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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Child sex abuse inquiry and media spin

Brian Gerrish pulls together a number of
articles from the mainstream which covers the child sex abuse inquiry
and discusses the topic with Alex Thomson on UK Column News in the
latter half of the programme. [9 August 2016]



“Is this the most toxic job description
in public life? BBC are asking whether the Goddard chair of the abuse
inquiry is the most toxic job description in public life?
this is how they deal with it: `Established in 2014, the IICSA is not
simply a public inquiry, it is a vast, six-decade retrospective exercise
in national soul-searching`.  Just have a think about what that really

“`There is little doubt that children
were sexually abused in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond, across many
public and private institutions.` A remarkable statement from the BBC
that had difficulty believing there was abuse inside the BBC over that
period`….Then they say: `
took a series of scandals, most notably that of serial child abuser
Jimmy Savile, to really change perceptions. The IICSA must delve into
the national psyche and institutions of decades past, and carry out
extensive examinations of how they operated in relation to children`.”

“So this is all, `abuse is somebody
else`s problem, not the BBC`s`. It all took place in the past. We need
to have a little look at it and see where they failed. Then we`ll learn
from the mistakes and carry on abusing the children. I`ve got to say
Alex when I read this particular headline, the BBC has become the most
disgusting organisation in their double dealing on… child abuse

“Yes Brian and I would put the Daily
Mail in second place. And what ties them together is that you have had
personal dealings with BBC and Daily Mail journalists, perhaps more than
any other outlets: saying `Would you like to talk to our sources on
child abuse?` And they have said: `No, No, No`. And eventually they`ve
said: `Mr Gerrish, please hand over your sources and stay out of it,`
basically. You know, `Hand this to the big boys.` And that BBC piece by
the correspondent you`ve shared is very similar to one in the Daily Mail
a few days ago, after Goddard resigns, who basically said at the end,
`Of course we can`t believe the victims; it is far too big a job for one
person`s intellect; and we ought not to have an inquiry after all`.”

Gerrish agrees, “It`s all too difficult,
except if they want to pin the label on who the abusers are; so bring
in the Daily Express and here is the headline.”

“ROTHERHAM ABUSE SCANDAL Horrific reality of `industrial scale` child grooming revealed.”

“And who`s responsible? Well now
apparently it`s Kashmiri men. So we`ve been through the Asians; we`ve
targeted the Muslims; we`re now so desperate to keep people`s eye off
white members of Parliament and white establishment abusers that we`re
now going to blame it on Kashmiri men. But of course the headline is
admitting that the scale of the abuse across the country is industrial.
And what do the BBC say? `Well we just need to look at where some of
these organisations got it wrong and learn some lessons`.”


“Well this was a comment from Gavin
Thomas, President of the Police Superintendents` Association and he
confirms what we`ve just said: `
are so many paedophiles we can`t jail them all; so what we need to do
is have a softer approach for lower levels of crime; and what he means
by that is people viewing child pornography. But of course, as one of
our correspondents pointed out, that in viewing child pornography,
children are being abused in front of your very eyes. This policeman
thinks, `well it`s much more important that we let some of these people
off` and of course we certainly want to let off the politicians and
senior establishment figures and senior police officers and military
people involved in the abuse of children.” 


“Well the Sunday Times helped the
process because it attacks Justice Goddard: `Pantomime Dame Out of her
depth and out of a job.`  They were crowing that the inquiry had lost
its chairman. The Daily Mail got on board as well. `She didn`t resign,
she was sacked` and essentially the article tries to point out that she
was sort of not up for the job. I would believe that she was threatened
to an extent she decided she was safer to leave it.” 


“But have a look at this because this
takes the biscuit. A journalist called David Rose from the Mail; and
he`s effectively saying that VIP child abuse is a scam. He says: `The
ultra-million-pound industry run by lawyers seeking damages for abuse
survivors has established a strong financial motive for those prepared
to lie; and where police, politicians, and public inquiries have made
clear that their bias is towards believing the victims, there is little risk of such perjury being exposed`.”

