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    This seems rather important- to say the least Risky to cover, no doubt, but insufficient reason, for major news organisations, not to do it.

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    BREAKING NEWS on FOIA Centre… MI5 hands over to secret information buried in its files on paedophile allegations against NINE ‘VIPs’. Including SIX MPs. By :

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    Thank you. Tip of the iceberg. Now, who said that?

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    Haven’t seen any reporting whatsoever of IICSA on any of our mainstream media. Only on your TL here on Twitter.

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    I’ve seen nothing

  6. BIG over : MI5 hands over ‘paedophile files’ on MPs and other ‘VIPs’ to . See tweets now on this. EXCLUSIVE – first article:

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    Its true!!! Only way I found out it was going on was twitter! It’s absolutely terrible!!!!

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    I only found out about your threads thanks to Disgraceful that the msm are ignoring this Maybe will be brave enough to report it

  9. I have been too busy to look (right now, I learn less, if I do). But can this really be true? Anyone looking or watching them?

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    Epstein in the US.. This vile shit in the UK… But all paedophiles are Muslims, apparently. All brown. No white guys, no rich white guys… It’s not the ultimate abuse of power… 🙁

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    Erm, not in person, you understand. Not so much *for* Peter Morrison MP, as *about* Peter Morrison MP. Westminster hearings resume at on Monday. Wednesday is Cyril Smith day, Thursday for the Green party and Friday is for old whips. Bg:

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    Glad you’ve cleared that one up! 😉

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    IMPORTANT – IICSA have posted my statements on the website: See what they were trying to hide about SB dirty tricks, false D-notices, interviews with ex SB officer, Flying Squad, and top cop who buried C Smith files: : … and

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    What a thread…

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    Thank you for this stream …. Most interesting …

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    22. We then heard from Brigadier Geoffrey Dodds, ‘D-Notice’ committee secretary. In summary, he told that all is fine and upstanding. And it always has been. Jolly good show. Westminster hearings resume on Monday. First of two days for Peter Morrison MP.

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    21. Don Hale told that IOPC-managed report on his claims “is absolutely riddled with errors, inaccuracies and incorrect information…” “It omits a lot of crucial information… It says it is a managed report, but clearly, it is mis-managed… totally ridiculous.”

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    20. Don Hale let rip at about IOPC-managed report that dismissed his claims. “I have dealt with the likes of IPCC and, before them, CIB2, who work in this way. “It’s the same MO. No matter what they call themselves now… they are trying to discredit my evidence.”

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    19. Amid increasing protests from some core participants about inconsistent decisions on which written statements are adduced, and well after Don Hale finished giving evidence, his two written statements to inquiry were finally adduced.

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    18. Again, initially omitted to adduce Don Hale’s statement, but did adduce three police statements even though he disputed their accuracy. Inquiry even managed to adduce Tom O’Carroll’s statement along the way, despite not doing same for Don Hale’s statement.

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    17. In 1987, News of the World called Don Hale, he told , re “secret meetings being headed by Leon Brittan”, that “people in power” wanted to lower age of consent. “They were determined to run a story… I thought… maybe… a story would appear, and it never did.”

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    16. Neither counsel to – nor any panel member – thought to ask Don Hale whether Special Branch might have been, er, bluffing when they told him that they had a D-Notice. One can understand why he might not have challenged them at the time. Or asked for a receipt.

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    15. After Special Branch seized file, counsel to asked Don Hale that all-important question that was on the tip of ALL of our tongues… “Did you ask for a receipt?” A: “No.” Q. “Why not?” A: “I don’t know. With hindsight, there’s a lot of things I wish I’d done.”

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    14. Counsel to – after soft-balling corporate witnesses for IOPC and Met earlier in the week – questioned Don Hale like a chippy hack prosecutor cross-examining a scruffy ne’er-do-well in the dock of some provincial criminal court…

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    13. Barbara Castle told Don Hale that Special Branch were sometimes following her because of her interest in secret parliamentary group linked to PIE, heard. “She believed she was under surveillance.” Clearly, Barbara Castle was a threat to national security, too.

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    12. Don Hale to on Special Branch and those parliamentary meetings linked to pro-paedophile group PIE and the campaign to lower age of consent: “They came determined to confiscate those documents. And I was pushed and shoved until I agreed to release them.”

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    11. “Then we had an early-morning raid by Special Branch… a gang of about 15 policemen came charging in,” Don Hale told . They threatened him with jail, claiming that to publish was “potentially perverting the course of justice… a threat to national security.”

