Mandatory Reporting consultation deadline – 13 October

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Mandatory Reporting consultation deadline – 13 October

English law does not currently require mandatory reporting of child
abuse and neglect. A consultation published in July by the Home Office
and Department for Education seeks comments‎ on the introduction of
mandatory reporting or a duty to act. Responses are due tomorrow, 13
October, at noon.

The consultation considers the current
reporting position, recommended changes and the pros and cons of
mandatory reporting. That exists in many jurisdictions and in the UK
already exists in cases of female ‎genital mutilation. The consultation
also considers introduction of a duty to act. This takes principles
developed in connection with wilful neglect offences in relation to
healthcare and adult social care and considers if they should be
extended to child protection. This is of relevance to any organisation
which cares for and is involved with children or vulnerable adults.

Responses are required from any interested party by 12 noon on 13 October. The consultation can be found at


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