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This web-page is dedicated to all those working in Britain’s Diplomatic and Intelligence services who, like David Shayler, Annie Machon, Craig Murray and Katherine Gun, put democracy and their country before private gain, the occult or foreign control.

MI5 insigniaThe Secret State: Britain’s Intelligence Agencies: MI5 (Counterintelligence/Home Office/MOD) and MI6 (Intelligence/Foreign Office/MOD)

Why does us Brits’ MI5 logo include an occult symbol, ‘the all seeing eye’, as part of her 1950’s to 1970’s official insignia? And pentagram illusions (try looking at the MI5 Rectum Defendae ‘roses’ close up then at a distance) in their current insignia? If you know why, please tell me. Comments here

The SS – ‘Security Service’ (official title), MI5, is Britain’s domestic military intelligence division. The SIS or ‘Secret Intelligence Service’, MI6, is Britain’s foreign military intelligence division. Though described as ‘services’ they are a cross between government departments and plain clothes military units operationally controlled foreign powers.
Known as The Secret State (nicknamed The Permanent Government in Ramsey and Dorril’s book Smear!) they operate as a ‘state within a state’ having only token democratic accountability. They go to great lengths, including lying to elected ministers and use of the archaic ‘Official Secrets Act’ to stave off embarrassing revelations about what a waste of our public money many of their operations are… and to deflect all scrutiny of their work. The IOPS (Information Operations Planning System) department of MI6 plants stories beneficial to the secret state to gullible/bribed journalists in newspapers and on newswires. Champions of the arbitrary telephone intercept they appear to be safe haven for occultists as well as 21st Century gestapo elements.

The Guardian’s ‘Big Brother’ surveillance special http://www.guardian.co.uk/bigbrother/privacy/

To request access to personal data MI5 hold on you under Part II, section 7 of the data protection act 1998 write to: The Data Controller, The Security Service, PO Box 3255, LONDON, SW1P 1AE. The search will cost £10.00 and you will be refused any information. But you can appeal, as have Norman Baker MP, Mohammed Al Fayed, and me.

MI5 and the Christmas Tree files – secret political vetting at the BBC – seperate page

Background reading matter:
‘Defending the Realm: MI5 and the Shayler Affair’, Mark Hollingsworth and Nick Fielding, Andre Deutsch, 1999.
‘The Big Breach, From Top Secret to Maximum Security’ Richard Tomlinson, 2001
‘Spycatcher, the Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer, Peter Wright, Heinemann, 1987.

UK intelligence agencies’ news

04Sep06 – Belfast Telegraph – Tomlinson: The spy who was left out in the cold

02Jul06 – Telegraph – Revealed: how the BBC used MI5 to vet thousands of staff

06Jul06 – Belfast Telegraph – ‘Secret millions’ row over new MI5 HQ

22Dec05 – Yorshire Today – Shadowy alliance haunts Stormontgate

15Oct05 – Bilderberg.org – Shayler: ‘Blair was an MI5 agent’

13Sep05 – Bristol Evening Post – 9/11 ‘THE WORK OF SECURITY CHIEFS’

18Apr05 – Times – Top secret intelligence unit will quit Belfast for new role in Iraq

Mar05[added] – Observer – There is no case for torture, ever

11Feb05 – Evening Standard – Key Kelly pair helped appoint MI6 chief

24Jul04 – Guardian [not originally on the Guardian website] – Security phone tappers still get numbers wrong

03Aug04 – Independent – No 10 fails to deny Scarlett’s influence on survey group

12Jun04 – Sunday Herald – Fury as MI5 describe IRA Terror as Just

09Dec03 – WSWS – British whistleblower faces trial for exposing US spying on UN delegates

30Sep03 – Exclusive – MI5 now using ambulances for surveillance

23Sep03 – Independent – EX FO adviser: Tony’s crony John Scarlett must go

04Aug03 – Independent – MI6 chief’s departure sparks battle over successor

22Jul03 – Gloucestershire Echo – GCHQ WORKER SET TO APPEAL

16Jul03 – Joan Miller – Wartime ‘M”s wife – casualty of an occult misadventure

28Jun03 – Vnunet.com – GCHQ criticised over IT system

27Jun03 – Gloucester Citizen – GCHQ sacks leak suspect

02Jun03 – Guardian – Bugging, burgling agents may now bribe too

05May03 – Financial Times – MI6 steps up spy recruits to cold war levels

Mail on Sunday – Why am I such a threat to national security?

