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Each and every one of you are MY HEROES that day by day keep Nottingham’s child abuse in childrens homes case alive,

A massive debt of gratitude goes to the media especially Lou Collins & Brian Gherish at the UK Column and to Andy & Nick at the Mansfield Chadnewspaper .

Less than 24 hours after being released from Queens Medical Centre its back on my feet and up and at em at 09.00

Hopefully have a document that the city council don’t want me to have that proves the role CHILD RAPIST ALAN SMITH held at the city council , once I have that its off to the Chief of cover up’s police’s office at Nottinghamshire police headquarters with a request they arrest a number of City Councillors and employees for conspiracy for Malfeasance in public office and serious misconduct in public office

Chris Eyre Nottinghamshire Police you can kiss my **** I would not pi*** on you if you was on fire, you don’t wanna meet with me to hear the truth the best you could do was send armed response to a seriously ill 61 year old that has the balls to satand up against you , operation daybreak is a whitewash cover up YDFB and we can all see through it ,

The UK Column were right i’m seen as a domestic terrorist a threat to Nottingham security and it’s in your intersts that rightly so you protect the citizens of Nottingham from the truth of a PAEDOPHILE ring at the core of childrens services in al probability led by ALAN SMITH FORMER HEAD OF NOTTINGHAM CITY AND COUNTY’S SOCIAL SERVICES.

They claim HEADMASTER PETER HOWITT another paedo in my case they have no records of him working for them as disclosed to Graham Hebbie Holden Diane Hawley Sammy Hooty Holland Trev Hartley Yvonne Nuttall Ian Paddy Johnson and several others that met whilst protesting on my behalf last year and then theres the paedo teacher JOCK BOWLEY dismissed for paedophilia from the county reinstated by the city only to go on and reoffend by abusing another pupil at Manvers School Nottingham which can be confirmed by Diane Hawley and John Wheldon

All this and more and that’s without the fact I told operation daybreak a whistleblower told me they were destroying my records and why and that I had reported it to operation daybreak who said and I quote ” WE DONT LISTEN TO WHISTLEBLOWERS” well my response today is YOU LISTEN TO YOUR INFORMANTS so go and do one you scumbags .

Jon Collins & Ian Curryer Nottm City Council you think your safe with your police strategic partners the corrupt Notts Police well you to can go and do one too , theres an election coming soon and god help you and your scum Labour party cronies at Nottingham City Council recently voted the paedo council of Great Britain

in the comments link below is yesterdays UK Column news , enter at around 25 minutes 33 seconds

 — withTim WadeLouise ‘loopy’ MannJon White and 44 others.

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