Jason Swift, Sidney Cooke And Tory Cabinet Minister

Todays’s has alleged that an unnamed ex Conservative cabinet minister is being investigated by the police in relation to the rape and abuse of young children . The report also says that the police are interested in the links between the Cabinet minister and child murderer Sidney Cooke – click Sidney Cooke Wiki– who was involved in the murder of Jason Swift .
Jason Swift
From the original Mail Online article, which has gone AWOL :
“An ex-Tory Cabinet minister was today said to have been investigated by police over claims he abused boys and raped a young girl.

The former Conservative minister was allegedly being probed by Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit after a woman came forward to claim he raped her as a child.
The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is suspected to have been linked to child rapist and killer Sidney Cooke who tortured and killed 14-year-old Jason Swift in 1985.
The ex-MP is suspected to have been linked to Cooke’s VIP paedophile ring which operated in the 1980s.

It was never proven but other high-profile figures who may have been involved in the ring include Jimmy Savile, MR Cyril Smith and top judges.”
On 10th Jan 2012, I wrote the article ‘The Can of Worms’ about the paedophilia rings in Britain and to my satisfaction much of the information in the post has proved to be correct by subsequent events – Savile, Jersey, the connection with Wales and now Jason Swift
In ‘The Can of Worms’, I wrote :
“However, it appears police on the mainland in Britain knew about Jersey during the investigation in the early 1990s, into a paedophile ring which had wormed its way into Islington council in London and preyed on the children in its Care homes . The Islington enquiry into the paedophile ring was a disgrace and Margaret Hodge, later Minister for Children! attempted to close down the investigation . Only four people were disciplined by Islington Council and the police failed to investigate whether there was any link to the murder of Jason Swift who is believed to have lived in Islington council’s Conewood Street .”
Well, since last Jan, ‘The Can of Worms’ has definitely been opened and it seems however hard, certain people try to put the lid down, it just won’t shut .
Originally, I linked to the Mail Online but surprise, surprise the article was removed . Maybe, the gatekeepers get up late on Sunday .
NB : please do not name the suspected man unless officially announced . I don’t want the site disappearing over a technicality .

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16 thoughts on “Jason Swift, Sidney Cooke And Tory Cabinet Minister

  1. Frank….I think it’s much bigger than a can of worms…’s a world wide cesspit of depraved, evil monsters, who are all interlinked. I truly believe that their ultimate goal is to have paedophilia legalised.
    I wasn’t sure whether to post this link….Although its full of excellent information, it includes a disgusting video of a Dutch singer, which was actually shown on Dutch TV. How any parent could allow this man to behave like this with their child is beyond me!
    I also believe that Hissing Sid Cooke was not only abusing children, but procuring them for MP’s, Celebrities and others in ‘ the establishment’
    These depraved, evil monsters have got to be exposed !!
    • God knows how deep it all goes and which individuals are linked . And you maybe entirely correct about Sid Cooke . It would be interesting to know whether Savile had any connection with Cooke but I think if we drew a Venn Diagram, they would all link up eventually .
      • Jimmy SA-VILE – vile, veil, evil – Jason Swift – JS. Link? You think? Oh yeah…
        Hey Simian and all, look at the pic of Frank Bruno shaking Peter Suttcliffe’s hand – PS is giving him the big Masonic how-do-you-do – Bruno is under the thumb.
    • Hi Faith i’ve been told that video is a spoof (though i can’t imagine a sense of humour would find that funny) so i’m not sure why it has been included.
  2. It’s no ‘coincidence’ that human trafficking is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. If it’s so lucrative and large, there has to be big fish and organized rings involved. It’s a ‘sophisticated economy’ in that sense. It only thrives because of the vulnerability of victims – women, children, the poor- so clearly the ringleaders, those making money, feast on dark energy and the misery of others. Les miserables!
    • And you bet there are pedophiles, misogynists, sadists and satanists at the head of these rings.
      • Free movement around the globe is officially controlled so that this lucrative black market can thrive. Ease up the former, alot of kingpins in suits will lose their income!
  3. It’s long been stated: that the government’(s) runs the biggest prostitution rings in the world. Now it can be said that they run one of the biggest prostitution/pedophile rings in the world. But for how much longer….any guesses?
  4. Another “financially wealthy” icky old man who thinks/thought he could do as he pleased.
    Stanley Marsh 3, an eccentric millionaire artist best known for his “Cadillac Ranch” art display along an interstate in the Texas Panhandle, has settled lawsuits from 10 teenagers who allege he paid them for sex acts, attorneys announced Saturday.
    At least he didn’t kill or have anyone killed………that we know of – but then again who knows…………..
    • Thanks for the link – money and sex seem to be connected with a lot of these cases . Mainly, it buys protection :-( .
  5. you no what you can get longer in prison for nicking a car stereo,, these people should be shot, not jailed and i blame these pea-doe judges who are up to there necks in it ,,or there protecting someone,,its never gonna change, the government is corrupt and it dont matter who is in,,,them sort of people love it they use people like sydney cooke to get their victims they dont care about the lower class family’s feelings or losses,once you cross westminster bridge your entering a whole new world thats been going on for years,, think about it is it normal to have gentlemen clubs where no women are allowed ,,,,im a man and there nothing better when your out to be talking to a woman or have a choice if you wanted to,,i think all these sick child molesters are scared of women and cowards thats why when they do get jailed they hide away in a cell like a rat in a sewer like what they are,,and yes there everywhere sitting on a bus driving a train or even your best friend or even your wife or husband or even your children so if you want to sleep better at night always inform the police no matter what your suspicions are,, you just might save a childs life ,,,,
    • We’ll be writing in this same vein about Justin Bieber in a few years or less. When it’s hidden in plain sight, people keep quiet and buy a record.

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