Media Ignore- Paedophiles in High Places


Media Ignore- Paedophiles in High Places

When a news mad media cover up stories we can be rest assured their orders are from the top!!

Robert, Anne and Hollie wish to thank all their loyal supporters, for
their kindness and dedication towards their fight for justice, not just
for Hollie, but for all other abused children who have been ignored by a
system that protects the perpetrators, not the victims. SHAME on all who assist them.

Greg has left numerous comments on this site- he decided to hop it when I said his own sexually worried me.

How very unusual for two Inspectors to leave the police station for two supposed reported missing persons.

In another strange coincidence on the same day, Mr Greg
Lance-Watkins, owner of the self-appointed Hollie Greig website, has now
been exposed as a UK government agent, hence his rant of today, June 4th
see pdf. Both he and Anna Raccoon, fellow blogger (real name Susanne
Nundy nee Blackie), worked at the Court of Protection see email address view Links to Old Scholars’ Pages Is this a coincidence? Also ex-employee of the Lord Provosts Dept. Does she come from Scotland? Another coincidence? We don’t think so. Since Anne and Hollie’s address has been divulged on
by Mr Watkins, it seems fair that we should reciprocate the compliment.
Susanne Nundy nee Blackie (Anna Raccoon), now lives atRue de l’Ancienne

Issigeac 24560


Catch up story here..

“Not since the Dreyfus Affair in France has there been such an
appalling Establishment cover-up and miscarriage of justice! Let’s work
together to get Justice for Hollie!”


Hollie Banner and Hollie Supporters Picketing the ‘Children 1st’ Conference Attended by Elish Angiolini & Esther Rantzen

Posted Thu, 02/10/2011 – 15:19 by Campaign Team Member
A small group of Hollie supporters picketed the Hilton Hotel in
Edinburgh today, where Elish Angiolini and Esther Rantzen were keynote
speakers at a Children 1st conference.
Hollie’s Peaceful Army were able to distribute a specially written
leaflet to all the conference goers, police and taxi drivers, detailing
Angiolini’s and Rantzen’s part in the cover up of Hollie’s case.

The leaflet which carried photos of Elish and Esther was entitled HOW ARE THESE LADIES HELPING HOLLIE GREIG? and other victims of paedophilia in Scotland   ANSWER: They’re not

It is a sad fact that neither Esther Rantzen nor the Lord
Advocate, keynote speakers at the Voice of the Child Conference in
Edinburgh, 10thFebruary 2011 are doing anything at all to
protect children at risk from a paedophile gang known to be at large in
the Aberdeen area of Scotland. 22 members of the gang have been reported
to the police by Hollie Greig, a remarkably bright 31 year-old with
Down’s Syndrome who is determined to get justice for the torments she
and other victims endured throughout childhood. Those named by Hollie as
her erstwhile abusers are all outwardly respectable professional men
and women and include a Sheriff, a senior police officer and the
headmaster of Beechwood Special School, Aberdeen where Hollie was a
pupil in the 1990s. This headmaster, Andrew Young regularly abused
Hollie and other children in his study and took them to sex parties with
the rest of the gang. Yet he remained in post until April 2010 and has
never been questioned by the police.

Elish Angiolini has known about the abuse since 2000, the year
Hollie first reported it to the police, who responded by locking up her
mother Anne in a mental institution and handing Hollie back to her
paedophile father Denis Mackie, also a member of the gang. Angiolini was
Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen at the time. She has since denied she
knew what was going on but correspondence between her and MSPs proves
she did know. When the issue started to become very public as of 2009,
thanks to the campaigning activity of Robert Green, the Greigs’ lay
legal representative, Angiolini, by now Lord Advocate appointed
solicitors Levy & McCrae to obtain an injunction banning the media
from mentioning any involvement of herself in the Hollie Greig affair
from henceforth. How did she pay for this, out of the public purse or
her own pocket? And could Angiolini have been ultimately behind the
arrest of Robert in February 2010 on breach of the peace charges, and
the simultaneous raid carried out on his Warrington home by officers of
Grampian and Cheshire police? And by extrapolation, behind a
particularly vicious raid on the Greigs’ home in Shrewsbury in June
2010, in which the small home was trashed and rendered uninhabitable? In
neither of these raids was any account given of the personal property
removed, nor was there any warrant, as in the likewise unwarranted
sectioning of Anne Greig in 2000.

