maggs shaw hits bottle hard

    • Yes they do but I also think it’s a signal to the fruit loops, to spread more bull shit conspiracy. The way it works, some one who’s been spreading lies and harassing innocent people, goes to prison, or gets found guilty in court, tell the fruit loops, well, I never got this, or I never got that document, they never told me why I was here, it’s unlawful, blah blah blah so the fruit loops spread the word, oh shock horror, INCERT NAME, was unlawfully taken to prison, sentenced in court today illegally, corrupt police state, they’re all at it, paedo protectors. And every time, the fruit loops fall for it. Well so and so said it and it must be true, let’s put I all over the Internet.

      SN for a start Robert Green at his last court appearance pled guilty to harassment, yes he does have a life time ban, on mentioning anything or referring to those he harassed in the Hollie Greig case. It will be in public records some where in Aberdeen, but because no one reports him to the relevant police in Aberdeen, he keeps getting away with it, just like he did that time in Trafalgar Square, a few years ago. And of course Ogilvy would say there isn’t one having been on the receiving end of the same court with Sheriff Bowen because of his own daughter.

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But they’ve also been linking homosexuality to paedophillia for years, mostly thanks to The News Of The World in the 1980’s


Actually speaking as a gay person my self and being involved in the political part of the gay scene in the 1980’s from what I saw, it is true. PIE infiltrated practically every organisation going before that, including amnesty international and the campaign for homosexual equality, if you’re talking about America, they made public information films in the 50’s and 60’s about kids not to talk to gay men because they could be paedophiles. Also in the news of the world in 1981 there was a story abound Mark Almond having his stomach washed out because of a sexual act. Also in the 1980’s Gary Bushall of the Sun News Paper also made certain comments about stuff. But the News Of The World was the worst offender, paying money to people like Chris Fay who would make any old crap up, and they wouldn’t have to prove it because it sold news papers





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