Moment toddler Yana Leonenko took hand that led her to her death

Yana Leonenko was kidnapped by a woman accused of drowning her and dumping her body. Picture: Supplied
Yana Leonenko was left unattended by her aunt for just a matter of
minutes. It was enough time for someone to snatch the two-year-old and
lead her to her death.

Investigators have released
heartbreaking CCTV pictures of the trusting toddler, hand-in-hand with a
woman accused of abducting her, drowning her and dumping her body.
The 27-year-old woman accused of the murder is G. Sharaliyeva, the wife of Yana’s father.
say Yana is the love child of Sharaliyeva’s husband and that she was
motivated by jealousy after discovering her husband’s affair, according
to a report in The Daily Mail.
Yana had been left unattended by her aunt in a pram when it’s alleged Sharaliyeva snatched her.
The aunt returned to see the toddler in the distance, hand-in-hand with a woman dressed in a white T-shirt and black pants.

CCTV footage shows Yana Leonenko hand-in-hand with her abductor. Picture: Supplied
CCTV footage shows Yana Leonenko hand-in-hand with her abductor. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

pleaded for help, and ran after the woman, but fell down,” the aunt
told reporters. She said nobody helped her chase the pair.
Eyewitnesses said Yana appeared to have gone “willingly with her kidnapper”, “the girl wasn’t crying, wasn’t fighting”.
released CCTV footage showing the toddler being dragged through a park,
and later, carried in the suspect’s arms. The duo then get into a taxi
and vanished.


Yana’s body was later found in a river which runs through a park in the city of Ivanovo.
A Russian court ordered Sharaliyeva to be detained, alleging she killed her husband’s love child.
investigation believes that the person who kidnapped and murdered the
child is the wife of the biological father of the girl,” a spokesman
“The woman made use of the short absence of a relative of
the child and kidnapped the girl from the entrance to a residential
Sharaliyeva’s husband Sakhyd Sharaliyev had an affair
three years ago with a waitress in his cafe, resulting in the pregnancy,
according to a friend of the family.
“The man didn’t want to leave his wife and their two children but promised to help to raise the child,” the friend said.
wife had been oblivious her husband had cheated on her. She came from
Azerbaijan about four years ago and for a long time didn’t know her
husband had a mistress, more than one, in fact.”

Another CCTV image shows Yana Leonenko being carried in her abductor’s arms. Picture: Supplied
Another CCTV image shows Yana Leonenko being carried in her abductor’s arms. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

The husband reportedly denied keeping Yana’s existence a secret from his wife, with whom he has two children, aged four and six.
alleged Sharaliyeva, a Muslim, usually wears a hijab when outside, but
in the CCTV footage did not wear the head covering.
Her husband
told reporters she never went out without covering her head and she
seemed ‘naked’ to him in the CCTV images. “When they said it’s my wife, I
was shocked,” he said.
“Her hair isn’t covered … she has no such clothes at home,” he said.
He insisted: “She was always quiet and calm, she has never said anything (angry about the baby).
“I promised her to not see that woman (Yana’s mother) again, but to help the child.”

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