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  1. And tweet 22. Geoffrey Robertson, for Harvey Proctor, called on to hold a part 2 to the Westminster investigation, to look into ‘Operation Midland’. On that, I wholly agree.

  2. Harvey Proctor’s solicitor, Mark Stephens, walked from the public gallery of over to Geoffrey Robertson, presumably to explain his offence. But inquiry staff tried to stop him. Robertson said: “No, no, he’s my solicitor.” There is always room for a bit of levity.

  3. Geoffrey Robertson blurted out the identity of a victim of child sexual abuse, albeit not by name, requiring counsel to to break the delayed feed online. Robertson exclaimed: “What have I done?” He had no idea…

  4. Geoffrey Robertson, for Harvey Proctor, told : “‘Where there is smoke, there is fire,’ is not always true. Sometimes there is just a smoke machine.”

  5. Jonathan Price, for Esther Baker , told : “The inquiry must address the issue that the wider criminal-justice system has a practice, mostly implicit, of treating powerful people differently when it comes to accusations of child sexual abuse.”

  6. Jonathan Price, for Esther Baker , told that she “was violently sexually abused since the age of a toddler by men known and unknown to her.” He stressed: “Treatment of survivors must not depend upon the identity of the accused.”

  7. Gyles Brandreth tells in statement: “Whips never talk about what they do or how they go about it… As the chief whip pointed out to me at the time: ‘Our mystery is part of our potency.’ But mystery makes for mischief.” From yday :

  8. Counsel to confirmed that several former whips will be called to give evidence. Not one recognised the infamous comments of, Tim Fortescue, senior whip for Ted Heath’s government, he said. From yday :

  9. At one point, and to the bafflement of many, counsel to , played several familiar video clips, inc one of Tom Watson’s intervention in Parliament about paedophiles at top of government. It sparked Harvey Proctor to harrumph: “Absolutely absurd.” He had a point.

  10. When counsel to referred to Anthony Gilberthorpe’s reported comments that he supplied under-age to Conservative MPs, Harvey Proctor shouted out from public gallery: “He was a liar.”

  11. Contrary to a false newspaper report, Anthony Gilberthorpe has NOT supplied a statement to about his claims that he supplied under-age boys to several senior Conservative politicians, counsel said.

  12. Lord Tebbit’s 3 pts to re pos cover-up: • Jimmy Savile’s “excessive interest in child patients at Stoke Mandeville” • “lack of action taken agnst Cyril Smith” • “Peter Morrison had an interest in young men,” which he took to mean “6th-form age.”

  13. Lord Tebbit, in his statement to , gives three reasons for the basis of his belief that there may have been a cover-up over , counsel revealed…

  14. Robert Montagu is due to testify to about the sexual abuse that he suffered at the hands of his father, the late Conservative MP Victor Montagu. He will, I think, be the ONLY survivor to testify to the Westminster hearings.

  15. Counsel to said that it will examine decision not to prosecute the late Conservative MP Victor Montagu in 1972 for indecently assaulting a boy over a period of nearly two years. He was let off with a caution after he promised that he would not see the boy again.

  16. Counsel to confirmed that letters between MI5 and cabinet sec will feature in hearings, and that it will call MI5’s former head, Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, to ask her about her relationship with Peter Morrison. From yday :

  17. As I also revealed yesterday, will call former Liberal leader David Steel, now Lord Steel, and the party’s ex-president, Des Wilson, to give evidence about “Sir” Cyril Smith. From yday :

  18. One police whistleblower has told that a paedophile probe, which had a flat in Cricklewood under surveillance, was shelved b/c Cyril Smith, Jeremy Thorpe, Leon Brittan and Edward Heath were suspects. But counsel said that another ex-officer undermines these claims.

  19. Counsel to confirmed that it will rely on IOPC conclusion to reject most claims from ex-police of cover-ups. It will only call four police whistleblowers, said counsel, not two as I had thought. From yday :

  20. Counsel to revealed that Lord Taverne cites late Labour MP Tom Driberg as an eg of MP who escaped prosecution for sexual offences. This was in relation to adults, said counsel, although the inquiry has had evidence to suggest that Driberg also sexually abused boys.

  21. Counsel to confirmed my story that it will hear from Lord Taverne about a conversation between Roy Jenkins and Met commissioner in 1966/67 that police avoid catching/prosecuting any MPs when investigating “cottaging”. From yday :

  22. Day 1 of Westminster hearings – my round-up in just 22 tweets…

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    Westminster hearings of due to start at 10am today with opening submissions from counsel to the inquiry and reps of core participants. Yday : No tweeting allowed from hearing room, so will update on Westminster hearings when pos.

