A man who yelled abuse at a crown court judge was jailed on the spot after he refused to apologise.
Andrew Paul Forster started ranting in the dock as he appeared on an assault charge at Leicester Crown Court. Judge Michael Pert QC told him to be quiet, but he responded with a barrage of abuse, telling the judge: “You’re a f*****g div. You’re a faggot.”
Forster’s barrister, Kathryn Hirst, told Judge Pert, the court’s most senior resident judge: “He’s got something of a short fuse.”
Moments before the outburst yesterday, Forster (30), of Hearth Street, Market Harborough, had pleaded not guilty to actual bodily harm.
He then began shouting insulting words about the man he was accused of assaulting, before yelling at the judge.
Judge Pert ordered Forster be removed from the dock and adjourned the hearing for a few moments so Ms Hirst could take “instructions” from Forster in relation to his behaviour in court.
She returned and said: “He’s asked to come back into court. He’d like to apologise. He lost control.
He was aggrieved about the incident that led to this allegation he faces.” But when Forster returned he said: “I’m not going to apologise.
“I feel I’ve been treated badly. This geezer has been terrorising my family.”
Judge Pert told him: “You’ve used foul language towards me in my own court. You have to decide whether you want to apologise.”
Forster replied: “No. I don’t want to.”
Judge Pert said: “Mr Forster, it’s nothing personal. I’ve no views whatsoever what you think of me.”
Forster said: “It’s not you, it’s the system.”
The judge said: “You can’t address a judge in this court in that way.”
Judge Pert said he represented the Crown and the Queen’s royal crest on the wall of the court.
“They represent the courts of justice,” he said. “You have to treat them with respect.”
Describing Forster’s conduct as “wholly unacceptable,” he promptly jailed him for 28 days for contempt of court.
Forster said: “Fair play to you. At least I’ve been locked up for something I’ve done.”
As dock officers led him downstairs to the cells, he muttered defiantly: “I ain’t apologising.”
The actual bodily harm charge hearing was adjourned for trial.

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