Diana’s fatal injury was tiny, just in the wrong place – and so rare I never saw another like it: UK’s top forensic pathologist DR RICHARD SHEPHERD’s memoir proves there are still things to learn about the princess’s death

Princess Diana's fatal injury was tiny, just in the wrong place, says DR RICHARD SHEPHERD

In the fatal crash (right) in Paris in August 1997, Diana (left, in a lift at the Ritz hotel earlier that night) actually suffered just a few broken bones and a small chest injury – but this included a tiny tear in a vein in one of her lungs. To the ambulance services, she initially seemed injured but stable, particularly as she was able to communicate. While everyone focused on [Dodi Fayed’s bodyguard] Trevor Rees-Jones, however, the vein was slowly bleeding into her chest. In the ambulance, she gradually lost consciousness. When she suffered a cardiac arrest, every effort was made to resuscitate her and in hospital she went into surgery, where they did identify the problem and attempted to repair the vein. But, sadly, by then it was too late, writes Dr Richard Shepherd (inse

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