Mickey Summers
Well well things are looking like they are going to get very heated up in Nottingham just in time for Christmas.
A packed diary of things that are happening with investigative journalists and TV crews , so much so that myself Mandy Coupland and Mark Ceylon are starting to have to really juggle things which is a far cry from where we were at a year ago struggling to get Nottingham in the Media spotlight., now we have them chasing us for updates and any other snippets we might have

Very interesting that once one news media group get a sniff of a new development here in Nottingham they contact one of the 3 Amigos Mandy Mark or myself
The real identity of the ELUSIVE Mr Smith being a director or or chief executive of Nottingham City Council has resulted in an avalanche of calls.
Operation Daybreak to is going to be in the media spotlight too.
Gonna be a bit of a day off today dropping someone at the airport then on to meet with one of the founder protestors Louise ‘loopy’ Mann on the way back., it’s really nice that we can get together and look back at how far we have come and what we have exposed along the way

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