Whether or not the Lord Advocate is personally behind these
troubling events or other shadowy forces, they have all been happening
on her watch. Yet she has not lifted a finger to protect the children at
risk nor to discipline the police forces which have breached their
codes of conduct. It seems to tie in with the fact that the conviction
rate of rape crimes, including paedophile rape in Scotland is the lowest
in Europe and half that of England…

And what has Esther Rantzen, the UK’s children’s champion been
doing about these appalling goings-on, despite having been many times
contacted by Hollie supporters including by Robert Green himself? There
has been zero response from her to date. Meanwhile Childline’s call
centre, ironically located in Aberdeen, continues to take calls from
distressed children. What might be the response to those actually
located in Aberdeen?

All in all, isn’t it just a bit sick that these two queens of
child protection are heading up today’s conference on the Voice of the
Child while allowing paedophiles to roam free in these islands?

Scottish Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini & Esther Rantzen to speak at Child Abuse Conference in Edinburgh on 10th February

Posted Wed, 02/02/2011 – 23:36 by Campaign Team Member
Scottish Lord
Advocate Elish Angiolini refused on two occasions to investigate claims
by Hollie Greig that she was systematically raped and abused; Esther
Rantzen resisted many requests to take up the case.
Now they come together to speak at a conference in Scotland about ‘The Voice of the Child in the Judicial System’.
I think they call it taking the piss.
Read more …

Hollie Greig Scandal Breaks Into Mainstream

Posted Thu, 01/27/2011 – 10:58 by Campaign Team Member
Here is a report from today’s Press and Journal, covering the proceedings at Stonehaven court yesterday.

Man banned from area to stand as MSP


By Gary Cruden – Journalist for the Press and Journal

Published: 27/01/2011

A man who is banished from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire will stand as a candidate for the city in the Scottish elections.

Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers member Robert Green will fight to
become MSP for Aberdeen Central in May – despite a court order
prohibiting him from entering the city.

Green, 64, campaigns on behalf of the mother of Hollie Greig, 30, a
woman with Down’s syndrome who claims she was sexually assaulted by a
paedophile ring in Aberdeen.

But two police investigations have found no evidence to support the claims.

In last year’s general election Green stood for the Aberdeen South
constituency, polling 138 votes as Anne Begg held the seat for Labour.

Green, of 4 Birchdale Road, Warrington, Cheshire, appeared at
Stonehaven Sheriff Court yesterdaywhere his hopes to become an Aberdeen
MSP were revealed.

He appeared in court accused of conducting a “campaign of harassment”
against a group of individuals who, he claims, were involved with the
ring and were complicit in murder.

He is alleged to have sent out letters, leaflets, e-mails, made
telephone calls and placed adverts on the internet and in newspapers and
been involved in radio broadcasts and internet discussions, stating
that nearly 20 people were involved – including a serving Scottish
sheriff and a senior Grampian Police officer, who is now dead.

Green is also accused of alleging that evidence and an inquiry have
been suppressed. The charge alleges this has caused alarm and upset
those named by Green.

The offences are alleged to have taken place between June 1, 2009,
and December 7, 2010, in the Ferryhill, Bridge of Don, Bieldside and
Woodside areas of Aberdeen as well as in Edinburgh and Warrington. He
also faces four breach of bail charges.

He appeared at Stonehaven Sheriff Court yesterday for the latest hearing regarding the charges.

After the hearing, Sheriff Patrick Davies released Green on bail with
conditions attached. He is not allowed to have contact with any
witnesses in the case or allowed to discuss the allegations he has made
about the alleged paedophile ring. A third condition bars him from
entering the city or shire.

Representing Green, solicitor advocate Gerald Sweeney said: “To
exclude anyone from any part of the UK in case they do anything unlawful
goes against everything this court should stand for. His intention is
to stand for election as an MSP (in Aberdeen).”

