all the news, travel, ads etc).
Or here are some of the component parts of the hour.
Tom Swarbrick’s interview with Vishambar Mehrotra
Interview with Fmr Met DCI Jackie Malton
Former police officer ‘John’
Former police officer ‘Steve’

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