Timothy Rustige As Spunky As Ever

I am in close contact with Timothy Rustige, the other man from Cheshire locked up in a Scottish dungeon for allegedly telling Dame Angelo Dundee Cake or her pseudonym Dame Elish Angiolini that she was only a wanker.  Despite the privations of prison Timothy is in great form but he would dearly love a cuddle with his wife, Ren, a decent meal, a few hours on the internet and a jog.  When at home in Altrincham he goes jogging most mornings round Dunham Massey and he misses that relationship with nature.  I get two sometimes three letters a week from him and his spunky nature shines out in them all.  At the moment he is classed as a high risk prisoner, whatever that means.  Timothy tells me that it is high risk of escape, which is ridiculous for a 65 year old grandfather on his first alleged offence “and this category is reviewed (perhaps) after one month and (perhaps) lowered to medium risk – then after another month (perhaps) reviewed again and (perhaps) dropped to low risk, if the assessment is favourable – and only then will (perhaps) the early release/tag paperwork kick in – which takes several weeks to process.  Thus as my nine month sentence requires me to serve four and half months under Scottish Penal Regulations – and I will be due for release in mid-August – this fiasco of tag release processing is a joke and I will be up for release before this processing is completed.
That is of course dependent on the crooked Crown Office (vindictive as hell) and Aberdeen’s corrupt plod squad elements don’t conjure up some fresh novel charges to keep me remanded beyond my release date and behind bars – same as Robert – to keep us silenced and block our exposure/ anti-child sexual abuse campaign – and of course appease the ‘main complainant’ – Angelo Dundee Cake – to prevent us re-petitioning Sir George Young, Head of  the (Downing Street) cabinet Honours Selection Committee to revoke her Royal Dameship.  Now that would most definitely piss her off more than complaints to the BBC over her Desert Island Discs guest slot”
I received two from him today dated 15th and 16th April 2014 and I give it you verbatim just to show how his lot has not affected him one jot.
Tuesday 15th April 2014
Dear Paul and Helen,
Received your letter and blog print-outs here today (my letter of 11th April)plus the nettle tea bags (many thanks) which were loose in the envelope and I was ‘permitted’ to have.  Great taste and a nice break from regular Tetley tea crap.
So Cathy Fox is a bloke called Peter!  Nowt surprises me.  LOL’s.  Yes, there is no surprise on the nonce-pix download paedo getting off on appeal when a kiddie fiddling PIE member is on the bench.  You can pick up the stench of complicity and corruption from a thousand yards away.
OK, what the fuck is ‘cryptospiridium breakthrough’?  (I had been telling him of my fight with Irish Water) No Google at my fingertips to reference it.  Irish Water is a joke.
I finally have a ‘confirmed/earliest’ release date – 11th August – unless a ‘tagged’ release is processed and granted before this date – which is doubtful with this disorganised and understaffed mess posing as HMP Grampian – a right balls-up.
Yes, I’m aware of Robert’s health problems and old heart complaint coming back to haunt him.  Just wish he could be released on bail, but posing such a deadly threat to Scotland’s elitist nonce establishment – western civilisation overall, in fact – then this 68 year old domestic tourist will undoubtedly remain behind bars while he represents an exposure mechanism to the paedo culture that prevails in this foreign land – and noble causes be damned.
As for me, my health is okay both body and mind – I’m here for pursuing a noble cause and draw spiritual strength from that moral factor.
Your cryptic reference to Katy’s discussions with ‘interesting people’ viz my case/current predicament is intriguing and I await correspondence from her to enlighten me to this end.
Pity I’m out of my ‘blog-o-sphere’ whilst in HMP Grampian – so many lovely scandals to tear into.  The Ukraine fiasco and the Malaysian Airways scam for a couple of samples.  What a scam that is.  Where’s the plane/where are the passengers?  Four planes and passenger cargoes went missing on 9/11 that have never turned up – as they did not hit the twin towers, WTC 1&2 – or the pentagon – or got shot down by the National Guard.
So the KL to Beijing flight gets out over the Gulf of Thailand – then turns round and heads back – no radio comms/trisponder purportedly ‘turned off’.  Sorry – can’t turn them ‘off’.  Regardless the radar signature definitely can’t be turned ‘off’ – but no fucker or their dog monitored its passage across Sumatra and down into the Indian Ocean – if that is where it headed – and close to Diego Garcia and Gann Island – both bases for US Air Force/Navy and the RAF respectively.  A US military base did not monitor a ‘rogue’ aircraft flying well outside of commercial flight routes, challenge it via radio or send up a couple of interceptors/  Bullshit.
Radar monitoring alone – not to mention Pyramider sattelite coverage – someone knows precisely what happened to the plane/ MH370.
Then we have the ‘Pistorius’ trial – best stand-up comedy show in town/ on telly right now.  No jury – just Mrs Judge Winniebego Chuckabutty who looks like she fell out of a tree and copped the job as a ‘Chief Justice!  With a salary of three bananas a day.
Okay, enough of my cruel, racist humour.
 Best regards to you both.
Well there is nothing the matter with Timothy’s morale and we can surely give him a little licence with his “cruel, racist humour”.  He is in daily contact with Robert by letter and he is very worried about Robert’s health and wants everybody to do something however small to try and get him home.
In Scotland with the Post Office you can put whatever portrait on stamps you like via the internet.  So my daughter sent him 20 first class stamps with Elish Angiolini looking her prettiest on them.  The idea was for Timothy to enjoy licking her arse, his response was “So the Dodgy Dame now has her ugly mug on a Scottish postal stamp! WTF next?”  He did not know of the facility.  By the way she sent Robert some with Hollie Greig’s portrait on them.
So if you have a quiet minute send Timothy a letter, if you cannot write just get somebody to put “HOW DO” on a bit of paper and send it to:
Timothy Rustige, Prisoner No 134031, HMP Grampian, South Road, Peterhead, AB42 2YY, Scotland.  He will write back.  Will he?  Yes, because he has fuck all else to do until August thanks to Angelo Dundee Cake.

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