Maggs shaw and anon a drunken brekkie

05/05/2019 at 5:44 am

So Jon Wedger is still in contact with bill Moloney and in support of pie and mash. It shows just how very much involved his been with bill and still is. He must know from Brian Harvey videos on YouTube bill has been coaching survivors like Andrew to make up stories. this in my eyes does not make Jon Wedger a credible witness or someone to be trusted being around and involved with someone like bill when he knows full well the extent of what bills done. Who has also conned survivors out of thousands of pounds he thinks his some kind of god. Makes me wonder if bill has also been prepping him every step of the way from the get go. He calls anyone who disagrees with him in his video trolls and bad and rubbish does that include us survivors who thinks his full of bs I wonder.


Farmer Giles
05/05/2019 at 6:58 am

He sent me a message on Twitter the other day to say he’s organising a demonstration, to bring everyone together. Just like the old days when they used to bullshit people with all those conspiracy lies. What a waste of time, there is so much going on in the real world as far as the useless CPS and organisations need protesting about, and Wedger doesn’t care as long as he’s called a bloody hero.

Poor alaggy maggy never could get enough attention

And anon no one gives a fuck





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