He argued that his client has no criminal record, had attended all court dates and should be freed without bail.

He described the special conditions of bail as “using a jackhammer to crack a nut”.

However, Sheriff Davies attached the three conditions.

Outside court, Green said he would appeal against the decision to not allow him access to Aberdeen.

Green will face trial in June. The trial is expected to last for around five days.

Here are a couple of examples of Sheriff Patrick Davies,
who believes that it is in the public interest that Robert is prevented
from talking about the Hollie Greig case, being soft on paedophiles.
There are many other examples too which have been recorded
including senior legal figures who have been found guilty of serious
sexual offences but let off lightly.
These cases have all been logged by the campaign team member – Stuart Usher, the founder of Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers


BBC News with Google Hollie Greig banner Sky News with Google Hollie Greig banner

Two examples of the“Scotlands Shame? Google Hollie Greig” banner, prominent on TV coverage of Tommy Sheridan sentencing.


Posted Wed, 01/26/2011 – 18:22 by Belinda
From John T, campaign team member

Robert Green appeared in Stonehaven Court today.

Robert was arrested in Aberdeen in February 2010 as he attempted to
distribute leaflets relating to allegations that Downs Syndrome girl
Hollie Greig had been the victim of a paedophile gang.

In April 2010 he was charged with an alleged breach of his bail conditions.

Today’s hearing was a “Reduction to Summary” case, which to the best of
my knowledge means that the Procurator Fiscal wishes to change Robert’s
trial from “Solemn” (decided by a jury) to “Summary” (decided by a
Sheriff). The hearing was heard in open court although the Fiscal did
not explain why she sought this change in status.

Technically the two outstanding charges against have been dropped and a
“de novo” case has been started which consolidates these charges and
various others. There are now a total of 5 charges altogether.

The first charge is basically an extension of the original Breach of the
Peace charge and claims that between 1 June 2009 and 7 December 2010 at
various locations in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and elsewhere, Robert
conducted a public campaign of harassment against named persons placing
them in a state of fear and alarm for their safety and causing the
apprehension of serious public disturbance in Aberdeen and elsewhere in
the United Kingdom.

The second and third charges relate to alleged breaches of bail conditions.

The fourth and fifth charges relate to emails sent which were allegedly
grossly offensive or of an indecent,obscene or menacing character.

The bulk of the hearing related to a debate on bail conditions. Robert’s
solicitor, Gerry Sweeney made the point that as this was a “de novo”
case the previous bail conditions had lapsed and argued that as the case
was being reduced to summary there was no automatic requirement for
bail conditions to be applied and argued that as Robert had no criminal
record and that he attended today’s hearing, at which he was cited to
appear rather than appearing from custody, then no bail conditions
should be applied.

The Fiscal argued that bail conditions identical to those in the
previous charges should be applied. She stated that these bail
conditions were “for the protection of those impacted by Mr Green’s
activities”. I did not follow the logic of this argument as my
understanding is that Breach of the Peace “is designed to protect the
community at large, not guard against an affront to individuals based on
their own character.”

The Fiscal stated that the bail conditions she was seeking were “in the
public interest” although she did not provide any details of how the
interest of the general public would be served. In respect of the bail
conditions which require Robert to sign in at Warrington Police Station
twice per week she argued that these were necessary to prevent him
“sloping off to Aberdeen”.

Mr Sweeney responded by stating that the bail conditions were totally
disproportionate for a summary charge of breach of the peace and likened
them to using not just a sledgehammer but a jackhammer to crack a nut.
He expressed his dismay and outrage at the language used by the Crown
and his view that what was being proposed was fundamentally undemocratic
and in breach of Robert’s human rights.

In respect of the Crown proposals that Robert should be prevented from
both talking about the case and continuing to campaign on the wider
Hollie Greig affair, Mr Sweeney used the analogy of a notional person
accused of assault who would be prevented from explaining while he was
on bail that he had acted in self-defence and would also be prevented
from acting in self-defence if he was attacked again while on bail.