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    Thank you,

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    Former head of MI5, Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, to be asked by in Westminster hearings what she knew about Sir Peter Morrison. The spymaster is understood to have had a professional relationship with the MP.

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    IOPC/IPCC tells that it has REJECTED most claims from ex-police that paedophile probes into MPs were improperly shelved. Ex-officers were “mistaken”, says IOPC. Police whistleblowers: we never trusted IPCC or IOPC. Revealed :

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    Ah, that’ll be it. Silly police officers…

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    Lord Taverne reveals to that a Met chief told Roy Jenkins, when challenged by him in 1966 or 1967, that police avoid catching MPs when investigating cottaging. All equal before the law, but some are more equal than others. :

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    Which is precisely why I am reporting this on the . While everyone else either stays silent or takes pot shots at easy targets as they try to convince themselves that they are courageous journalists.

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    Lord Jopling, former Cons gvt chief whip, due to be asked by about info received from then attorney general Sir Michael Havers about backbencher Geoffrey Dickens, who named diplomat/spy Peter Hayman in Parliament as a paedophile. :

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    Des Wilson, former Liberal president, accused ex-leader David Steel of cowardice over the monstrous “Sir” Cyril Smith. Wilson is due to give evidence in week two of Westminster hearings of . As is Baroness Brinton, current LibDems president.

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    Britain’s most notorious pro-paedophile group was able to use a link to Labour home secretary Roy Jenkins in bid to cut age of consent. PIE leader Tom O’Carroll reveals to how his group was linked to Westminster. EXCLUSIVE :

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    Senior politicians led by Ken Clarke and Nick Brown face questions about the secrets of the Whips’ Office by . They, and two Lords, to be asked about “dirt books” of notes on personal problems & private lives of MPs. EXCLUSIVE :

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    Former Liberal leader David Steel, Lord Steel, faces awkward questions at over deriding paedophile claims against fellow party MP “Sir” Cyril Smith. Prosecutors missed 3 chances to prosecute Smith. EXCLUSIVE :

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    MI5 told by : tell us what you knew about paedophile claims against Peter Morrison MP. Inquiry summons MI5’s former director general, Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, to ask her what she knew about Morrison. EXCLUSIVE :

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    Lord Armstrong, former cabinet secretary, due to be called to to discuss his correspondence with head of MI5 about Sir Peter Morrison’s “penchant for small boys”. And to explain why no one called the police. By for :

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    Former PIE leader Tom O’Carroll reveals to how his pro-paedophile group was able to exploit secret link to Labour home secretary Roy Jenkins in its lobbying campaign to cut age of consent. EXCLUSIVE 4 by :

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    Tory MP Ken Clarke, Labour MP Nick Brown and two Lords summoned by to be quizzed during 2nd of 3 wks of hearings for Westminster investigation – starting tomorrow – about ‘dark arts’ of Whips’ Office. EXCLUSIVE 3 by :

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    🌟 Important🌟

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    Lord David Steel to be grilled at over why he dismissed evidence that Sir Cyril Smith MP sexually abused boys as “tittle tattle”. There were three missed chances to prosecute. EXCLUSIVE 2 by for :

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    EXCLUSIVE 1 by for : MI5 to be ordered at Westminster hearings of this month to reveal what it knew about Tory MP Sir Peter Morrison. Tory source tipped off MI5 about Morrison’s “penchant for small boys”.

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    GCHQ’s ‘corporate’ witness is not to be called to testify to Westminster hearings of , but has also already supplied a written statement. 2/2

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    One ‘corporate’ witness from MI5 and another from MI6 are to testify anonymously to Westminster hearings of by video-link. The audio feed of their testimony will not be live-streamed, but published in hearing transcripts. They have supplied written statements. 1/2

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    Unlike other investigations in , the inquiry is NOT planning to call any survivors or anyone claiming to have been sexually abused as a child to testify to Westminster hearings. The inquiry is being “survivor-centred” – except when it comes to Westminster.

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    Lawyers at have told Harvey Proctor that he must not prejudice upcoming PCJ trial of ‘Nick’. But Proctor’s barrister, Geoffrey Robertson, plans to tell in opening submission on Monday that whole Westminster strand is based on “false allegations”. 2/2

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