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Published On July 10, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard | Abuse, Adoption, Family, Fostering, Human Rights

40 years working as a campaigner and 40 years down the road nothing has changed and the Governments will never ever be brought to account unless the British people do as the Egyptian people did and rise up against the Governments. you can read from this link of the Old Boys Network,  the Kinsey Institute and Britons 21st Century Slaves. Elizabeth Butler Sloss is just another front person to head the organised child abuse that will continue until the end of time and the British Governments will continually take the P—S out of the Nation by allowing an old women aged 80 to be in charge of the Westminster’s paedophile ring that goes back centuries perhaps in a few months time it will be reported Baroness Elizabeth Butler Sloss may also have ALZHEIMER’S or suddenly died of old age with the case closed and the files in her coffin,  recently reported another Lord who cannot be brought to account for abusing so many children because suddenly he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s REALLY???
so how many more Lords ladies Sirs Ministers who are still alive who are old and decrepit will they also get away with child abuse well of course they will because the British people will allow it even if there was a petition with a million signatures the paedophiles in Westminster will never be brought to account because they can die have Alzheimer’s become a resident in another country or with their money disappear
Look closely at the British Governments. in this link you can read how the world and the British people have been abused by British Governments since dot with the British Governments still taking the P–S.  Westminster have always insinuated to the Nation you are the plebs (the idiots) and your kids are our little toys and now more toys arriving from the EU to steal and play with, but then Governments have always led the Nation to believe Westminster are investigating into what ever and as recently the opening of the family courts and by using another elderly gentleman Sir James Munby nice old man I wonder who Sir James Munby takes his orders from as most know the family courts will never open but we the plebs are led to believe Sir Munby is on our side sorry you have to learn the psychological tactics that the Governments use so we the plebs think that Westminster is acting in “A CHILD’S BEST INTEREST”  I don’t think so not with the amount of children who are screaming to be heard who are taken daily into care to the multibillion pound children’s industry with many sold to the paedophiles or the pensioners with memory loss in Westminster.    
Maggie Tuttle

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