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Identity issues

On UK Column News yesterday David Scott took the audience through some of the Police Scotland regulations 1996.

“This is the current regulations. We had
an older, more traditional, common law requirement to `not commit a
crime` called `breach of duty` in Scots law which is the equivalent to
malfeasance in public office in England.  But it is quite an interesting
list. Neglect of duty`s on that list: so it`s misconduct and neglect of
duty. And `suppression of complaints` was a very interesting one.  So
there are standards.”

 “Now what we`re seeing is a strange
split in Police Scotland. We`re seeing some officers conducting
themselves extremely well and we`re seeing an element within Police
Scotland working, it would appear, another agenda.  And a lot of
officers seem to be very unhappy with this element within the police
that seems to be working as though that list does not exist…”

Brian Gerrish adds a comment: “A lot of
people have got this impression that all police officers are bad. We`ve
obviously fought that for some time. It`s clearly not the case. But what
has been true is that there seems to have been a reluctance of police
officers to actually speak out when they know something is wrong. And it
does seem around the Docherty case that something has drastically
changed because people are coming forward with information. But at the
same time they`re showing that they are themselves scared of other
elements within the police…”

Sgt Sam Buchan, third from right on picture

“This is Hot Fuzz…[Police Scotland fun
day] And we`re just going to bring up this gentleman. Now there`s been
something funny going on around the name of this police sergeant, Sam
Buchan. What can you tell us? We`ve got to be accurate here.  At the
moment we`re looking at police officers, perfectly good reputations, all
of them. What`s going on around the use of Buchan`s name?”

“Well, there are several identity issues
that have been difficult surrounding the Docherty case and essentially
as we`ve been investigating allegations made by the Dochertys everything
we`ve managed to check has checked out, with one or two exceptions. In
those cases the truth has proven to be stranger and more concerning than
even the Dochertys knew; and they`ve been surprised at what we have, in
fact, uncovered.
Now one of the key players in this was understood by the Docherty family to be Sergeant Sam Buchan.”

David Scott reads out an extract from Brian Docherty which appears in the transcript:

we lived between Fraserburgh and Peterhead at the time, on this
Viscount’s estate. It was slightly closer, I’d say to Fraserburgh, so
it was the local … I called this hotline 101 or, you know, the standard
line, and they put me in touch with a local officer, called Sergeant Sam

“He then goes on to outline what this
officer did.  He organised an interview with two officers described as
ideal who transpired to be very inexperienced. As that interview was
going on, Sergeant Buchan was in another police office with Alan Low
who`d approached and offered money to the Docherty family, and Viscount
Petersham. That was only discovered later but that was what was going
on. And then the very next day – so within twenty four hours – the
sergeant was at the door saying to the Docherty family: `What can I do
to persuade you that there`s nothing to see here?` And later on they
found when social services descended upon them they eventually
uncovered that the reason this happened was a report left in Police
Scotland to social services. When the officer that authored that report
was confronted, it transpired that the report that was submitted was not
her report.  It was submitted when she was on vacation and was
submitted by Sergeant Buchan.”

“So it seems this Sergeant Sam Buchan
was at the core of a great many of the problems. So we started to look
into information about him and who he might be but what came out was a
quite different picture. We found nothing to his discredit. We found his
reputation in the local community was very high and we found him
running marathons and raising money for charity and with what would
appear a very happy family life and there didn`t seem to be any
connection between the two pictures.  So when we took the photographic
evidence that we got from mainstream media sources – Sergeant Sam Buchan
has headed up several public campaigns in North East that have been run
by Police Scotland to get kids off drugs and things like this – so his
face is in the paper.  So we showed it to the Docherty family and they
were quite clear: `No that`s not him. That`s definitely not him.
Sergeant Buchan was older; he had grey hair; he had completely different
features.  No that`s definitely not him`.”

“So what appears to have happened is
that they were thinking they were talking to Sergeant Sam Buchan; they
were talking to a Police Scotland officer of sergeant rank; or wearing a
sergeant`s uniform. But it wasn`t Sergeant Sam Buchan. So that strikes
us as a very odd state of affairs and it raises quite a few questions.
You know we have this officer who seems to be without anything to
compromise his good name and yet his name was put into the frame for all
of the wrongdoing that was surrounding the Docherty family. The
Dochertys had no idea about this. So we wonder who has been passing
himself off as Sam Buchan and why?”

“There was a police complaints procedure
that the Dochertys initiated and then there were two police
investigations by PIRC, the Police Investigation and Review
Commissioner.  None of these internal investigations highlighted to the
Dochertys that they were naming the wrong officer.  It didn`t seem to be
picked up at all, which seems extremely odd if the investigations were
thorough… And most of all we want to know who framed Sam Buchan?”

Brian Gerrish interjects: “You`ve
mentioned two really serious things. You`ve mentioned that a report was
submitted in the name of one constable when – I think it was a lady –
she was on holiday. Very serious. Because that is fraud within the
record system, from the police. And then we`ve got what appears to be
misuse of somebody`s name whilst interacting with a member of the
public. So these are very serious breaches and of course the other point
that`s coming out of this is that perfectly decent police constables
there north of the border are actually being brought into disrepute by
the action of a few of their colleagues.”

“Well, quite. And the officer PC Kathryn
Lamont was the author of that report and when she was questioned about
it by Brian Docherty she was initially quite hostile and then
perplexed.  `I`ll phone you back`. She phoned back less than an hour
later and offered to come and see Mr Docherty with her police union rep.
 So clearly she was very concerned about the position she had been
placed in.  And the report that had gone into social services was 180
degrees in another direction from the one she had written.  Rather than
highlighting the concerns about the paedophile…”

“This is falsification of evidence, isn it?”

“Absolutely. It was telling the social
services to lock on to the Docherty family and that that`s what the
problem was. So it completely changed the nature of the report. It
wasn`t a tweak; it wasn`t anything minor; it was night and day.” [26 August 2016]

According to the transcript, PC Kathryn
Lamont accompanied Sgt Sam Buchan when he visited the Dochertys to
persuade them that there was `Nothing to see here.` Did PC Lamont know
that the man calling himself Sgt Sam Buchan was an imposter?

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