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    10. Cyril Smith “was determined that I shouldn’t publish a story about this. He wanted me to hand over everything to him there and then, which I refused to do. He got very, very aggressive.” Don Hale to on obtaining those leaked minutes of meetings in Parliament.

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    9. Don Hale told that he called Jeremy Thorpe about the secret meetings. “The next day, Cyril Smith… turned up unexpectedly at my office… he stormed in, he was swearing and f’ing and blinding… he was absolutely breathing fire. I thought he was going to hit me.”

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    8. On the secret group of MPs at private meetings to discuss a cut in age of consent, Barbara Castle “thought many of them were protected by certain editors of the nationals,” Don Hale told .

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    7. Barbara Castle wanted the story out about secret meetings of MPs to press for cut in age of consent. “She said she had been to quite a few of the nationals and they wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole,” Don Hale told

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    6. Barbara Castle told Don Hale, he said at Westminster hearings of , that Home Office gave “substantial funds” to PIE with backing of Special Branch who “were insisting on this… £20,000-plus.”

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    5. Don Hale said that, according to Barbara Castle, Rhodes Bhoyson distributed PIE’s magazine, Magpie, within Westminster and helped raise funding for the notorious pro-paedophile group. “She described it as a ‘brown-envelope operation,” heard…

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    4. Barbara Castle’s documents showed that Leon Brittan or Edward Heath would chair meetings of the secret group of politicians that wanted to lower age of consent, Don Hale told

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    3. Don Hale told that minutes of secret parliamentary group that wanted to lower age of consent showed the regular attendees: Charles Napier, Keith Joseph, Jeremy Thorpe, Rhodes Boyston and Peter Hayman.

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    2. Don Hale told how Barbara Castle gave him a pile of minutes of secret meetings in 1984 of a committee of MPs and Lords that wanted to promote the lowering of the age of consent. The papers identified 16 politicians, he said…

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    1. Day 5 of Westminster hearings at – my round-up in 22 tweets. After two days of evidence on how police were stopped from investigating , today we heard of the same problem for the media…

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    Many surprising and highly debatable rabbits were miraculously produced from many hats… not previously declared to me.. so that there was NO opportunity to have counter evidence to hand. And yet, my compelling evidence that completely contradicted the IPOC report was refused.

  40. This suggests that counsel to subjected Don Hale to a form of cross-examining no longer allowed in courts. Both sides are expected to disclose evidence to each other in advance of hearings so that they are properly able to assess the material and respond when asked.

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    Yes, the full interview was contained within my written evidence to the Inquiry and my witness (named) gave chapter and verse about the dirty-trick tactics employed by SPECIAL BRANCH at that time. He even wrote to Met Commissioner about his concerns but his evidence was ignored.

  42. For all those who claim that Don Hale’s account from 1984 about those secret paedophile meetings of MPs/Lords is far-fetched, I note that it is no more far-fetched than the brazen cover-up that is being performed before our eyes at . Talk about hiding in plain sight.

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    Ever wondered what the “interests of national security” is intended to protect? Apparently, it’s a level of filth somewhere beneath the lowest scum-sucking perverts in the country.

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    Noticed the same Mark…he was so condescending. The suggestion that any underage child could “prostitute themselves” rather than “being prostituted” demonstrates where he stands morally… Also…not been a single word about the horrors of being one of those children 😡😢

  45. I also saw that counsel to said that they had not found hand-written Met statement that you said was altered for typed version. Yet, while standing, he then produced it like the proverbial rabbit out of a hat. You are not even allowed to do that in court these days.

  46. About 15 police officers carried out the raid, Don Hale told . But, yes, quite…

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    The mainstream media are ignoring this whilst universally attacking the opposition, but sure, we have a free press.

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    Very important thread, given the media have given up on it. Reminder: the British establishment are engaged in covering up child abuse at the highest levels of political and civil society. And honestly, in this day & age, just insert your country for “British” & it’ll be true.

  49. Wow. A huge point here, but one that was not covered by . Covered up, perhaps, but definitely not covered. Do you mean, Don, that you have told inquiry about this, but counsel omitted to ask you about it? If so, is this witness prepared to give evidence to inquiry?