The decision of Sheriff Davies was that in addition to standard bail
conditions Robert would also be subject to 3 special conditions:

1) That he does not approach or contact various named persons
2) That he does not advance or communicate, nor cause to be advanced or
communicated, allegations similar to those alleged in in the charges
3) That he does not enter Aberdeen City or Aberdeenshire

The unanimous opinion of the members of the public in attendance was
that we were all surprised at this decision as it appeared that the
arguments put forward by the Defence were much stronger than those put
forward by the Crown.

An intermediate date was set for 13th April and a trial date set for 6th
June. The trial is anticipated to last for 5 days although as it is now
a “de novo” case, Robert will have to re-apply for Legal Aid etc which
will almost certainly result in a delay.


Posted Tue, 01/25/2011 – 20:58 by Campaign Team Member

Robert Green is due to appear in Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court,
Aberdeen, today, Wednesday, at 10am, where there will be a review of his
bail conditions and the ludicrous, trumped up charge of ‘Breach of the
Peace’ for which he was arrested, on the 12th of February, 2010.

This supposed threat to ‘Breach the Peace’ came about as he was
merely intending to hand out leaflets to the people of Aberdeen, to draw
their attention to an alleged paedophile ring, which included, (among
others) senior members of the Scottish legal profession.

However, there is one individual who continues to cause a greater
‘Breach of the Peace’ – but who remains, to date, unchallenged by the
police, despite his continued, rants over the Internet, clearly
demonstrating his unstable state of mind.

So Robert Green is to be charged with Breach of the Peace?





(8th paragraph)

5.  There are numerous links which can be used to demonstrate
GLW’s dangerous insanity, including one where he admits downloading
extreme images of bestiality

6.  Including his quote (Daily Telegraph) “I do support the execution of elected politicians”
Friday – 21st January 2011 –   In a quote from the article in the link above – The Telegraph refers to GLW-

“In e-mails sent to a variety of organisations, he said: “I do
hope there will be patriots in Britain with the courage to deal with
traitors that has been shown in Sweden.”

7. A truly bizarre video in which he claims Tony Blair has a
conviction for cottaging, Gordon Brown has an “enthusiasm for underage
rent boys” and that Brown’s wife was paid £250K to act as his fiancee

8.  He claims to be in contact with a man accused of threatening to murder Nigel Farage (one of GLW’s sworn enemies).


            Another day and another load of uneducated drivel from Greg Lance-Watkins.

‘yeah but, no but, it weren’t even me oi weren’t even there’


Posted Tue, 01/25/2011 – 13:51 by Belinda
Attached below is the official death certificate of Roy Greig who was
found in a burnt-out car in a remote part of Aberdeen on 17thNovember
1997. You will note the cause of death says “Smoke inhalation” and not
carbon monoxide poisoning.  Anne was told that the catalytic converter
had caught fire. Research has established that there is zero chance of
this happening.

There are further highly questionable facts surrounding this case:

  • It took 13 years after much pressure by Robert Green for the authorities to release the autopsy report;
  • There was NO public inquest;
  • Roy’s coffin was closed, Anne was not allowed to see him;
  •  The vehicle was stationary, yet according to experts, the extensive
    skeletal injuries suffered by Roy including to his skull were NOT
    consistent with a suicide.

There was a mystery woman in attendance at the scene with a man
called Sylvester Cadger (the supposed rescuer) who has never been
identified nor come forward. It is reported by authorities in Hong Kong
that Sylvester Cadger was implicated in a serious case where a woman was
assaulted and suffered grievous bodily harm. It is reported that the
company he worked for at the time quickly assisted him to leave the

The night of Roy’s death was a memorable one, with a North-East wind
hurling down sleet and torrential rain, yet Cadger claimed he saw the
burning vehicle from the road. Experts have discovered that it would be
impossible to see the car due to the topography of the area alone,
without the severe weather conditions that prevailed that night.

