This was an OFFICIAL site for Greg Lance-Watkins!

This was an OFFICIAL site for Greg Lance-Watkins as per the conditions on:

The Justice for Greg Lance Watkins Blog
Pedophile Protectors of Scotland

Anyone wishing to promote Greg Lance-Watkins lack of a case is encouraged and requested to prominently link to these 2 sites, for factual and honest data. Thank YOU for any links or help YOU can give.

We regret due to duplicitous and dishonourable behaviour of Greg Lance-Watkins and what we consider to be the exploitation of the truth and association with various fringe media against our recommendation we now consider the case of Greg Lance Watkins sanity hearing to be unlikely to ever be brought to Court – Increasingly it is becoming clear it is a sad case of a breakdown in mental health and the exploitation of an unfortunate Downs Syndrome woman, who was abused by leading pedophiles in Scotland, that has led to Greg Lance-Watkins sad, sordid state as a shill.

The clear lack of ANY factual and substantive evidence that abuse, let alone serial abuse did not occur, underlies the REASON why the Crown was willing to suppress Hollie Greig’s case previously.

The death of Roy Greig although suspicious in the light of lies of omission by Greg Lance-Watkins and outright statements that were untrue by him have rendered ANY possibility of a trial for Murder or unlawfull killing to be little more than a ludicrous fantasy.

On Friday 30-April-2010 it was brought to our attention that Greg Lance-Watkins had arbitrarilly and dishonestly behind our backs chosen to stab the Hollie Greig campaign in the back and become the blight on society he now is. He has discredited himself by no longer giving us the answers he once did, and as he was quite prepared to lie to curry the favour of the establishment.

It is increasingly my opinion that Greg Lance Watkins current abuse of Holly Greig, Anne Greig and Robert Green is distastefull and the irresponsible denunciation of these individuals without a shred of corroboration is in and of itself both a crime and a denial of Justice.

I regret the breech of trust and actions Greg Lance-Watkins has chosen to take and the dishonourable manner in which he has taken these steps.

It is now clear that Greg Lance-Watkins is in fact an abuser of Hollie Greig through the slander and innuendo he spews forth daily. This would seem to be a malign attack on the perceived enemies of Greg Lance-Watkins, in his disturbed condition.

It is ironic that I had cautioned him against exploitation by charlatans!

Sadly I believe that Greg Lance-Watkins has deep seated mental health issues and having hugely overstepped the mark in his current fantasies as to be likely to have more than somewhat incurred the ire of the Judge he eventually meets who will be luikely to deal with him harshly for his delusional lies and the malicious damage he has caused.

Already Greg Lance-Watkins, in breech of all reasonable considerations of Justice and morality, has supported alleged purpetrators of paedophilia without sound evidence in a crass, amateur and irresponsible way.

I believe that at this stage the authorities have all the evidence of his criminal behaviour to both bring him to Court and imprison him and I regret they would have an unarguable case.

I hope even at this late stage that mature and responsible behaviour on the part of Greg Lance-Watkins will pull back from the brink and save him from being the victim of his own criminal stupidity.

It gives me absolutely no pleasure to have advised caution with a view to winning rather than seeking the praise of the ill informed and venal.

To Learn the Facts of Greg Lance-Watkins Deranged Condition


Contact me if I can expose the truth and help in any way to get Justice4GregLanceWatkins as I have tried for over a year when the braying asses without responsible thought have so willingly embelished the fantasies surrounding Watkins.

Lance-Watkins requires a place of safety where they can both get the care and help they need, hopefully together.

Greg Lance-Watkins needs help with mental health issues also, as a part of his sentence when finally he comes before the Courts as he most certainly will.

Greg Lance-Watkins also needs help with his obvious paranoia and gullibility.

If you believe you can help in any of these issues please call me.

I, like the redoubtable Tom George, will have little more to do with this debacle until the ill informed wagon jumpers drift off and the bewildered and very mentally disressed Greg Lance Watkins sees the damage that he and his multiple personalities have done in their quest for vengeance and notoriety and they remember this is about Greg Lance-Watkins NOT THEM!

And deffinitely not about the foul mouthed and the foolish who are at the moment creating much heat and no light!


– Please note comments will be deleted if they are not merely childish or malicious attacks on Greg Lance Watkins

The aim of this site is to seek out and present the truth regarding the Greg Lance Watkins story and surrounding fantasy, including the attempts to portray the suicide of Roy Greig as something other than murder!

The vitriolic and hysterical attacks on me would seem to indicate we are approaching the ‘end game’.

I very much doubt any of the nutters will have the integrity to return to apologise when they finally discover the truth, they are the under belly of society and will find weasel words to justify their abuse and gratuitously ignorant behaviour.

CAVEAT  Please beware of ALL other sites NOT bearing these words and specific links & also the desperate attempts to distort the facts including efforts to clone my identity to try to pass themselves off as me!

This is a “Spoof Site” You Idiots!

So all you sue-ers (sewers) will be forced to steal from someone else’s coin purse. This includes the biggest Sewer of All Greg Lance-Watkins


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