matt quinn opens the coffin once more

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Jesus Christ 8000 words of shite Quinn just like the queen delivers his end of year speech

this time not as Steved , Quinn IS the biggest liar of all the hoaxers…if you can stomach it dive over to hissssssss closing the book, something he cannie do cause he is a liar….


However I dont hiv time tae waste therefore may I retort


btw quinn no one is stalking your Mrs , much though you may like that


Why is she even on …its just idiots lulz

However I dont hiv time tae waste therefore may I retort


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The Truth About MATT QUINN – By His Daughter Sinead

Posted by Greg Lance – Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/05/2016

The Truth About MATT QUINN – By His Daughter Sinead

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

For details of the background we would ask you to read the PAGE CLICK HERE



Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




I appreciate one should feel sorry for someone like Matt Quinn with his vitriolic obsessions buty if one has ever dipped into the sewer that passes for his blog I for one find it impossible.

It is clear the sad sick little man with his violent and random colour changes and gratuitous obscene language, used presumably to make him seem grown up in attitude but showing him as an ignorant and disturbed inadequate. His ability to distort and fantasise is astonishing as he consistently presents 2+2 as being at least 5 and more often than not more like qo times removed from reality or facvt – I see no point in presenting the corrections and facts to prove them awere one to fisk his rants as he would then be distorting yet more material to feed his sick and sickening posturing.

Suffice to say it is clear that he has lost his temper and made a complete fool of himself in his anger at being exposed and his fantasising about me is provably nonsense but frankly who cares what the silly little inadequate says or thinks! I have never cared what the ill informed and unstable have to say about me as I fortunately do not live in their world of gutter sweepings and I am in the fortunate position that those who know me know the truth and those who don’t, frankly what do I care what they think.

So back to dealing with the facts and exposing the truth:

Personally I have found Matt Quinn to be a toxic, dishonest, utterly corrupt and vituperative low life, with the reputation that if you locked him in a cupboard he would pick a fight with the shelves and distort any issue to support his sad sick self opinion and vicious self obsessed ego.

However he has proved to any but the foolish and the gullible to be a sad figure of self pity and vicious aggression willing to publish any libel aware that his best defence, were he brought to court, would be mental health – showing his long track record of difficulty with anger management and fantasy.

Matt Quinn’s sole contribution to the sad stories promoted by Anne McKay (nee Greig) and her fantasies readily latched onto by Robert Green, George McKendrick, Belinda McKenzie and the band of sick and delusional parasites who latched onto the stories about Holly Greig was that like the other paedophile tourist and sexually depraved voyeurs he would seem to have been there for his own self agrandisement and pleasure in finding others to attack to bolster his personal inadequacies and failures. He may equally likely be obsessed as a means to feed some sick interest in children, paedophelia and abuse of women, one can but speculate – but it is clear from his blog and other articles he is a very disturbed individual.

See also: CLICK HERE  also HERE & also try entering Matt Quinn in the search box at the top of the Right Sidebar on this page, for more facts about the odious fellow.

Perhaps one of the best ways to consider this odious little inadequate is to read his daughter’s opinion of him.

– the truth about Matt Francis Quinn


It has been confirmed to me by eMail from Matt Quinn’s daughter Sinead that she was the author of the text in this blog and thanked me for republishing the facts, unaltered – however she has asked me to remove the eMail copy of the birth certificate that was sent to me, confirming it was hers but asking for it not to be displayed.

The birth certificate was removed at 13:35hrs. 04-Jun-2016, as requested.


As a man who actually ditched his own daughter when she was a baby, I suppose he is well acquainted with the damage that a ‘dead beat dad’ can do.”


                                         (‘The doting dad’)

Since 2010 I have been aware that detailed information regarding the whereabouts of my biological father existed online. I remember being in 5th or 6th year at school, aged 16 or 17 and opening the evening times one day to see him pictured standing in front of the now historic ‘red road Flats’, with an article below talking of his time spent there, how he started his businesses from those very flats. His ‘rags to riches’ story if you like.

(Aged 1-2)

My parents split when I was one. After a painfully abusive and mentally destructive nine-year marriage to my father. The story goes that my mother returned home one night from visiting relatives in Glasgow, to be confronted by my paternal father and his ‘Mistress’ Allegedly named ‘Linda’.  My mother had arrived home early, and naturally my  father would not have expected the mother of his one-year old baby girl to return to her marital home a mere 24 hours early. How dare she. He left, or more so was told to leave and his little piece of blonde ambition he had been keeping on the side followed.
After that night a two year divorce/custodial battle began, with my father filing for divorce based on ‘Intellectual differences’  – Hardly appropriate in my opinion based on the idiotic babble I’ve recently found online penned by the man himself. At aged two-ish, After a long and winded lawyer’s letter spat, my father decided that the commute from Livingstone where he resided with his mother, to Stevenston in Ayrshire (Approx. 2 hours away) apparently was too much for him to travel. Now forgive me for being naïve, But I would have thought any father fighting for the right to their child would be willing to make that journey if they were looking to seek sole custody of their baby. Apparently not. Thus resulting in him never to be seen by myself in person ever again.

