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IICSA – Nottinghamshire Preliminary Hearing 11 May 2017 (+44)207 4041400 London EC4A 2DY DTI www.DTIGlobal.com 8th Floor, 165 Fleet Street 1 (Pages 1 to 4) Page 1 1 Thursday, 11 May 2017 2 (10.30 am) 3 Opening remarks by THE CHAIR 4 THE CHAIR: Good morning. My name is Alexis Jay, and I am 5 the chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual 6 Abuse. Sitting with me are the other panel members of 7 the inquiry: Professor Sir Malcolm Evans; Ivor Frank and 8 Drusilla Sharpling. 9 On behalf of the inquiry, I welcome all of you here 10 today to this, the first preliminary hearing in the 11 investigation into the extent of any institutional 12 failures to protect children in the care of 13 Nottinghamshire Council from sexual abuse and 14 exploitation. 15 This investigation, along with those into 16 Lambeth Council and the Rochdale institutions, focuses 17 on the experiences of children in institutions operated 18 or overseen by local authorities. 19 As I am sure you will all know, the scope of this 20 inquiry is broad and unprecedented. Our task is to 21 examine the extent to which public and private 22 institutions in England and Wales have failed to protect 23 children from sexual abuse and failed to respond 24 appropriately to allegations of abuse, as well as to 25 make meaningful recommendations to keep children safer Page 2 1 today and in the future. 2 In December 2016, the inquiry set out a work 3 programme for this year which is publicly available on 4 the inquiry website. There is a full timeline of 5 hearings and seminars which are due to take place this 6 year and into next year. 7 The first public hearings took place in February 8 and March and were concerned with part 1 of the child 9 migration programmes case study. Further hearings in 10 part two of that case study will take place in July. 11 This week, we have already held further preliminary 12 hearings in the child migration programmes case study 13 and one into the investigation into Cambridge House, 14 Knowl View and Rochdale, and a full public hearing in 15 this investigation area will take place later this year. 16 In this investigation, into the extent of any 17 institutional failures to protect children in the care 18 of Nottinghamshire Councils from sexual abuse and 19 exploitation, we recently invited applications for core 20 participant status. 75 have been granted. Part of 21 today’s hearing is to deal with oral applications by 22 those to whom I am minded not to grant core participant 23 status. 24 We will also hear submissions on legal 25 representation of those who have been granted core Page 3 1 participant status, the anonymity of complainant core 2 participants, disclosure and guidance on redaction, and 3 the broadcasting of proceedings. I will then make 4 directions going forward. 5 Before that, as this is the first preliminary 6 hearing in this investigation, I will invite 7 Patrick Sadd, counsel to the investigation, to provide 8 us with an update on the progress of this, the 9 Nottinghamshire investigation. 10 Before we hear from counsel, a couple of points on 11 timing. If necessary, we will take a 15-minute break at 12 around 11.45 am, and then a break for lunch, if this 13 hearing has not concluded before then, at 1.00 pm. 14 Directions arising from this hearing will be published 15 on the inquiry’s website in short order after the 16 hearing, as will the hearing transcript. 17 Please go ahead, Mr Sadd. 18 Opening remarks by MR SADD 19 MR SADD: Thank you, Chair, good morning, and members of 20 the panel. My name, as you have heard, is Patrick Sadd. 21 I appear as counsel to this investigation, together with 22 Paul Livingston. May I deal first with appearances, 23 Chair. Appearing on behalf of those who have been given 24 core participant status are Sean O’Brien, representing 25 Nottinghamshire County Council; Anwar Nashashibi, Page 4 1 representing Nottingham City Council; Samantha Leek QC 2 and Alice Meredith, representing the Chief Constable of 3 Nottinghamshire; Ed Brown QC, representing the Crown 4 Prosecution Service; Cathryn McGahey QC, representing 5 the Secretary of State for Education; Bilhar Uppal, 6 representing L17 to L40; Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC and 7 Megan Hirst, representing Mickey Summers and D4 to D10, 8 D14 to D17, D20 to D22 and D24 to D46; David Enright, 9 appearing on behalf of F37, F38 and F39, Kim Harrison, 10 appearing on behalf of A73 and A74; David Greenwood, 11 appearing on behalf of C21; and those appearing for 12 non-core participants, Caoilfhionn Gallagher and 13 Megan Hirst on behalf of D18 and D19; and David Enright 14 on behalf of Carolyne Willow and Anna Sains. 15 Chair, as you mentioned a moment ago, this is the 16 first hearing that relates to the inquiry’s 17 investigation into the extent of any institutional 18 failures to protect children in the care of 19 the Nottinghamshire Council from sexual abuse and 20 exploitation. 21 Very briefly, Chair, and for those not familiar with 22 the role of counsel to the investigation, I will explain 23 what that role involves. 24 Counsel to the investigation’s responsibility is to 25 advise on the inquiry investigations, to assist

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