David Mellor Top 10: All you need to know about the foul-mouthed Tory

In 1979 five years after becoming a barrister he became MP for Putney in the 1979 general election and was in office until 1997

David Mellor (Pic:RexFeatures) 450
David Mellor (Pic:RexFeatures) 450

1. In 1979, five years after becoming a barrister, he became MP for Putney in the 1979 general election. He remained in office until 1997.
2. While studying at Christ’s College Cambridge he was a contestant on University Challenge.

University Challenge David Mellor
University Challenge David Mellor

3.In 1989 he attacked the British press suggesting that the popular press were “drinking in the Last-Chance Saloon”.
4. During the 80s and 90s he featured in satirical cartoon Spitting Image. His puppet was depicted with green ‘halitosis’ emanating from his mouth
5. When he was made Secretary of State in the Department for National Heritage, after the 1992 general election he was dubbed the Minister for Fun after labelling the newly created department the Ministry of Fun
6. He lost his seat at the 1997 general election to Labour’s Tony Colman. On the night he lost the seat he had a public row with Referendum Party founder Sir James Goldsmith. During his concession speech Mellor was taunted by Goldsmith while a crowd of hecklers chanted ‘out, out, out!’

David Mellor Conservative MP for PUTNEY 450
David Mellor Conservative MP for PUTNEY 450

7. Mellor resigned from John Major’s cabinet in 1992 following a string of scandals, including a newspaper kiss-and-tell which revealed an extra-martial affair and a story which publicised a free holiday Mellor had taken in 1990. Following his resignation Bill Hagerty, editor of The People, said: “This is the first time in ages that David Mellor has done the decent thing.”
8. In his post-political career Mellor has presented a number of radio shows, including a football chat show on BBC 5Live and classical music programmes on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 3.
9. Mellor is a huge Chelsea fan and used to write about The Blues in a column for the Evening Standard.
10. He is much derided in football circles, following his radio shows and punditry. Here’s a clip from Fantasy Football Live featuring Frank Skinner and David Baddiel sending him up
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