I grew up, and he was never really a thought in my mind, My mother is, was and always will be a complete champion. We lived alone in our flat in Stevenston and it was there with her that I developed my love for 90’s music. The fondest memory I have of being there was on a Sunday, at aged 4 I would sit on the stool in the kitchen, watching my mum cook us a roast beef dinner, singing along to the likes of Oasis, Phil Collins and of course the Spice Girls. I never remember any of the darkness my mother suffered from. She never let negativity touch me.

Just before my 5th birthday, A ray of light came into our life. My mother became involved with my ‘Step-father’, and I use the term ‘step’ only for technical purposes. He has been forever my best friend, since the age of Five I was brought into a family, with a gran, and ten cousins, four uncles and aunts, and many more to follow. I took on his name at the age of 8 when he married my mum, and have always regarded him as my daddy.  He’s been there for me through the break-up of the Spice Girls, My first hangover, He bought me my first car, and this year will walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.

(AGED 4 – My Christening day)

And so this brings me back to when I was 17, Finding out after years of hearing bits and pieces about him, I finally have a clear image printed in a national paper, next to an article quoting this man reflecting on his time spent in the famous ‘Red Road’. It makes a good read, and should be available in all good toilets as optional toilet paper since half of the actual story is missing. My father in fact lived with my mother in the flat, and did in fact start ‘Their’ business together from those very bricks. She would take phone calls, and he would verbally abuse her when she incorrectly noted down information. The photo’s I have, show them happy, Living together with their black and white cats, it baffles me that it went so sour.
Now I must make it clear that my mother has never ever denied her love for my biological sperm donor. She was besotted, and when they finally split in 1993/94 she was genuinely heart broken. She always had her suspicions that he was lying to her. Strange phone calls from a woman claiming to be one of his classmates, His late returns from college, because he was busy ‘filming’ all added to his case for ‘Husband of the year’.  I could go on, however I have respect for my mother, and as much as the truth outed would be fabulous for me. I can live with knowing what I know.

Last week I made a discovery, I discovered that my paternal father has not only re-produced myself. He actually has another 20 year old daughter, and a ‘wife’ of 23 years. Now maths was never my strongest subject, Geography and Modern Studies were more my kind of thing, However I am 24 this year… My parents were not legally divorced until 94/95 and something doesn’t quite add up right? In addition to this I also read online that the sperm donor has re-produced prior to his marriage to my mother…. A Chinese baby, born some 9 years before me, 6 months premature – Like me. (I was born at 6 months, and my mother suffered from preeclampsia having me, and had to give birth via emergency C section) The baby died at 6 days old, and had little more than a 15% chance of survival, Soon after this my father’s first partner was fatally killed in a road accident, which I would never wish on anyone and hope to god no one had to endure the pain of this horrendous loss, however, meeting my mother in 1983/1984, The very SAME year you lost your future wife and baby, you would expect this type of information would be disclosed to your wife of 9 years and future mother of your baby….
You can appreciate my further disappointment in the biological sperm donor, when I read on to see him ‘blogging’ about how thankful he is, that his at this point, 19 year old daughter, has been brought up in a safe, secure loving home, and that he has been able to ‘protect’ her.


When you decided that a two hour commute was too much to see your baby daughter? When you sat every 14th of November knowing that it was my birthday, and never bothered to even send a wish in my direction, When you tortured my mother and had he believe she was a fool? When you stated in your lawyer’s letters to her that she would be ‘Incapable of educating me’. Let me tell YOU something, 6 Scottish highers later, and I did okay!!

I have never once longed for your existence, but the fact you have kept a sibling from me, and have potentially produced lie after lie regarding my own existence as a human being, proves exactly what type of man you are. To quote “Matt Quinn is a liar and a fantasist” – I could never confirm or deny if these allegations and things written ARE true, but you can bet your arse I’ve made my own mind up.

For my little sister Amanda, I hope you are smart and beautiful. I hope one day you know you have a big sister who would have loved you, who would have shared her sweets and played football with you in the park. I would have had you as a bridesmaid at my wedding, and would have taught you how to drive.

To ‘Linda’ I hope you never had to endure what my mother did.

