Melanie Shaw

When I say the police protected serial killer Mark allushia-Griffith and boss Kenneth Rigby, it was only a small minority of snr and lower ranked officers. All proffesionals i.e social worker’s and police who worked close and encountered beechwood in the 45-50 yrs and child locked up residents, it wasn’t a secure unit but staff guarded the 1unlocked door you couldn’t escape! You had to chill n keep it down for a few wks so you could attempt a break our or escape from the rape and torture by being allowed swimmingly, all staff knew we were raped we all gave the same name! But other agencies, field Social Workers and police all knew kids were dying every 3 month by all falling head first from a top floor window the week they arrived, usually kids who had only done Foerster care, intelligent kids who hardest been raped or buggerd before by a professional and we’re outraged, were warned to shut up as something terrible would happen but you don’t think your going to be murdered or left paralysed and brain damaged as some survived, by having your neck snapped first or just picked up by a gym freak, 20 stone of pure muscle hulk when you emaciated at 7-8 stone or less. The ones that disappeared too. They were given a version of tragic accidental events, those Working a team of 35staff total Inc administration and cooks. And all residents knew. We spoke of it in secret 2 different staff with other kids they trusted, 2 or 3 others. After I survived as I was only there a year, some staff had stories to share they’d been there years so I’d have serious fact of incidents in the 10 yrs preceding, the few staff brave enough who were sickened, they shook crying with fear incase we told anyone else, these good staff that hhelped wanted 2or 3 other witnesses to the old knowledge but we’re petrified if being murdered as the knew kids were being killed and they were getting away with it, the ones not passed of as absconders falling who were strangled on the grounds were burried. If the staff admit they knew they would be prosecuted and once you had been employed at Beechwood none of the other 20+ homes would employ you as they knew the state of the Beechwood kids that had moved on to them and there was something so different about beechwood kids, the state they were in compared to all other care kids in Nottinghamshire. The staff that didn’t abuse us who wworked there was 95% they didn’t beat us either. Out of 14 staff in predict when we were packed in a small building 17kids until the 2000s when the care quality commission cut it to 9 beds. They tried to shut it down the CQC the first year they were formed but didn’t have the power and the council promised a revamp of 250k and New staff. Beechwood was branded by the Nottingham evening post after annother death, sex drugs and rock and role at Nottingham children’s home they used as a front page headline. I can’t say anymore because I’ll have no book, that’s a small bit. If the public new the truth, it was hidden well but alot know, not all the details , only a dozen I think had known where the other kids not dropped to death, the other murdered missing kids were burried. 3 are dead now that knew and 2 alive that I kknow, but Nottingham knows. And these people are dead and Nottingham can lead the way with an example to the rest of the country that our current police force and council are unique and give justice to our child victims we failed so badly and recognise their suffering. The murders stopped yrs nearly 2 decades ago. I will do my best and my life is for getting justice for Nottinghamshires people, familys affected aswell as victim’s, professionals had nervous breakdowns alot did who started to work directly and indirectly with Beechwood Children, they couldn’t cope with what they were witnesses to and couldn’t work alongside it, alot within the first month put their notices in. This and other abuse at other homes of our care kids should never of been allowed to happen, it is tragic and horrendous beyond belief what went on under those 2 men for 20yrs. we need to learn a huge lesson in Nottinghamshire to make sure this tragedy at Beechwood is never allowed to happen to our children again! We owe it to all Beechwood victims and those killed there. Thats what the PEOPLE of Nottinghamshire want, JUSTICE! Gig bless the children who’s lives were lost at Beechwood and may his angels look after them. RIP care brothers and sisters x AMEN

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