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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Islington and the Child Abuse Inquiry

Dr Liz Davies, social worker and whistleblower, writes about the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

“So what about Islington Survivors Network
applying to become contributors to an IICSA Investigation? Goddard
chose to progress initially just 13 investigations and the remit is very
narrow aiming to draw conclusions on institutional failings and
identify practical recommendations for change. There has never been a
comprehensive child protection investigation into the allegations of
organised and institutional abuse in Islington.”

“One of the key criteria for selection
of a case for IICSA was that the allegations should appear to be
practically capable of detailed examination through oral and written
evidence. I could not see how Islington would fit this criteria because
investigation would take any statutory investigative team weeks and
months. IICSA stated that each hearing would last about 6 weeks. I could
not imagine how Islington could be addressed in this short time or even
what use it would be without a proper investigation having already
taken place. It seemed to me early on in the Inquiry that organised and
institutional abuse could not be appropriately addressed within the
framework outlined by the Inquiry Panel. There was the added difficulty
that Crown Dependencies such as Jersey were not to be included in the
Inquiry and yet
Islington children were sent on holiday to the Jersey home Haut de la Garenne and this needed to be addressed.”

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Recall John, the police whistleblower, also mentioned that children were being `worked` in Islington.


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