01Feb03 – Guardian – IT expert named as new head of GCHQ

26Jan03 – Sunday Express – MI5 Bugged families of soldiers at death base

12Jan03 – Observer – How to stitch up a terror suspect

12Jan03 – Sunday Times – Plot coup for new MI5 chief

07Jan03 – Daily Mirror – Terror bomb stash is lost by MI5 spies

04Jan03 – Appeal evidence of Tony Gosling to the Information Tribunal

07Oct02 – Guardian & Paul Joseph Watson – SHAYLERGATE: British Press Gagged on Reporting MI6’s £100,000 bin Laden Payoff

07Oct02 – Guardian [subsequently removed] – Ministers issue gag orders for MI5 trial. Blunkett and Straw accused of trying to intimidate judge as Shayler case starts today at Old Bailey

07Oct02 – Reuters – New boss takes over MI5

13Aug03 – Guardian – Neo-Nazi leader ‘was MI6 agent’

01Jun02 – Defence Regulation 18b

22May02 – The Irish Times – MI5 inclined to lie, says ex-agent

15May02 – Guardian – Must spy Harder – David Shayler on BBC ‘Spooks’ series

16Apr02 – AP – British spooks to get secret union

27Mar02 – World Net Daily – Intelligence Agencies form Global Alliance in MoscowDavid Shayler

24Mar02 – Reuters – Security forces suspected in Castlereagh break-in

30Dec01 – David Shayler’s Class War revelations – The Class War Files

14Jan02 – MI5 balk at files being opened

23Sep01 – Law forces MI5 to open its files

07Sep01 – MI5 offers to spy for private firms…and lead article

July01 – What does the occult symbol on MI5’s 1950’s logo mean?

05Mar01 – The Big Breach, Richard Tomlinson’s book on MI6 available to download for free

01Mar01 – Richard Tomlinson, Military Intelligence in the UK media

18Feb01 – MI5 and police ordered illegal break-ins at mosques

03Feb01 – Echelon IP addresses hacked?

14Jan01 – Sunday Times  – Richard Tomlinson, a rebel spy on the run – download Rich Text Document here – Richard Tomlinson has been consistently refused an employment tribunal since he was sacked from MI6

19Sep00 – UPI – Spying on Politics

27Aug00 – Guardian – Jackie Stewart teamed up with MI6 renegade

27Aug00 – Observer – Conceived in Sin – Nick Cohen 

29Aug00 – Observer – Don’t shoot the messenger

26Jul00 – Punch  – ‘MI5 could have stopped the bomb going off’

22Jul00 – Guardian – Second MI5 officer attacks security service

25Jul00 – Guardian – Opening the Floodgates

All seeing eye in the top of the triangle – What are the aims of the Illuminati, the organisation signified by the ‘eye in the top of the pyramid’ at the top of the MI5 insignia

12Jun00 – London Guardian – Tinker, tailor, soldier, journalist – Has Fleet Street been over-run by the intelligence agencies?

Gadfly – IOJ – Inside Story of an MI5 Cell

28May00 – The Sunday Times – MI5 tells supergrass to sign gagging order

21May00 – The Sunday Times – Top spy chief leads drive to gag press

21May00 – The Sunday Times – Spy chiefs urged arrest of Rimington

21May00 – The Sunday Times – Editorial: The truth will out

16Apr00 – Independent – MI6 spread lies to put killer in power

14Nov99 – Sunday Times – Runaway spy found lurking in the small ads

10Mar98 – MI5 Press Release – Security Service have a telephone

17-19Oct97 -The Ditchley Foundation – The Future Of Secret Intelligence Services In Democracies: Scope, Justification And Control

1998 – Security services forced to comply with privacy law

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