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    My response at the Inquiry totally trashed the claims from this ex PIE chief. On his own admission he had nothing to do with the organisation from 1981 – when he was jailed – and had nothing whatever to do with them after that. My evidence related to important events c1984 onward

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    Great interpretation of the absurdity of this review. When pinned against a wall, threatened with jail, and facing 15 special branch and heavy duty police officers determined to confiscate my evidence against key politicians, it somehow slipped my memory to ask for a receipt!

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    At times I felt like I was on trial. Compelling evidence including 46 emails to and from me to the IPOC rep and Met over a 6 month period refused by Inquiry despite containing clear information that contracted false claims of final IPOC report.

  53. Police whistleblowers and others who had their claims re investigated in “IOPC-managed” “investigations” tell me much the same thing. Difference is that Don Hale, despite best efforts of counsel to , set this out clearly during his testimony yesterday.

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    11 or 12 year old boys do not ‘prostutute’ themselves🤬🤯 There’s no excuse to continue to use this terminology in the hearing.

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    Painful to read, but very significant

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    Why is this enquiry not in every MSM outlet? Read on and see …..

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    A damning indictment of the national press as well as the politicians who were either guilty themselves, or protected the guilty. Thread 👇

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    The current child abuse inquiry () is painting a very different picture. There’s convincing testimony from several whistleblowers that efforts to investigate Cyril Smith’s paedophile activities WERE silenced. Read for more.

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    is reporting daily on the main evidence.

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    Thread 👇

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    Well, blow me. My prediction was, er, bang on. Shortly, my tweet summary of Day 5 of Westminster hearings in . It was not pretty.

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    This morning at Westminster hearings at , we are to hear from Don Hale . My prediction: I have a feeling that he will not be treated with same reverence as the Lord from whom we heard on Tues. No tweeting from hearing room. Will update later. Pip, pip.

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    25. “… but those terms have only been used during the course of the evidence because they are relevant to the evidence that we have heard and the times in which they were used, and for no other reason.” Brian Altman, counsel to . Hmm.

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    24. Counsel to , Brian Altman, ended today’s hearing with a pseudo-apology: “Can I simply say this, that, for the avoidance of any doubt, the inquiry does not endorse or adopt terms such as ‘rent boy’ or ‘male prostitution’ or any other derivative terminology…”

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    23. I highlighted yesterday how, when questioning Howard Groves, counsel to , Brian Altman, referred to boys as young as 11 or 12 as having “prostituted themselves”. He also often used term “rent-boy” inappropriately (although he sometimes read it from evidence)…

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    22. Malcolm Sinclair thought that this operation was in Cricklewood, but Paul Holmes said that Cyril Smith, but not Jeremy Thorpe, Leon Brittan or Edward Heath were suspects. So, some confusion here. Different ops? Again, did not adduce Sinclair’s statement.

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    21. Malcolm Sinclair, another former Met inspector, told CSAinquiry that a surveillance operation for a paedophile investigation caught four politicians at a suspect property: Cyril Smith Jeremy Thorpe Leon Brittan Edward Heath

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    20. On Monday, Geoffrey Robertson, for Harvey Proctor, demanded that adduce a statement that they (and not inquiry) have taken from Met’s former DCI Paul Settle, who dismisses host of claims that surround Elm Guest House. And today, the inquiry did as it was told.

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    19. Paul Holmes made a “very full statement” to . However, counsel to the inquiry has NOT asked for any statements from police whistleblowers to be adduced. Yet the inquiry has adduced all the IOPC and Met statements that dismiss claims of cover-ups.

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    18. “As far as I can recall, the issue for colleagues working in the West End (as I did almost constantly from 1971 to 2002), the question was not whether it was occurring, but why it was not being exposed.” Paul Holmes, ex-Met insp to on cover-ups.

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    17. “So many triangulated sources were saying it was happening, it was almost beyond logic that it couldn’t have been. The issue was to what extent.” “As far as I was concerned, it was being covered up.” Paul Holmes, ex-Met inspector, to on cover-ups.

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    16. Paul Holmes told that he and many colleagues in the field “came to hold the view that too many people were saying the same thing for there not to be at least some truth in the assertion that establishment figures were engaged in the sexual abuse of young males.”

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    15. “It wasn’t whether it existed. It was a given. The issue was, the extent to which it was networked, how high it went, and how on earth could you prove it. “That was the issue; it was not the issue of whether it existed.” Paul Holmes to on .