Researchers have established there were five men present at the scene
and two vehicles, prior to the emergency crew being called to the


Posted Tue, 01/25/2011 – 12:25 by Belinda
(from Robert’s blog): I will be attending Stonehaven Sheriff Court at
10.00 on Wednesday 26th January for the Intermediate Diet for my
case. This is simply an administrative procedure where I will be asked
to reaffirm my plea of Not Guilty and no evidence will be heard. No date
has been set for the trial diet. I hope to be in a position to supply
more details very soon.


Posted Sat, 01/15/2011 – 18:09 by Belinda
In contrast to the rumpus we caused last month in the Chamber, the
Hollie campaign was on its best behaviour at the January meeting of
Shropshire Council in Shrewsbury Shirehall on Thursday.

As was clearly observable from the looks of recognition, and here and
there expressions of shock and solidarity, thanks to our outburst in
December no one in Shirehall is by now unaware of Down’s Syndrome local
resident Hollie Greig and her mother, and of what was done to them last
summer. A stain on the good name of Shropshire which it will be hard,
although not impossible to eradicate.

On this occasion however, for the purpose of entering into a dialogue
with the Council in order to put matters right, we refrained from
disrupting the proceedings and conformed with protocol, whilst remaining
as visible as we could, as a reminder of December 2010. One supporter
managed to stand upstairs at the entrance to the Chamber with a
Justice-for-Hollie Greig placard for half an hour as the Councillors
arrived before being shooed away, while outside in the forecourt our
splendid new campaigning banner, tailor-made for Shropshire (THANK YOU
to Hollie’s Army in Scotland who created that!) fluttered provocatively
between trees, catching the eyes of passing motorists as well as civic

For his part, having been banned from the Council Chamber, Robert
positioned himself downstairs in the entrance lobby, as a way of showing
that he did not intend to be a nuisance on this occasion whilst
reserving his lawful right to enter other parts of the building. Thanks
to a supporter whose knowledge of the law is second to none, Robert was
able to inform the police who eventually turned up to enforce the
Council’s banning order that in accordance with civil law, the order did
not extend beyond the Chamber itself, unless an injunction to that
effect had been obtained from the Court – had such an injunction been
obtained? The young police officer, impatient to get on with the job of
manhandling his targets out of the building said airily “I don’t know
about civil law”. At which point the supporter who happens to be an
ex-policeman rounded on him and informed him that according to his Oath
of Office he should know
the law and that ignorance constituted a breach! So if he wasn’t sure
on any point he should go and ask his Inspector. Put on the spot, the
policeman did exactly as he was told and returning a few minutes later,
slightly sheepishly confirmed that yes, Mr Green was allowed to enter
the public areas, with the exception of the Chamber itself of course.

(All of which proves that Shropshire Council leaders don’t know the
law either in stating categorically Robert was banned from the whole of
Shirehall, or could this have been yet another of their lies?!)

As for the meeting itself, the public part of it was over quickly and
the rest of the morning’s business concerned budgetary and financial
issues to be debated by the Councillors, in particular how will
Shropshire respond to the nationwide call for cuts in LA spending,
necessitating reduction of Council staff salaries as well as downgrading
of the amenities and facilities of Shirehall itself, staff would be
required to consume tap rather than bottled water from henceforth! Not
to mention the reduction of services to local citizens. It was hard to
resist the temptation to stand up once again and ask what in heaven’s
name therefore was the logic of wasting dwindling public funds on a
witch-hunt against two vulnerable local ladies who have never caused a
single moment’s harm or damage to anyone in Shropshire nor anywhere else
for that matter? but we refrained.

In the lunch-hour Robert managed to have a few quiet words with
Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Democratic and Legal Services Claire
Porter. He advised Ms Porter to pass the message/discuss with her
colleagues that it might be in everyone’s best interests to seek a swift
and satisfactory resolution of the vexatious issue of the assault on
Hollie and Anne Grieg last summer, for the sake of avoiding further
blemish to Shropshire. As a starting point, a full apology was required
by the two ladies for the distress caused to them and the unwarranted
damage to their home, then full reparation for that damage and the
return of personal  belongings stolen in the raid. The negative
publicity being generated by this unresolved atrocity, which originated
from Scotland and had nothing to do with Shropshire, was surely not good
for the county, indeed we Hollie campaigners would much prefer to be
able to concentrate our efforts on Scotland, where the real problems

Without holding our breath we await the response from Shropshire.