And to you, Matt, I hope you know you missed a lot, I’ve grown to be a pretty successful young woman. I own my house, hold a position of authority in the motor trade, and will be getting married this year. My favourite subject as school was Geography, I have a higher in Art and Design, I am a good artist and I studied Social and economic studies at college. My favourite food is chicken. I passed my driving test first time with no minors when I was 17, when I was 6 I thought Phil Collins was my real dad… because he was bald. I have long dark curly hair and one of my favourite songs is ‘Brown eyed girl’ because my mum used to sing it to me when I was little. I grew to be the person I am because of my mother and father. My mother taught me never to hate you, she never once made herself out to be an arch angel, but she told me the truth and let me make my own mind up. She taught me how to love music, and has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have wanted for nothing. My REAL daddy, taught me how to fit brakes to my car, showed me how to spray paint a motorbike, and teaches me every single god damn day the real meaning of unconditional love.
(AGED 23 – Me Today)

Posted Yesterday by Kerryann Logan

Presumably Kerryann Logan is a friend of Matt Quinn’s daughter Sinead.

Interestingly I too have a daughter from a misguided marriage which failed almost 50 years ago – a daughter my wife chose to concieve, after we had agreed to part company, yet remained together out of expediency.

We involved no other parties as we were neither of us involved with other partners either seriously or casually when we separated. I had no intention of having a push me pull you daughter and stated that I was more than happy to bring up the child or cede the responsibility to my wife – however I stated that whoever had custody the other party would not interfere and would have no contact until the child was 18.

When our daughter was 18 she chose to contact me via my parents, who as grandparents had selected to remain available to my ex wife and daughter should they wish. As a result we met a few times but it was clear we had no link beyond genetics and have had no further contact. After my wife and I parted we built our own lives separately and the man she chose to be with did a sound job of acting as father to our daughter and my wife and he are, to the best of my knowledge, still happily enjoying their old age, in the sunshine, together – I wish them all well with their lives.

Unlike Matt Quinn I did not have a domestic sibling as with the young girl his mother effectively adopted, after Matt Quinn’s father had left her – the Chinese girl Matt Quinn made pregnant, I understand.

Unlike Matt Quinn I did not betray my wife by consorting with other women until we were apart.

I do not castigate Matt Quinn for his failed marriage but I find his determination to aggressively and dishonestly seek to exploit the unfortunate failures of others. What a hypocrite this vile little man is!

An odious little man who will open any dustbin he finds to feed his fantasies – I am told he has even jumped, gratuitously, on the tragic murder of Jo Cox by a mentally deranged man to try to pretend I had some part in it – it seems unlikely he had ever heard of her before her death as, unlike me, he would seem to have no ongoing interest in politics and no track record of campaigning in that field.

That the odious little man tried to embroil me in one of his fantasies as in some way connected to her death is a measure of his dangerous instability!

This is the man I hear this is an individual who lived in the red road with Kerryanne’s mother for sometime, living adjacent to his brother in law, claiming grants from the government in her mothers name, to start various different companies! Hardly surprising I guess when one realises he had made his own mother’s adopted daughter pregnant! A fact he uses to try to gain sympathy as the child of this young girl was born premature and died.

This is the individual who can be traced on many sites on the internet, where his behaviour is almost exclusively bullying and abusive, picking fights with people who seek to chat on Forums and the like – clearly such unpleasant behaviour is and has been a part of his personna for many years, one never seems to see him interacting in a friendly manner and he seems to be bereft of both friends and supporters and clearly is incapable of normal behaviour.

I note also that he and his direct family seem to be well spread on social media and there is a sad lack of friendly & normal interaction to be found with anyone. Endlessly self justifying and plenty of TELLING people as he presents himself as some sort of erudite genius – probably as result of his exposure to students as a man amongst boys when he is so clearly a boy amongst men!

QUINN, Amanda Rathney 01 FACEBOOK


QUINN, Linda Rathney 01 FACEBOOK






Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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11 Responses to “The Truth About MATT QUINN – By His Daughter Sinead”

  1. Maureen Feeney said

    This sordid fantasist is advertising his services as a dog walker.

    In typically grandiose style he describes this as “a boutique pet care service”.

    Should Matt Quinn be allowed near animals?

    • Hi,

      Ms Feeney be of some cheer – it would seem this odious little man has found his metier in life, acting as the canine excrement collector and carrier for the dogs of others.

      Better this than endless imaginative efforts at self promotion and picking fights with anyone of any constancy or principles, or even more concerning being a teacher of young students in how to work a camera, as it would seem the only qualification others recognise, despite his endless self promotion and self agrandisement is having been sometime trained as a camera functionary at ITV many years ago!

