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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Named Persons planned for August 2017

`Big announcement day` but no surprises, just the same old waffle.

From the Scotsman:

“The Scottish Government is to carry out an `intense` three-month
consultation on how to make its controversial named person scheme comply
with European human rights law. Education Secretary John Swinney
announced the move six weeks after the UK Supreme Court ruled elements
of the policy to be ‘’incompatible’’ with the right to privacy and
family life, as set out in the European Convention on Human Rights

Read more at:

Good luck with finding out how to make the Children and Young People
(Scotland) Act 2014 compliant with European human rights law.

You`ll need it.

I took part in the Scotsman poll to
answer the question `Would you like to see the Named Person scheme
abolished?` I saw that 93% out of 502 respondents voted YES. Obviously,
results will fluctuate around that percentage, but never enough to
produce a NO.

It`s damning. When is Mr Swinney going to climb off his high horse?

I mean this is more public money he is throwing away on `rigged` –
whoops, I should have said `intense` consultations – when there are
really better things to be doing for children in `Foodbank Scotland.`

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