“And on it goes: `Mrs
May announced the formation of IICSA on the day after Leon Brittan was,
we now know, falsely accused of rape. The febrile claims of VIP
paedophile rings embracing not only sexual depravity but multiple child
murders, peddled by the now-defunct website Exaro and, disgracefully,
the BBC, followed switfly in its wake`.”

“Unusually amongst journalists [Rose]
has repeatedly drawn attention to the dangers of wrongful convictions
for historic sex abuse, starting with a 2000 BBC Panorama programme
which he reported and wrote: In the Name of the Children.
my opinion says that specialist people are being brought in, in order
to help confuse the public and close down the notion that we have
serious paedophile activity, not only in the BBC, but inside the British
government. These people are carefully moved into position and their
articles are carefully crafted to defend abusers. But what a statement
that we might actually believe some of the child abuse victims … I`m
lost for words…”

“Clearly Brian, the public was believing
the victims too much when they were speaking through, shall we say,
ordinary journalists. And so a few of these specialists, as you call
them, were brought in. …And as we`ve heard described there with David
Rose, he was unusual amongst journalists in pointing out that people had
false memories or stood to gain financially. So things that hadn`t
crossed journalists` heads when it was ordinary journalists reporting
were suddenly inflated by a few of these placemen. So you can see what`s
going on there.”


“Well we can and let`s just force this
point because we`ll bring in the Telegraph; and here it is. The headline
there: `Now Dame Lowell has quit, the great child abuse inquiry should
stop too`. Yes, let`s not investigate industrial scale child abuse. This
is Charles Moore and this is what he says: `
accusation against Leon Brittan, Lord Bramall and the late Sir Edward
Heath, which had moved Labour`s deputy leader, Tom Watson, to abuse
parliamentary privilege and claim clear intelligence of a powerful
paedophile network with links to Parliament and No 10 were discredited
by` – here we are – `BBC Panorama and others`.
massive industry of child abuse campaigners and lawyers`- It`s just
about people making money – `For them the IICSA is a dream come true and
in some cases a livelihood`.”

“So we`ve got Charles Moore, the same
ilk: let`s close down the child abuse inquiry. He can`t understand it
apparently … You have amongst others, senior police officers saying
this is industrial scale abuse. UK Column has revealed a Metropolitan
police officer talking about the cover-up of child abuse by politicians
and senior police officers, but Mr Moore from the Telegraph doesn`t have
the mental acumen to actually understand what`s going on.”

“And then we can point out the
deviousness of the whole inquiry because let`s remember what Justice
Goddard said at the beginning. She said it was a statutory inquiry that
will be entirely independent of government. That statement was
completely untrue because the whole inquiry of course was closely
controlled and monitored by Theresa May and the Home Office.”
“Here`s Janner. And the Guardian is
trying to claim that the Goddard inquiry is still going and it`s going
to contact UK spies for any intelligence about the accusations made
against Lord Janner. `British spies are to be approached by lawyers for
the official child sex abuse inquiry requesting any intelligence
gathered on the late Labour peer Greville Janner.
Ben Emmerson QC, counsel to the independent inquiry [see the words being used, independent], `said his team had spoken to MI5 and will be contacting MI6 and GCHQ for any files held relating to Lord Janner.` And
for those of you who like numbers: `There have mysteriously been 33
complainants in a total of 13 investigations`. This is complete
nonsense, Alex, because of course if I just pop this one up on screen,
I`ll then give you the stage, as it were.”
“We`ve got an article from the Mirror
which was reporting accurately that MI5 had essentially closed down an
investigation into a paedophile; saying, `at the present stage the risk
of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the
security danger.` And the Cabinet Office admitted that the risk to
children wasn`t even considered. Are our Intelligence Services going to
assist?  Personally I don`t think so. But what do you think?”