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    14. “The proposal that, whether you call it higher-echelon people, establishment, Westminster, were involved in exploiting vulnerable prostitutes on the meat-rack, as far as we were concerned, was a given.” Paul Holmes, ex-Met inspector to .

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    13. “Up until the Playland 2 convictions, it wasn’t an uncommon event for – how can I put it – people that would be probably publicly known would appear in the environs of the meat-rack and Playland Arcade.” Ex-inspector Paul Holmes to .

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    12. Paul Holmes explained to that Playland 2, and conviction of Charles Hornby, demonstrated how establishment figures were guilty of sexual offences against boys. Some background :

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    11. “I used to give it the label of either ‘higher echelon’ or ‘establishment’… I’m talking about establishment figures: aristocratic families, senior, long-established families. It wasn’t all just politicos.” Ex-inspector Paul Holmes to on cover-ups.

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    10. “The whole thing is based here upon an inquiry into a cover-up by Westminster, suggesting that, if a cover-up took place – and I suggest it did – then it was all based around the Palace of Westminster… It was wider than that.” Paul Holmes, ex-Met inspector to .

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    9. “If you were a very ambitious senior officer trying to reach the very top echelons of the service, this was about as unwelcome a news as could possibly be brought by a supervisor… It is career stopping.” Paul Holmes to on investigating .

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    8. “We had a very, very Anglo Saxon row over it… he quite rightly told me that, if I continued, then I was history.” “And I couldn’t afford to be history because I had a young family and a mortgage. But I still failed.” Paul Holmes to on cover-up.

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    7. “We were going to be reallocated to another enquiry… It was risible… a West End nightclub, a hostess club, where there were no suggestions whatsoever that there were any children being exploited.” Paul Holmes to on being diverted from suspected .

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    6. “Our surveillance had sufficiently corroborated the initial intelligence to justify not only continuing the investigation, but to enlarging it with extra resources.” Met inspector Paul Holmes to . Instead, he was told, it was “stopping”… cover-up.

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    5. “He’d been cleansed from the system,” said former Met inspector Paul Holmes to on Roddam Twiss. Q: Who by? “You’d need to be a very, very senior police officer.”

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    4. Roddam Twiss was jailed in 1967 for indecently assaulting and beating five boys – one as young as 11. He was also a convicted fraudster. Paul Holmes, then an officer in Met’s clubs office in West End central, found Twiss’s records had been “sanitised”, he told .

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    3. “We were starting from a mind-set that we would need to proceed as cautiously as possible, covertly as possible, because of the risk of cover-up, because obviously… that was a risk we expected.” Paul Holmes to on Twiss probe in which Cyril Smith was a suspect.

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    2. Former Met inspector Paul Holmes told of surveillance operation in 1978 on a flat in Cricklewood used by Roddam Twiss, son of Sir Frank, who was Black Rod. An MP was a suspect: “Cyril Smith was allegedly all over it.” Bg :

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    1. Day 4 of Westminster hearings at – my round-up in 25 tweets. Today, frank testimony of how police avoid investigating “higher echelons” of society – or “establishment figures” – for child sexual abuse. And a pseudo-apology from counsel to

  88. Stand by for tweet summary for day 5… Slightly delayed due to unforeseen circumstances* *bumped into Jon at .

  89. From Day 4. Day 5 of shortly…

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    I was accepted as a core participant & my evidence was classed as credible corroborative &compelling yet iicsa sought a judicial review as a core participant stating I was too low ranked to give evidence which seemed to confuse the iicsa solicitor David Enright

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    While the nation debates whether was or was not a paedophile, the story of the wholesale coverup by the police of British MP paedophiles goes largely unnoticed. Catch up with news here:

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    They’re still trying to cover it up. This is maddening. Thank you Mark for all you are doing.

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    Read this thread

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    Awaiting tweets / interaction comments.

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    Yes keeping the records ‘clean’. No surprise there.

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    unroll please,many thanks

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    Makes me wonder why someone with that obvious bias towards labelling those children as bad boys is part of the Inq. (No, it doesn’t really, what do I expect after all these years and false starts? Not a lot. Thank God for those police officers).

  99. And Day 4 of shortly…

  100. Standby for tweet-summary Day 4 of . Today was a belter.

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    A ‘public’ inquiry, looking into question of state cover-up and funded at great cost by British taxpayers, which refuses to allow the British people to see the evidence? Risible.

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    So in reality ‘people of prominence ‘aren’t subject to to the same laws as ordinary people,Even to the extent of raping children .

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