Melanie Shaw
2 hrs ·

I’m not looking for recognition, money, fame,anything, all I get Is abused STILL, violated, and all I’ve dine fir years is work voluntary in community service, with charities, school, do polotical stories, with media, whistleblow and say the whole country and I, or I and the whole country will not accept rake or abuses of care kids, any kids, DTO’S or YO’s anymore and. Will fight for changes to help prevention of repeat offending! LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE! We’ll catch you peados. And shame every convicted one in a rouges gallery to keep our kid’s safe so we know! Peacefully, lawful rebellion. Paedophilia can kill victims lives and take it too! It’s time we git tough DAVID CAMMERON, mp pls? Melanie Shaw

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