Thursday, 25 August 2016

A letter from the Home Office

Following the interview between Brian Gerrish and the Metropolitan police whistleblower, UK Column has been attempting to get the Home Office to say what they are going to do to assist him.

“This was a remarkable saga,” Brian
Gerrish says.  “First of all the Home Office said they were unable to
listen to the audio through the UK Column website. So thousands of other
people could do that, but not the Home Office. – I believe they employ
15,000 professionals –  but they couldn`t seem to get that audio.”

“So we then provided that audio to the
Home Office separately and we were then a little bit surprised and
saddened that they were unable to open a file. They couldn`t listen to
that one. And then they needed a transcript. So eventually they were
provided with a transcript.  Then it went very quiet, until we started
putting pressure on the Home Office to … answer the original emails
which said: `What are you going to do to protect this very brave police
whistleblower and what are you going to do to investigate the cover-up
by the Metropolitan police, by politicians, by local authorities,
charities and others, the abuse of children, including little girls
found dead in the gutter?`”

“Well yesterday I got a phone call from the Media Team
in the Home Office and they were very pleased with themselves because
they said a letter is on its way. I opened my email account and sure
enough there was a letter.”


“Now we`re all trying to make this
easily readable but the nub of it is – here is the letter addressed to
me and the essence of it is: `Well don`t worry because the organisation
that is protecting the whistleblower is the IPCC`.  So they`re the
Independent Police Complaints Commission and they`ve got it all in hand
and even though `we are the government we think it`s best to leave it to
the IPCC.  And we also think that you should be reassured because we`ve
got MPs like Mr Lewis who is responsible for making sure the police do
their job`.”

“Well, it gets more and more
interesting. This is the start of the letter. It says: `I am writing in
response to your letter to the Minister published on your website concerning a recent interview with a Detective Constable
from the Metropolitan Police force.
I respond to the points raised in your letter, I would like to inform
you that the Criminal Justice ministerial portfolio has transferred to
the Ministry of Justice.  Brandon Lewis MP is the Minister for Policing
and Fire Services.  Sir Oliver Heald QC MP is the Minister for Courts
and Justice and Dr Philip Lee MP is the Parliamentary Under Secretary
for Victims, Youth and Family Justice`.”

“Now this of course was … irrelevant
because I`d already sent the correspondence to Mr Lewis and I told the
Home Office that was the case.  But what we`re actually interested in is
this: it says `Dear Mr Gerrish  I am,` and in the second paragraph it says: `before I respond`
So I assumed that this letter had come from a genuine human being but
at the end of the letter it actually transpired that there was no
person. It was an anonymous letter. It had been written presumably by a
computer in the Policing Fire Services Directorate…”


“But I then discovered what this was
about because after I left the conversation with the Media Team, I
phoned the telephone number on the top of this letter, and this is what
Essentially, the Home
Office has deliberately hidden the identity of the individual writing
the letter to me. The Media Team state that this is normal procedure and
it will not affect how I address a response. Very important this
because they kept pushing it. This is perfectly normal. No signature, no
name. `And it doesn`t matter Mr Gerrish because it won`t affect how you
then deal with the matter`. I asked should it be Mr Anonymous or Dear
Ms `X` but they were unable to advise on that. But this is what they
were really doing.”

“This is deceit because when you phone
up the number at the top of the letter the operator, who is very helpful
said: `I`m unable to put you through unless you can tell me a name and a
department`.  So the fact that the name was withheld means that when I
phone that number I go into no man`s land because the operator – I
believe the lady was telling me the truth – she is unable to put me

“Deliberate, calculated deceit by the
Home Office Media Team. When I asked the particular gentleman who had
told him there was an email for me with the letter attached; he didn`t
want to tell me that either.”

“So the moment we get into child abuse, it`s cover-up and deceit by the British government.”


“Well of course they mention the IPCC;
so let`s have a look at them because the letter said that the IPCC had
actually produced the policy on how they were going to deal with
whistleblowers. So I went to the website.  I had a look. I couldn`t find
the document the Home Office referred to, but I did note that Mr Julian
Blazeby is now the Director of major investigations and if you want to
have a look at him; I suggest you do; because you can see him on
LinkedIn, his full profile. There`s quite a lot of information here:
previously Assistant Chief Constable with Staffordshire Police and I did
note down at the bottom that he`s not only Common Purpose* but he`s
boasting that he`s able to operate outside authority. So I would imagine
that`s pretty handy if you`ve got a little bit of trouble with child

“So we had a little look further for this gentleman and came up with the Sentinel`s report: `Staffordshire Police under investigation after social media drink-drive naming`. And
what they did is they named people they had picked up for drink driving
offences before it had gone to court. So this was a quote from Julian

“Staffordshire Police assistant chief
constable Julian Blazeby added: `We can confirm we have been approached
by the Information Commissioner`s Office (ICO) in relation to the recent
drink driving campaign`.”

“`They asked us to provide information
on some elements of the campaign and we will be providing a full
response to the questions they have asked in the next few days`.”

“So they broke the law… They can just publish without any due process, without any conviction; they just publish people`s names…”

“Well the key point here Mike is that
they`ve been through a training course where the training course boasts
it`s producing people who are able to operate outside authority.  So in
this police constable`s mind he`s in his proper area.”

Mike Robinson points out that the CEO of
Common Purpose*, Julia Middleton, used the term `beyond authority` but
Blazeby says `without authority`. “That changes the context completely.”

“It gives you a free rein to do what you want Mike.”

“So this is the man in charge of major
incidents within the Independent Police Complaints Commission; so we
shouldn`t worry; this is probably the man who`s got the whistleblower`s
safety at heart.”  [25 August 2016]

* A secretive organisation (charity) that provides leadership training courses. 


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