Kay Young Crikey ….. I am stunned into silence (some will applaud that, smiles) … I KNOW some from the House of Lords are PERVS .. one in particular .. now a retired Judge trafficked my friends daughter from the UK to South Africa in 2011. She was only thré or four years old and had been seriously sexually abused by the time she got there! Intercepted (THANK GOD) … So which Judge took her .. former Judge ‘Sir’ Paul Coleridge .. He also presided on the Musa case! He is Patron for a Company owned by someone called Suzanne Moore who was allegedly the ‘independent’ SW for the Musa children! (Time for Families) .. Look at the other PATRONS .. they include the BISHOP OF EXETER! , Lord Toulson, Judge Mostyn and another Judge whose name I can’t remember!

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