martin noakes tweets on Mel Shaw

  1. I have just received this e-mail back from the IICSA – It confirms that they don’t think it necessary for Melanie Shaw (A key witness) to testify about Beechwood – UNBELIEVABLE! – This inquiry is a complete farce

  2. Melanie Shaw has been stitched-up yet again. Found guilty of 3 counts of arson with no evidence presented. The authorities are desperate to keep her away from the child abuse inquiry – Brian Gerrish explains the stuation

  3. UK Column Report on Melanie Shaw’s latest court case – A complete setup. So many things don’t add up!

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    Justice for Melanie Shaw

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    Cover up from the highest positions in government some say. Reminds me of the mainly Muslim rape gangs operating for decades that government, police, councils, child services and judges knew about, and did nothing.

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    This is so unlawful. Someone needs to step in and help Melanie.

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