      Better he uses his skills as an excrement attendee for animals than having care of the young or his exorable efforts at social communication with decent people.


  2. Catholic Truth said

    Quinn is an odious little man , at best a liar, he has clearly lied about his companies his “employees” his family , a snake oil salesman if ever there was one. I know of someone he approached to do a story, he pumped the person for information then left him high and dry. He even has the cheek to give his own dog walking company a 5 star rating on Facebook. The hubris of the man is breathtaking/ like a cockerel proudly proclaiming his own success while standing in its own excrement. This however is a new low even for him,

  3. Catholic Truth said

    With the confirmation of Mr Quinns child’s birth certificate surely this concludes business on the liar Matt Quinn? He has no business to speak of .He clearly has no body of work as a journalist, photography or video that anyone can find and the coups de grace ,he has abused threatened and denied his own flesh and blood.

    Truly a worm of a man , his blog is a calamity of lies and reflects the man with delusions of self worth,

    Clearly he has the same issues as his mother.

    No wonder his father left him and now ironically history has repeated itself yet he wont give the attention to his daughter he so desired from his father.

    A farce ,truly a Shakespearian tragedy

    • Sinead McMail said

      Hi, Can you please explain to me why an image of MY birth certificate has been posted online without my knowing? I appreciate the re-blog, However I wrote this blog so that I was able to close the door on this particular part of my life, So that I could move on knowing that my biological father had been given an opportunity to see what he walked away from, I appreciate that I posted it on the public domain but at NO point would I ever post a document like that on the internet. I have repeatedly told every single person who has contacted me since the blog that I WOULD NOT be posting my birth certificate online, as far as I am concerned I have said all I have to say, and never intended to do any more than post one blog about my experience and feelings as a young woman. I don’t know how you have sourced this document, and why you thought it would be okay to do this. I am a human being, and this is MY story. I would appreciate if you could remove it immediately, and return the document to myself as you are not me nor are you my parent, so you shouldn’t have a copy of it!

    • Hi,

      please note that at the request of Matt Quinn’s daughter I have removed her birth certificate published on this site, to which you allude.


  4. Jon Stevenson said

    Reblogged this on Life after the Hollie Greig Hoax… and commented:
    Not one little bit of me is surprised. Mr Quinn always seemed to be a man in immense pain.

  5. Sinead McMail said

    Kerryann isn’t his daughter. SINEAD is. Please stop this.

    • Hi Sinead,

      sorry my error having removed your full birthcertificate as requested – Kerryann Logan’s name stuck in my mind as a result, since she posted your original blog posting. Mea Culpa.

      On the subject of birth certificates would you like me to repost yours with your mother’s details redacted – as provenance of your identity and claims?

      Do eMail me privately or phone me if you would rather. GL-W.

      • Sinead McMail said

        No, Please don’t post my birth certificate, we’ve established who I am. My blog was written for me, for closure. I appreciated the share at the time, and that’s about as much more as I’m going to have to do with it. Matt Quinn may well be all the things written about him online, but my blog was an extract of my life, and that was all. I have no intentions to be in touch with the man again as he has clearly confirmed the type of man he is. Please do not post any more of my personal information on here, irrespective of who how or why it was obtained. No one should be displaying my birth certificate against my wishes. Thank you.

        • Hi,

          Sinead I understand where you are coming from and will not publish your birth certificate redacted or in full, as you request. Suffice to say I have seen it and am happy to confirm you are who you claim to be.

          Sorry about the earlier error over Kerryann Logan.

          If I can be of any help in the future please do not hesitate to contact me and in the interim I wish you all good fortune with your life ahead, having closed this chapter of your life.






















One thought on “matt quinn opens the coffin once more”

  1. Ah good old “Walt ” Quinn the biggest liar in the whole Hollie Greig affair.

    Having scanned his drivel I noted this where he said this of Malcolm Ogilvy

    It’s a simple, irrefutable FACT, Malcolm, proven by the courts… YOU ARE a dirty filthy NONCE… The real deal, a man who psycho-sexually abused his own child. Declared such a DANGER TO YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD that you were denied all contact for the child’s protection.

    Surely he referring to himself here giving the shocking treatment of the girl Sinead, it sounds like she had a lucky escape .

    Malcolm must be the LUCKIEST nonce alive , to live in a town where the police, after YOU have reported abuse on your daughter , dont question you dont caution you dont interview you dont charge you ,where the PFs office dont put you to trial ,where in fact you get off SCOT free, remarkable.

    Still what can you expect from the team that let Hollies family go and her abusers .

    No Quinn is a bitter failure of a man and a desperate liar who hopefully soon will find the courage to kill himself thus removing an other oxygen thief from the good people of Scotland .

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