Missing Daniel Entwistle – Case Review

Missing Daniel Entwistle – Case Review

Daniel was just seven years old when he disappeared whilst out playing close to his home in Copperfield Avenue, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK on May 3rd 2003.
daniel in shop
This is one of the last times this little boy was seen, at his local shop running an errand whilst his mummy rested
daniel map
We are concerned that this little boy going missing,  like many other missing children cases has just been put on a “back burner” or just plainly forgotten. We have been consulting with a profiler contact of ours and looking over the evidence we already have, the profiler’s opinion matches ours and thus we feel this case warrants further investigation.
daniel missing
Some new information has recently been brought to our attention which needs to be investigated, but we need much more help, evidence, etc.
If you have any information, however small it may be please e-mail us: newchapterinvestigations@outlook.com
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Lets get Daniel Joseph Entwistle family the answers they deserves

Responsible department: Home Office
It’s about time we united to help Daniel Joseph Entwistle family get the answers they deserve if we all could Sign this petition to ask why Daniel Joseph Entwistle family from Great Yarmouth has not been given the same media as other children .And get them to look into this and help .There should be no excuses they need to explain why this child has not been afforded the same publicity & support as other children Daniel Joseph Entwistle was 7years old when he disappeared from near his home at Copperfield Ave, Great Yarmouth on Saturday 3 May 2003 He remains a missing person to this day.

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  1. Must admit I had never heard of Daniel before coming to this page via Hollie Greig Justice campaign. It is strange that he has not had the same media attention as others and I hope that this campaign will help reveal the truth for his family's sake.

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