Response to Sarah McLeod from the UK Column

24 August 2012 at 13:08
Subject: Hollie Greig  Date:Fri, 24 Aug 2012 09:38:25 +0100 (BST)
Dear Sarah

Thank you for your email. My first response is as always that I made a personal call to you to discuss the Hollie Greig campaign, which I fully support, and you then lied in comments made about that call on the web. 


Therefore against the background that you have lied, my comments to the remainder of your points are below:

Sarah McLeod sent a message using the contact form at Dear Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson Re; The Hollie Greig Case
I am emailing Brian again and Mike for the first time regarding the above subject and the UK Columns treatment of the story. I will keep it brief but would like it known that I am available at any time to speak further with either of you by email or phone.
I do believe now that followers of the Hollie Greig Case and the UK Column will be aware of the many discrepancies in the case and in the reporting of the case. It is my wish (and other’s) to see these points addressed in a fair and open manner.
UK Column states: Followers of the Hollie Greig case worldwide are aware that: a. Hollie was sexually abused b. The abusers are still at large. c. The Scottish Judiciary and Establishment have spent between £500,000 and £750,000 attempting to cover up the abuse and protect the abusers. d. The procurator fiscal collaborated with others to attempt to rewrite Scottish Law seemingly to allow men to bugger boys. [Operation Planet] The UK Column has consistently and accurately reported all these matters and we will be reporting in more depth over the coming weeks. We are pleased that we are now assisted by whistlebowers in the Scottish police and establishment.
For clarity I do not wish to clutter the subject with other case’s of ‘child stealing by the state’ but wish to concentrate on this case and this case alone.
UK Column states: The case of Hollie Greig is intimately linked to wider child abuse both in Scotland, England and overseas. The UK Column has consistently reported on these factors and will continue to do so. The UK Column does not consider other cases of child abuse as “clutter” and we are shocked at your callous and demeaning description of such cases involving child abuse.  
UK Column states: Your comments above appear to intimate that Brian Gerrish and Lou Collins have described “you and [your] colleagues as ‘working for peadophiles’ being “trolls” (whatever that is) “agents for the dark side” (again whatever that means) M15 agents and other such nonsense.” Such remarks are untrue and potentially libelous. Please provide evidence that Brian Gerrish, Louise Collins or the UK Column have ever said such things. Yes provide EVIDENCE. Please provide evidence of any other derogatory comments you claim.   
UK Column states: “WE ARE THE UK COLUMN’S AUDIENCE … or rather we WERE.” Sarah you are absolutely not the UK Column’s audience, and if you have now moved away you will not wish to have have any dialogue with us. Our real audience is supportive, growing and spreading worldwide, and is very concerned at the vicious abuse of children and cover-ups by the agents of the State. They express their strong support for our efforts to expose child abuse and paedophilia. We have no concerns about our credibility – nor do they. The UK Column has no objection to people critical of our work….that is what free press is all about……however where you, or others, use our copywrite media work to promote your own agenda, we will take the appropriate action. You have asked no questions which we find ‘difficult’. You have however asked questions which are clearly designed to divert attention away from the fact of the abuse of a young Downs Syndrome child, and that the abusers as still at large, and we will not be drawn into your perverted campaign. Your own campaign is not impartial and suffers in particular from the abusive and aggressive work of blogger ‘badlybling’. We will not be entering into a dialogue with you on the basis of the points above and the fact that you have already lied following a personal conversation with Brian Gerrish. As such we can have no confidence in any of your work, despite your claims to be a ‘normal woman and mother.’ The UK Column is fully promoting this response to you, so that our supporters and others following the Hollie Greig case are fully aware of the facts. We await the Evidence that we have requested above. Kind Regards Brian Gerrish    

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