Since our visit to Shrewsbury on Thursday Robert has upped the anti
and has written to all 74 Shropshire Councillors demanding they sack
their Chief Executive Kim Ryley, particularly as he dances to the tune
of an entity by the name of Greg Lance Watkins whom we know for a fact
to be a friend of paedophiles, whether or not he is actually one
himself, although he does hold convictions for firearms and GBH offences
of which he appears to be proud.

Certainly if Ryley is colluding with accomplices to paedophilia and
other such criminal low-life, surely neither Shropshire nor any other
Council should want him in post.

Democracy in Shropshire (3)

Posted Fri, 01/14/2011 – 23:25 by Belinda
Report on yesterday’s proceedings in Shropshire Shirehall to follow,
when I’ve recovered from ‘flu, sorry everyone but it went well and we’re
on course

Hollie aged 10 Anne and Hollie today Anne, brother Roy and Hollie in 1995

if you are making contact with your MP as we’re keeping a log of all
the responses from them and actions they are taking)


MP’S ADDRESS (local Constituency office is



Justice for Hollie Greig

You may have already heard about Hollie Greig as many people have
already been in contact with their MPs about this issue. It calls for
immediate and concerted parliamentary action, as children are at risk
and public officials are breaching their codes of office as well as the

The children at risk include pupils at Beechwood Special School in
Aberdeen, a school for children with special needs. Hollie, a
30-year-old Down’s Syndrome woman who attended the school in the 1990s
claims that the headmaster, Andrew Young (prematurely retired in April
2010) abused her and allowed other members of a paedophile ring access
to the children. 2 doctors’ reports confirm the abuse. Hollie has named
in all 22 members of the ring and 7 other victims to the local police.
However, rather than investigating the matter the police and legal
authorities have been harassing Hollie and her mother Anne Greig and
also trying to silence their legal representative, Robert Green who
began campaigning on their behalf last year. Robert has been arrested
twice in 2010 on ‘breach of the peace’ charges simply for leafleting and
speaking publicly.

Grampian police have also failed to investigate the death in very
suspicious circumstances of Anne’s brother Roy Greig in November 1997,
shortly after he stumbled upon Hollie’s father, Denis Mackie who was
part of the ring abusing her. Mackie now resides in Portugal.

Along with many others throughout the UK who have become aware of
this situation, I am most concerned that pressure is brought to bear on
the Scottish authorities to do their job properly and act to protect the
children at risk, rather than the reputations of prominent figures in
Scottish society known to be members of the paedophile ring.

Some MPs have been saying this is a matter for Holyrood not
Westminster, however the unlawful harassment of Anne and Hollie and of
Robert extends to England where all three now reside. They have recently
suffered police raids on their homes for which there was no warrant in
either case, nor any account of the personal property removed. In the
case of the raid on the Greig’s home in Shrewsbury on 3rd
June, the small, cosy home was completely trashed by the police,
curtains pulled off rails, drawers tipped out and then the locks
changed, so that when Anne and Hollie returned later they could not get
into their own house!  Subsequently also personal photographs seized in
the raid were posted on the internet.

Of course the Greigs’ MP Owen Paterson (North Shropshire) and
Robert’s MP, David Mowat (Warrington South) are working to resolve this
matter however in view of its sensitivity it is very important that
other members of Parliament back them up and join in demanding a full

Further details about the case and suggestions as to what MPs can do are on

I very much hope therefore you will take action about this if you are
not already doing so, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely

SIGNATURE + NAME + ADDRESS (address very important!!
Some MPs have made the lack of an address from their constituent an
excuse for not answering properly, would you believe!)

Hollie aged 10 Anne and Hollie today Anne, brother Roy and Hollie in 1995
                                                                 READ THE BOOK WRITTEN BY HEATHER BROOKE- SHE THAT BLEW THE WHISTLE ON MPs THEFT………………THAT WAS THEIR NICER SIDE ON SHOW………….

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