Moors Murders: First victim’s family in MOURNING as police return mysterious necklace

Moors Murders: First victim’s family in MOURNING as police return mysterious necklace

THE family of the first Moors Murders victim have been engulfed by fresh grief after police returned white stilettos belonging to Pauline Reade – but also a mysterious necklace which they claim isn’t hers.

Myra Hindley Helps Manchester Police On The Moors To Find Pauline Reade



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Pauline, whose body was found in a shallow grave on Saddleworth moor after a 3-month search, was 16 when she was killed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in 1963.

Police have returned her shoes and other belongings 55 years after her murder in the hope it will bring closure to the family.

But relatives are convinced a silver-linked necklace and medallion belonged to someone else.

Pauline’s niece Jackie Reade who was 13 when the body was found, said: “it was very emotional seeing Pauline’s shoes and clothing, I was crying.

“But I was told by my nana (Pauline’s mother) that the necklace she was wearing was fine gold with a St Christopher on it.

“The chain and pendant the police have returned to us is not gold, is too chunky, and is not the kind of thing Pauline would have worn.”

Pauline had disappeared on the way to a disco near her Manchester home.

The teenager’s throat was slashed so forcefully by monsters Brady and Hindley that her spinal cord was severed.

moors murders pauline reade mysterious necklace

Moors Murders first victim Pauline Reade’s family receive mysterious necklace (Image: MEN Media)

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) contacted her family’s solicitor in June this year to reveal that her belongings, including stilettos, a broken necklace, a metal chain belt, a piece of material from her dress, a safety pin, six buttons and a press stud were being held.

Jackie, 44, from Wythenshaw said: “I am grateful for the shoes, and other items of clothing, which will now be reunited with her remains, but we have an issue with the jewellery.

“If they aren’t Pauline’s, who do they belong to?”

The Manchester Evening Post revealed last year that some of Pauline’s body parts, including a piece of her jaw-bone, were kept by the GMP for 30 years for “investigative purposes”.

Moors Murders Necklace Pauline Reade

Paunline Reade’s family say this necklace is not hers (Image: MEN Media)

Moors Murders Pauline Reade stilettos

Pauline Reade’s white stilettos were returned to her family 55 years after her death (Image: MEN Media)

The GMP has since apologised and promised to pay £4,500 to cover the costs of an exhumation and reburial as part of Pauline’s second funeral.

Her body parts and belongings will be buried in a family plot where her mother, father, and brother Paul, who all died after her, are buried.

Peter Hall, head of civil litigation for Tranters Solicitors of Stockport, who is representing Jackie, said: “Jackie simply does not accept that the items of jewellery returned by GMP relate to Pauline.

“It has been another unpleasant twist in an already deeply upsetting matter for Jackie, who desperately wants to put this matter behind her.”

Pauline disappeared before Jackie was born but she remembers her family’s pain and went with Pauline’s mum Joan every week to lay a single rose on her grave.

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