Max Clifford: “The Hollie Greig case is too hot to handle!”

Several years ago, due to my concerns of the British media`s utter blocking of any reference to the Hollie Greig case, other than in disgraceful personal attacks on Hollie and Anne Greig and me, which continue to this day, I approached Max Clifford over the case.

It is not an action I would have normally taken, but at the time, Mr Clifford appeared to be one of the very few well-known individuals who may be prepared to expose establishment corruption. The so-called ‘respectable ‘ media would not even report the fact of the Information Commissioner`s ruling that Alex Salmond and his ministers had twice breached the law over Hollie`s case.

I had several conversations with Mr Clifford`s office, which finally came to an end when Max Clifford, after examining the evidence including the aforementioned proof of the Scottish government`s unlawful involvement, concluded that “The Hollie Greig case is too hot to handle!”

This seemed somewhat odd, as Mr Clifford seemed to have no worries, for example, about involving himself in salacious stories about many famous people, including members of the Royal Family. The admission that publishing the facts about Hollie Greig appeared to be more dangerous to Mr Clifford than attacking the Royal Family seemed astonishing, but that is what he said.

Whilst there is no doubt that the mainstream media remain terrified of publishing the truth about Hollie`s case, could Max Clifford have meant that the issue was “too hot” for him personally?

I do not know, but it is surely not unreasonable to wonder.

Robert Green


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