“Well, even if they are minded to assist
Brian the question is: how would they do it?  I mean if you get an
order as someone sitting at a desk in the Intelligence Agency to look
through your files for mentions of Janner, then that would be just as it
would be for Freedom of Information requests or Subject Access Requests
made to an agency… So what people do; they do a quick search for the
name and of course the name`s not there because this stuff`s in people`s
heads or held on old files in the basement. It`s not on computer files
that are used these days. So they just perform the quick search … so
obviously there`s going to be a blank return and the agency is going to
say: `We have nothing on Janner.`  But the question should be an
intelligence approach, by sitting down the older and more senior members
of the agencies and looking them in the eye and saying: `On your oath,
do you know anything about Janner?` That`s how to do things properly but
of course it`s not going to be done bureaucratically.”

“Alex I can reinforce that comment
because I was contacted a little while ago by a person who said that
they had actually spoken to police who were forming the supposed inquiry
into abuse allegations against Edward Heath. They gave a report about
what was well known in the location of his home and they also – well
they made a formal report. Now of course what they were saying was it
was historical; it was hearsay. Nothing happened for months. But
eventually they were contacted by a member of the police who said that
they were there following up on what they had reported and during the
conversation it emerged that the particular officer, a single police
officer, was in a location with some fifty or sixty desks which were
empty. He was the only person put forward to investigate Ted Heath and
child abuse. And of course that enquiry went nowhere.”

“But the government solution, as you`ve
picked up… to stop child abuse we need to give children more sex
education. And you`ve pushed out this Guardian article.”


“I summarised what the authoress Vera
Baird QC said as this: To stop children being debased, the State must
debase them all in primary. And I think that`s a fair summary of what
Vera Baird has said. If you remember this is the flame haired lady who
was a Labour MP for Redcar in the Blair and Brown years and latterly she
was the Solicitor General of Blair and Brown; and she has since become
one of these police and crime commissioners of Northumbria and … she
chairs the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners.”

“And if you look at the Guardian author
page for her you will see, among her arrogant poses to the camera, that
her most recent piece before this was in January when she wrote: Why police and crime commissioners are here to stay.
First line of that is: `As a police and crime commissioner for
Northumbria I oversee the budget; I make savings of £2.9 million and I
hold the Chief Constable to account and I scrutinise services and I
engage with the community. So we`re getting more of a hint now, that is
the correct mould of person who intends to become a PCC. UK Column has
found out that the PCCs are unsackable. Of course, in a couple of
counties people have elected a non-establishment candidate which we are
not supposed to do and if that happens you have relentless attacks on
them… it was intended to become a police and crime commission to steer
the police the right way.”

“And from her vantage point of
authority, I`m reading out now from the article in question where she`s
looking up at the camera in a sassy pose and she`s saying that she has
this coalition behind her to make sex education obligatory in primary,
including religious schools. She has got the Commons Education
Committee, the Commons Home Affairs Committee, the chairs for the Women
for Equalities, Health and for Business Innovation and Skills, the
Children`s Commissioner for England; and they`re strongly in favour; and
the Chief Medical Officer, the Labour front bench, two royal societies,
six medical royal colleges, all the teaching unions and my Association
of Police & Crime Commissioners. So who could we possibly be, to say
that we do not want our children to be taught about sexual parts at age

“Indeed, and if we want to look at some
political zealot we better go to north of the border. We`ve got Nippy,
Nicola Sturgeon here, and let`s just remind ourselves. This is the lady
who did not want to go near the Brian and Janice Docherty case where a
couple have four children removed from them, not because they`ve
committed any crime, not because they`ve abused their children or harmed
those children or neglected those children in any way, but simply
because they dared to report the approach of a paedophile. And the
response from Ms Sturgeon – well she ran for cover – and gave the dirty
deal to her Head of Media, Aileen Easton; and Ms Easton was simply
prepared to put out a line, and the line is that Nicola Sturgeon doesn`t
intervene in individual cases. Very strange, but in Scotland in
particular we can see the First Minister not wanting to go near anything
to do with exposing paedophiles.”


The discussion then turns to atheism and social research, with a particular emphasis on Scotcen.

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